Yanukovych held a crash test in Europe

What did Yanukovich with Europe simply enraged the entire anti-Russian political circles. So much time to build an anti-Russian policy simply collapsed in an instant. It is just a mockery.

A huge amount of money that the West "fed" all sorts of analysts and "right" journalists can now be easily made in the column "empty losses". In addition, the fact that Christ-fed Russian, too, can be safely completed in the same graph. That is, those who have betrayed Russia once, is now as easy and betrayed the West. And you hoped for, good sirs?

In general, I must say that Europe has behaved quite useless way. For example, the same "kvaksy" came to Ukraine, rested against Tymoshenko, as if this is the main question. But we are talking about the whole country! Generally, the qualification of both gentlemen manifestly inadequate, hence the results are grim. This was the fatal mistake of the EU. If evroemissary not fixated on Tymoshenko pledged to $ 10 billion, the president and the prime minister would have signed anything, for a sweet soul. The dependence of the Ukrainian ruling elite of the money is not questioned by anyone. Now, refusing Azarov with a light heart can say that Europe simply wanted to enslave us, and this is not far from the truth. But what now? Here the events will develop along two parallel tracks: the events in Ukraine and events outside of Ukraine. But both are now still in a state of shock. Very soon all will move.

Inside Ukraine's opposition stool remind that before the paint is not proolifit. And now, every time, by all means it is not painted, the wood absorbs the paint, and from beneath it is visible the true essence of the opposition, which always all bad. For example, the same Svoboda, democracy and tolerance which also comes as a lamppost growing bananas on it, indignant refusal to sign as if Europe is to live without them can not. Well, they are actually going to make a significant contribution to the development of democracy in the EU. Klyatyh like poluryzhego-polulysogo behave well at high activity. For them it is very difficult period, you need something to show, but there is nothing to show. Of course, it will be all sorts of Maidana, but today damp gunpowder, the smoke will, but the shot - not. Citizens see what is going well and no longer believe politicians.
It would not be like any other, but Ukrainian politicians can not dismiss the fact that Ukrainians need someone to believe. Without faith it is impossible to develop the country. And here comes quite unpleasant for the Ukrainian authorities point: if there is no one to believe in the country, citizens begin to look outside the country of the oracle. And then, somehow, the Ukrainians rest against Putin. Not all, of course, and those who do not pay for their political activities. For Svidomo Putin - the enemy terrible Yanukovych. If Yanukovych various Tyagniboka can oppose something, then do nothing against Putin fail. There are countries and stronger than Ukraine, which before the "great and terrible" immediately raise the presser foot. Think UK time Blair and the US President did not dare step over the red line, carried out by the Russian president on Syria. At the same time their own red lines, Barack Obama crossed more than once. So the "internal political sandbox" for homegrown politicians, of course, will be in demand, but it is the weather, of course, will not do.

Much more ramified way in international politics. There is a need to distinguish three main centers of power. The main center of power, but rather, the most visible of all - is, of course, the EU. Slightly less visible - is Russia. And very little visible - is the United States. Nevertheless, the impact of all three centers of power in Ukraine, and to each other is very large. The most visible issue - it is Ukraine's relations with the EU. It can be said, the Europeans decided to buy Ukraine "on the cheap" and offer her to be a happy one this. According to the Ukrainian prime minister, Mr Füle offered "on everything about everything" pathetic billion. Perhaps the reader will smile upon this phrase, but, in the current circumstances, a billion dollars - is absolutely insignificant sum. Ukrainians always say that the Russian brotherhood of costing Ukraine is very expensive, but nevertheless always seek for loans in Russia. The EU keeps Georgia on strict collar and away from the bowl. Perhaps it would have worked if not for Russia, but Russia is, and it is very spoils the game for Europeans. Hence the fierce anger, and fear. Events unfolded and overseas. As it became known, Ukraine's refusal to sign is expected is expected to approach hurricane meteorologists. Hundreds of organizations to monitor the situation and gave their opinions and predictions, but, believe it or not the reader, it was, in large part, irregular projections and incorrect conclusions. Having the opportunity to review these materials, reading them, is simply amazing. Thus, the former US ambassador to Ukraine and now a program director at the Brookings Institution Stephen Pifer said that "it is not known what may offer Russia", probably hinting that it is absolutely clear that the "light" of Ukraine in the EU. This is absolutely the shadow of the Russian fence.

