Crash test of mobile phones (and it happens)

I think everyone knows that all the cars pass the crash test, but not everyone knows that there are crash tests, and for mobile phones!
For example, Nokia phone, you can take a look behind the scenes of the laboratory in which mobile phones are tested for strength and assess the results of exposure to corrosive environment.

What torments not only exposed to mobile phones in the test from exposure to peak temperatures fall to imitations of their pockets. To focus attention only on some tests.

On special machines simulated situations where people come syadyatsya or phones.



Observations on the state of the mobile phone under the influence of moisture and rain simulation. Also studied the effect of exposure on the phone is different creams, ointments and just what the owner can use the phone.




Telephone placed in an apparatus in which the spinning dust. So explore when denied buttons, speaker and other functional parts of mobile phones, which can clog the dust.


One of the interesting tests is that the phone is placed in a container filled with plastic pyramids with a fairly sharp edges. While stirring in a container pyramid leave scrapes and scratches on the phone. So wear the body and checked the phone's screen.


Finally one of the most beautiful tests - a drop in your phone with different heights. For this purpose there is a special machine, which placed phones and going to test them. The process of the fall is removed on a high-speed camera that can shoot at a rate of 100,000 frames per second. At the time, like a normal camera can shoot at a speed of 30 frames per second. Shooting high-speed camera makes it possible to discern the most subtle moments of strain phone in the fall.




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