62 fact. The shocking truth about Ukraine

1. Muslims Christians offer to conduct worship in their mosques? It Ukraine.
2. Jews fraternize with the "right-wing radicals"? It Ukraine.
3. Russian producers massively change the bar codes on non-Russian? It Ukraine.
4. Jews shouting "Allahu Akbar", passed by the Muslim Cultural Center? It Ukraine.
5. The Russian diaspora in Ukraine for Ukrainians and Ukraine? It Ukraine.
6. Young women are raising money and buy batteries for armored vehicles? It Ukraine.
7. Oligarch-Jew at his own expense runs military equipment? It Ukraine.
8. The civilian population voluntarily collects the money and restore his army? It Ukraine.
9. Instead of mowing the army, thousands of men voluntarily recorded in the ranks of the military? It Ukraine.
10. Lions saves from Russian-speaking Crimean Russian "liberators"? It Ukraine.
11 poor people for a week attracts more than 85 million hryvnia in support of the Armed Forces? It is Ukraine.
12. During the bloody protests spontaneously organized a library? It Ukraine.
13. You can write to the Minister or the Prime Minister of FB and get an answer? It Ukraine.
14. At the barricades read books and play the piano? It Ukraine.
15. Ultras of FC united to protect the freedom and peace of citizens? It Ukraine.
16. If you do not know what to do - sing the national anthem? It Ukraine.
17. Protesters at his own expense repair damaged during the assault on the Ukrainian House and Bridge of lovers? It Ukraine.
18. Citizens for 1-2 day open a modern field hospital? It Ukraine.
19. Hearing that "Berkut" stormed the Maidan, throw half-dressed pet and you run the barricade? It Ukraine.
20. Upon hearing that the soldiers are on the border, throw mistress and running to the draft board? It Ukraine.
21. The Orthodox, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews pray together and spend life? It Ukraine.
22. In the cathedral are saved and sleeping on expensive rugs protesters? It Ukraine.
23. In the refectory open operating? It Ukraine.
24. Priests are wearing helmets and shields in front of the ranks? It Ukraine.
25. The wind carries the smoke from the tires are always in the right direction? It Ukraine.
26. Russian occupiers decline Ukrainian military move to their side and hear in response: "Russian do not surrender"? It Ukraine.
27. Military go to an armed enemy only with flags and singing the national anthem? It Ukraine.
28. A small minesweeper, barricaded by four specially flooded ships and surrounded by traitors and the enemy ships for several days and is going to break? It Ukraine.
29. Only yesterday you were a pacifist, and today my friends in several military, military analysts carefully read and post videos with military equipment? It Ukraine.
30. Less than a week into the occupation and sabotage the new government gathers a group of diplomats who pulls on his side the whole world? It Ukraine.
31. Speaking about some event, "Yes it's been so long!" And suddenly realize that "a long time" - a few days ago? It Ukraine.
32. A month ago, a policy openly and amicably sent tries and today also unanimously praised? It Ukraine.
33. The idea fixe Russia? It Ukraine.
34. You learn on the fly to make the analysis of the media and to distinguish truth from another disinformation? It Ukraine.
35. You laugh, not to cry? It Ukraine.
36. Millions of people suddenly become patriots? It Ukraine.
37. Zasharovarenny national poet-prophet suddenly comes to life and becomes The cutting? It Ukraine.
38. You know that the Chinese warfare "May you live in interesting times!" Is not a curse, and a wish for happiness? It Ukraine.
39. One of the first (if not the most) constitution in the world? It Ukraine.
40 people in two days collecting a deposit for a presidential candidate, not an oligarch pays for his pledge? It Ukraine.
41. Parents of children after school children learn the national anthem and sing it in public places? It Ukraine.
42. Russian, Hebrew, Moldovan, Hungarian, Polish, Georgian, Armenian, Crimean Tatar, Azerbaijanian to the question: "What is your nationality?" Say, "I - Ukrainian!"? It Ukraine.
43. The children gather tire barricades and playing in the Maidan? It Ukraine.
44. Unarmed military go to an armed enemy singing the national anthem, the words and music is hardly known to defend the honor of their country? It Ukraine.
45. Students in the town "Russian glory" become a model for the army, the first in taking the life of an independent decision and singing the national anthem in the doorway of the barracks at the gaping mouths of Russian invaders? It Ukraine.
46. ​​The first reset gasoline to buy armored personnel carriers, and then - to fill them? It Ukraine.
47. The prisoner, who are bullied and display naked in the cold, becomes a model for the dignity of men and sex symbol for women, and then forgave his executioners? It Ukraine.
48. Housewives leave home, student - lovers, grandmother - and gossip together rush to Maidan to twist the wicks for Molotov cocktails and batter the pavement for a fight? It Ukraine.
49. Men and months that could not fasten the shelf in the bathroom, two hours to build barricades? It Ukraine.
50. The vast majority of members of the new / updated power is fluent in English, German and so on? It Ukraine.
51. Doctors volunteers go to the line of fire to save the wounded in peaceful independent state? It Ukraine.
52. On the anti-government protests sail under the national flag and singing the national anthem? It Ukraine.
53. Grandma comes recorded to the draft board, arguing that it is - a nurse? It Ukraine.
54. welcomes foreign tourists guards salute: "Glory to Heroes"? It's Ukraine!
55. Where is the world's only legally ousted president? It Ukraine.
56. Where Jews, Russian, Tatars and other nations call themselves proudly we - Bandera? It Ukraine.
57. The Church helps equip the army? It Ukraine.
58. Who helped create the UN hundred? It's Ukraine!
59. The people of the state funded zoos in times of crisis? It's Ukraine!
60. 82-year-old prikarpatets few hours stood in line to join the army as a volunteer? It's Ukraine!
61. In the church next to the icon of the accident saw the president, prime minister or deputy without protection? It Ukraine.
62. Slavs - Ukrainians consider their native people of the Turks - the Crimean Tatars? It Ukraine.
Anton Vanin


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