It is clear that Russia offers. It's been said a hundred times: Ukraine will receive Russian domestic gas prices and will be admitted to the Russian market. These two points 20 times outweigh the fact that Europe offers. For those who like numbers, it all looks like. Suppose Ukraine consumes 25 billion cubic meters of Russian gas, for example, is priced at $ 460 per 1,000 cubic meters, equivalent to the evergreen, will be $ 11, 5 billion per year. In the case of domestic price of $ 160, while the same consumption, will have to pay a $ 4 billion. The amount of released funds only on gas will be $ 7, 5 billion. Here even do not need to sell anything, and do not need to tighten the belt. Now consider what would happen if Russia opens its market.

Only during the recent events, when the Ukrainian goods rose to Russian borders, Ukraine has lost 25% of exports in annual terms. What country can bear it? That is what Mr. Pifer calls "nobody knows what Russia can offer", but this is by no means everything. These calculations do not include co-production in the field of aviation. Aircraft, in which Russia is interested - this is another segment in which Ukraine could grow. Such segments in a sea of ​​Ukraine. Today, those who want to grab Ukraine is easy to understand that if Ukraine will establish its relationship with the TC, in the future, the EU proposals will cause only a smile of indulgence. Thus, the wrong information provided by American politicians or analysts of media bias, leading to incorrect results.

However, on the information received, the State Department is experiencing today is not the easiest time for yourself. Even the lunatic asylum afford such can not. The last days there, there are constant meetings, and even this weekend most of the staff working there. At one of the meetings it came to serious conflicts, even the staff shouting at each other. This is the result of the failure of American policy in Ukraine. We have previously expressed an opinion about the American ambassador to Kiev, and no illusions here, still, no. This is a nervous type, which are the last days with great difficulty. His subordinates can be called poor people.

Name the American ambassador to Ukraine today is often referred to in the bowels of the Department of State. Its activity is estimated there are quite modest. In this connection, we can expect the resignation of US Ambassador as nespravivshegosya their duties, simply to say overworked. Traditionally, this is done immediately. However, it would be shifting the problem with the blame on others. Mr. Jeffrey Payyatt originally had no qualifications to be in this position. For the "failure" responsible those who Mr. Piatt County appointed to this position. You can not expect that the windmill will be used as a traction engine for the aircraft. In general, human resources for the Department of State is, more than ever, desperately.

In fact, what has happened over the past few days, is to check the strength of the EU, which, in principle, the European Union has not sustained. Once the process is stalled Yanukovych Europe as a little child, he immediately fell to the floor and began to twist legs. The opening of the week is that the Ukrainians, with all its very unpleasant commercialism, have proven more resilient policies than the ones who are going to devour them. Europe looks sort of Pavlov's dogs, which salivation begins, as soon as she sees Ukraine.

By and large, the suspension of the European integration - this is not the end but only a resounding slap in the face to those who thought skhrumkat country with nearly fifty million people. European politicians with the hope of weakening state that the door for Ukraine, is still open. Here comes the crucial moment that will determine everything. In the case enters the main players. What can Europe do so is to waive release Tymoshenko, hoping dodavit Yanukovich later. Putin has already made some statement about "the inadmissibility of Ukraine's membership in NATO." This is a warning to those who believe that the second paragraph after the association, will be exactly this step. Ms Merkel said that, if possible, talk with the president of Russia on the Russian pressure on Ukraine. To tell the truth, no reason for such a conversation there, and Merkel understands. The reason for this statement is only a possibility popiaritsya on its relations with the Russian president - the most powerful man in the world. The other day, answering questions from a newspaper about the possibility of the Association of Ukraine, I had as an example, result in some analogy. The journalist was Canadian and, realizing this, I offered him a comparative model. Assume that the French-speaking Quebec out of Canada, and the composition will become a separate state, and then a request to the Customs Union, promoted by Russia. You should have seen the eyes of a journalist. He said that "it will never happen, because it will never happen." From what I have concluded that the word is, and there are no arguments. After giving it a little cool, I said that I modeled the situation repeats the situation in Ukraine with the association to the EU. My opponent for a while about my thoughts, but I could see that it happens. Finally he blurted out what I expected from him: Quebec can not join the Customs Union because it is on a higher stage of development, and for Quebec it would be a step backwards. What it should be, he did not say this but I did not need to. I saw him scoop up the bottom. When a reporter starts talking newspaper dies, his opinion is not interesting, but as soon as it is interested in publishing my calculations, I had to tell you that our readers will read on our website. The main idea was still that considering Russia or Ukraine underdeveloped in the West is very much mistaken. Today, it is not necessary to think about how the West dealt well with the aborigines of the snowy Russia or Ukraine. Fortunately, the people there have long walk without tails, and even fly into space.




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