Russians should know about Ukraine

Confidence in Russian opponents absolutely alternate reality about what is happening in Ukraine negates any possibility of dialogue. That is totally erroneous belief picture of what today Ukraine lives and to strive for. Breaking all the causal relationships, and between events and facts skillfully woven into a mosaic much an outright lie, firmly cementing it all. Tangle of lies and innuendo is so large and intricate that it is difficult to understand which side to approach him. I want to tell you about at least some of the realities of the lives of today's Ukraine, which will help to begin to unravel this knot misconceptions.

First of all, to better understand where Ukraine is today, it is worth to know about the causes of the events that occurred during the three winter months in the Maidan. I have already described in detail why in Ukraine Maidan happened and who it came out. Recommend reading for those who want to better understand the current realities in Ukraine, about which I write below.

Now in Ukraine legitimate interim government, elected by the Constitution of Ukraine. The whole Parliament has remained the same, the government in key positions came new nobody who would not previously known or has not been in government before. Of course there are chameleons remaining from the old regime, but what would be the interim government may be, it is now necessary for the work of the state apparatus, the adoption of laws and the restoration of Ukraine. It is impossible for a month to completely change the system. Daily action is taken and accepted laws to create a more transparent system of government and fighting corruption. Now we are rebuilding the country.

Laws and in compliance with the procedures were abolished changes in the Constitution of Ukraine, which Yanukovych made in violation of the procedure for the usurpation of power. These changes, he gave himself the authority and power that the people of Ukraine are not delegated to him. As a result, Ukraine has returned to the constitution of a parliamentary-presidential republic format, 2004, at which Yanukovych was elected. By the way, the next presidential elections on it were to be held in March 2014.

Ukraine is waiting for the presidential elections to be held in late May. We are waiting for lustration. Until the end, waiting for new parliamentary elections. The result of this will be completely new parliament and a new government.

Question of federalization in Ukraine not on the agenda. This is unhealthy for Ukraine advice from the Russian Federation, which otherwise than blackmail, not perceived. Their aim is to divide Ukraine into independent regions, there was a further opportunity to capture them on the Crimean scenario. About federalization shout solely deputies from the Party of Regions, which, in fact, all decisions are taken individually. These are the same MPs who opposed the Ukrainian people during the revolution that they themselves refused to Yanukovych, when the smell of fried, and who want to continue to be at the helm in the regions, while continuing to steal, but with the help of the Russian Federation.

Ukraine really need to decentralize and regions need more rights to make their own decisions and manage their own budgets. It is understood by all and everyone agrees. But that is not the question of federalization.

In the eastern regions of destabilization and disruption of the presidential elections held periodically proplachennye collaborationist provocative actions with tricolor. They organized send specially trained saboteurs and provocateurs. In recent weeks, the Security Service of Ukraine almost daily delays such saboteurs, and often they find weapons and instructions for organizing riots. Of course such people do not have Ukrainian citizenship. All information on this is in the public domain. Unfortunately, such provocations we likely will see up to the presidential elections.

Recently adopted a tougher law that criminalizes and severe prison terms for "intentional acts committed with the aim of changing the borders of the territory or the state border of Ukraine in violation of the procedure established by the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as for public calls or distributing materials inciting to commit such Action. " For espionage also toughen penalties.

Question on the right sector closed. Neither Parliament nor the government, nor in the executive bodies, representatives of nowhere right quadrant. They handed over their weapons and question them closed. In fact, no more worries delivered right quadrant, and bandits frank collected at the time the Party of Regions to confront the Maidan and the unrest that after the revolution, in the name of the right sector and self-defense of the Maidan, looting and extortion. To the great relief of those already povylavlivali. Like this no longer occurs. At present, this question is also closed.

In Ukraine there are no preconditions or even a hint of a civil war. Very surprised when rhetoric Russian opponents appear remarks about the civil war in Ukraine and brother against brother raises his hand. Residents of Ukraine is not going to fight each other. Moreover, people are more united to defend the country's sovereignty. Most residents of Donbass Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov, and in principle, most of the residents of the eastern regions want to live in a united Ukraine. No conflicts or contradictions Ukrainians with each other, which can pull on the armed conflict or civil war, and there can not be. We had the three months of the revolution and the celestial hundreds. We just buried our heroes. We now want peace, order, and the revival of Ukraine.

In Ukraine, all is quiet. On the streets of the full order except for rare point collaborationist pro-Russian provocations in major cities in the east of Ukraine. The other day I wrote a comrade from Moscow with the question if I did not get that day in the terrible events in Kiev, who spoke about the Russian media. On this day, except for a soccer match at the Central Stadium Olympic, followed by all the fans of Ukraine, in Kiev, nothing else happened.

In Ukraine are all planned social activities, work places, there are concerts, football games, fashion week, and the center of the city and the bridge will pass Kiev marathon. In Ukraine, all calmly. People peacefully returned to their cases.

