Speaking of the great ...

Russia, USA, Ukraine, Germany, China, Afghanistan, Turkey, India

Ukraine: Russia, you do not ohrenela there?
Russia: What is it? I'm only the Olympic Games, I know nothing.
Ukraine: Do not you know? And who is this? (Showing pictures from Simferopol)
Russia: I have no idea. Your Simferopol, and finds itself.
Ukraine: Che kidding? I do not even know who this is! (Showing pictures from Kiev)
Russia: It has nothing to with anyone Maidan. First, at least the name, ask.
Ukraine: Are you not try my teeth. Tell me who it is, and then I'll call the United States.
US: I do not need to call. I am here for the third month and accidentally sit ohrenevayu.
Germany: And I do here with forty-one. Accidentally. And too ohrenevayu.
Russia: Adeline! Sotnikova! Uauua !!! Russia forward!
Ukraine: Hey, Russia, enough to pretend to be a fool. I asked a specific question. WHO. THIS. SUCH.
Russia closely examining pictures.
Russia: I think some people.
Ukraine: I'm losing patience. WHAT. THIS. FOR PEOPLE.
Russia: Good. probably. Vaughn, guarding something.
Ukraine: RUSSIA! ALL! ENOUGH! It's your fucking desantura! YOURS! Fucking! Desantura!
Russia: My? Come on. Though all may be, I have in the Black Sea last year after exercise two regiments were missing. Maybe surfaced. And they are, swimming in the fountains, bars break?
Germany: No, no. Polite. Very polite. When Ukraine in the ass kicked even apologized.
Russia: Then it's not mine. If you are polite and apologized, this American one hundred pounds.
US: WHAT ?! Yes, you've seen them snaryagu? And in general, if they do not kiss, it's not mine.
Russia: Nope. did not see. There nicherta the pictures do not tell. But how not to kiss? Look, look, took his tie, he threw it on a chair - and smack!
USA: Idiot! It Sasha Bilyi Prosecutor kicks! Freedom, equality, glory to the heroes!
Russia: Well it is necessary, and behaves like your ambassador. You are sure that it is not he?
Ukraine: For Russia, do not go away from the topic. I'm giving you an ultimatum. For a day in my territory no fucking trooper was not. I express myself clearly?
Russia: And if not, then what?
Ukraine: And then we'll take your credit. And gas.
Russia: And if so, what?
Ukraine: Then we take all the credit. And gas.
Russia: it is necessary to consult.
Ukraine: That consulted. There, the United States, out of Germany. Right here and consulted. With me.
Russia: No problem. China, listen, then Ukraine wants to talk about the loans.
China: # $%! ^ * $! $! $
Ukraine: That shield.
USA: Double shield.
Germany: Mein Kampf are you my.
China:% @ # $% (& @ # $% ^ (
Ukraine: What did he say?
Russia: I have no idea.
USA, Germany, Ukraine: The same.
Russia: it is for most negotiations. China-hsiang, proceed!
China: $% ^ &! $! (
Russia: Well, I'm gone. Olympics! All have won! Uraaa!
Ukraine: Come stand !!! I have not finished yet. Well, then, if I see even one of your Urals on its territory, I'll make a nuclear bomb.
Russia: Class. How long you going to do?
Ukraine: Well, somewhere for half a year.
Russia: Good for some, with a technical background, I guess. Call when you're done. I will come clean porzhёm.
Ukraine: I'm not kidding.
Russia: Plutonium where to get going, my grave?
Ukraine: Russia, sell, and?!
Afghanistan: Yes, sell anyone Ukraine plutonium in the end! We already hashish and British troops to an end, the people mad with boredom descends.
US NNNNNNEEET !!! Plutonium NO !!! Ukraine! Come chill, it gives me a little with Russia pobalakat. Here's cakes and tea.
Ukraine sniffing tea and runs away with singing "What a Wonderful World, posmotriiiii!»
US: So, Russia, and now talk like serious people with serious people. What the hell are you up to this crap from the Maidan?
Russia: the United States, you confuse something. I was the Olympics, you have no idea how much dough I had to saw. I actually found out about your Independence from your ambassador.
US: Well, it was our ambassador. But he did not succeed. I wonder why it did not work? I do not know the case?
Russia: How not to get? Look how Ukraine is satisfied?
Ukraine runs past the bus on his neck, shouting "One, pink elephant, pink elephants, two, three pink elephant!»
US: Well, yes, elephants came out, then I will not argue. But what the hell are you burned this unfortunate administration? What creates your Yanukovich- we do not understand. We had a fight on its soil two analysts - professor of Russian philology from the Pentagon and the military psychiatrist from the United Nations and both were crazy.
Russia: We are, frankly, too, did not understand what he was doing YOUR Yanukovych. We have on its soil all Russian patriot Kadyrov began, and no one knows how to pump.
USA: In general, I will tell you so. Or leave the poor Ukraine is in good hands freedom and glory, or I tell everybody that this is for all you stand.
Russia: After you publicly Ukraine pies feed? Oh well. You won even Turkey and Luxembourg do not believe.
Turkey: I ??? !!! DO NOT BELIEVE US! ??? Yes you that, I cho, crazy, do you ???
Russia: And you try. Believe.
Turkey (straining): ...... Damn ... well ... your bliiin mauzerfaker khhhmmm ... ... the United States. Sorry. Does not work. I did not mean to.
Russia: You see. You have not heard Lyuksmeburg. He did after trying to believe you suddenly become the talk of the inviolability of traditional family values.
(from a distance came the voice of Luxembourg) Dad, Mom, I- together happy family!
US: Absolutely crazy in his old age. Clear. Then like that. That is - the water supply plan of the Crimea. I'll show him the Ukraine and she had cuts. That's all. Khan you all.
Russia: Clear. Then like that. That is - a ticket to Sevastopol. And I give Zhirinovsky. That's all. Khan India.
USA: ............... Why India ??? ..
India: .........
Russia: Well, of course. You will block the water in the Crimea? But after joining the Crimea to India is India's Khan.



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