We have already seen many positive changes in our everyday lives. On the streets of missing tuples statesmen and related hours-long traffic jams, the government passed into austerity, state authorities refused to official vehicles, the prime minister flies abroad scheduled flights and stops at the embassy, ​​and not doroguschih hotels. Trifle, of course, but nice. To this all the traffic police on the roads in an effort to raise the image of the staff at the European level is very polite and culturally. It especially pleases all drivers. In the Facebook page interior minister can see the periodic reports on progress and plans. The government began to listen to the people, accountable and hold meetings with leading experts. Such openness of government in Ukraine has never been. Independence created a precedent.

Kiev is not destroyed and burned. Museums & Conservatory intact. The area in front of the stadium Dinamo Street Hrushevskoho already reduced. The only serious consequences for the architecture of Kiev was burned building trade unions on the Maidan, which, by the way, the soldiers burned the Berkut. Independence is now a place of power and place the memory of the victims, which is lined with flowers and on which it is impossible to pass without overflowing emotions. Maidan - a small patch in the center of Kiev. All Kiev is as beautiful as it was before the revolution.

Despite Russia's aggression against Ukraine, Russian citizens can feel totally safe and secure in any region of Ukraine. Of course, this is if they do not call for separatism, do not go with a gun, do not behave openly rude or disrespectful to the Ukrainian values. Nobody oppresses Russian-speaking, no one "has been a witch-hunt." Half of Ukraine speaks Russian. So historically that during the Soviet era in the schools to teach Russian. So the question itself about the oppression of the Russian-speaking mad.

Nevertheless, Putin has made all the growing irritation of Ukrainians towards the Russian Federation. It is not our choice, but it is a natural response to the occupation of the Crimea and those streams of anger, aggression and disrespect to the Ukraine, which we can see from the Russian Federation. We are forced to defend themselves against an aggressor. Ukraine has finally banned the advocacy Russian TV channels which broadcast pack of lies about the situation in Ukraine. We are boycotting products made in Russia, so that not a single penny went to the federal budget to pay for the military, which invaded the territory of our country. This, of course, a trifle, but for us it is important. Employers refuse to Russian investment professionals refuse to go to work in the Russian Federation, when they receive such offers. Periodically hear about the cancellation of cooperation in various fields of business. It is not the policy of the Government of Ukraine. This is a personal choice of every Ukrainian.

It is necessary to understand what we perceive is happening in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine, as a stab in the back of the supposedly "brotherly" neighbor who got us in the garden at the moment of greatest vulnerability until we take out the garbage out of the house. Just because things are not forgotten. With this sediment will live a whole generation of Ukrainians.

Ukraine has already signed an agreement on association with the European Union. Ukraine will develop, building a European democratic society, and will cause its legislation and standards in order to conform to European standards development and quality of life. However, about the EU accession conversation goes. As a minimum, Ukraine is not ready yet. Not the fact that membership in the EU would be beneficial for the economy of Ukraine. We will choose what is best for Ukraine.

Being in the center of Europe at the crossroads of trade routes not reasonably limited to a single vector of cooperation. Ukraine has always believed that the right to cooperate with Europe as well as with the Russian Federation. However, Putin's policy that forced Ukraine to choose "either-or" question the further development of the Russian vector of Ukraine's interests. Europe we have already chosen. How relevant is now the Russian vector of Ukraine's interests, depends on the actions of the Russian Federation with regard to Ukraine.

We are ready to fight for the freedom of Ukraine and understand that there may be many victims. Ukrainians have already passed the psychological barrier. We have already received the first Ukrainian officers killed by Russian soldiers. We have outgrown the fear and ready to fight to the death. For us it is a matter of honor. We had three months of the revolution and went for the second month of preparation for an armed invasion of Ukraine Russian troops. For many young people, the study of military affairs in recent months has become entertainment.

We want peace, but prepare for war!

The male population of Ukraine is ready to get up in the gun, if there is an invasion of Russian troops on the territory of mainland Ukraine. And there is at least a couple of million people. Do not think that the Russian army, whatever it was neither big, can easily and painlessly, in the Crimea, to obtain at least part of the eastern regions of Ukraine. For every Russian soldier, even if every single one will throw to capture Ukraine, have at least five very angry and evil "Bandera", which will act guerrilla methods on their land, protecting our freedom and honor, whose hand will not tremble kill any armed aggressor encroaching on our house. Freedom and independence for Ukrainians imperative.

Worth finally understand that under whatever pretext has not been lodged in the Russian Federation need aggression against Ukraine, no matter what alternate reality did not invent the Russian media with calls to protect someone in the Ukraine, which would lie is told about the total chaos in Ukraine in all order. As people never stands united nation, we have revived the identity, pride in their country and respect for the Ukrainian roots. We ourselves to deal with corruption, our interim government, caught stealing the remains of the old power and all that is happening in Ukraine.

Leave Ukraine alone and not interfere to restore order in his house - it is best that the Russian Federation can be done today. We ourselves will decide the fate of Ukraine to decide what should be the state Arrange themselves will build relationships with other countries. We are ready to listen to friendly advice and will be happy to reasonable economic assistance aimed at the creation of a democratic society, support for democratic values ​​and economic situation stabilized. But the outspoken political and economic blackmail, and any attempts to influence us by force, against our will, will only lead to the fact that for many decades, we remain true enemy.

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