Find out what is the connection between cancer and mobile Wi-Fi

Of course, the modern world is thoroughly "harmful" to humans. Harmful atmosphere, bad Wi-Fi and definitely bad phone. I even more often began to notice that many speak only through headphones or speakerphone. But life is such that from this in general, that can not escape. Wi-Fi is absolutely everywhere, without a cell and microwave not live. But still read what was learned in this regard accounts ...

Metabolic disorders caused by radiation from wireless devices can cause a number of diseases, including cancer. This is according to a new study published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology & amp; Medicine. The authors of the material studied experimental data on the metabolic effects of radio frequency radiation of low intensity on living cells.

The article deals with the so-called oxidative stress, which is defined by the authors of the study as "an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species and antioxidant protection»


According to study co-author Igor Yakimenko, the impact of electromagnetic radiation may be explained not only by the occurrence of cancer, but also other problems, including headaches, constant fatigue, and even skin irritation.

"These figures - a clear indication of the real risks of this type of radiation on human health," - says Yakimenko

. The article explains that the reactive oxygen species produced in cells are often due to an aggressive environment, but it can also be caused by

«conventional wireless radiation." In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified radio waves as a possible source of occurrence of carcinogens in the human body. But the lack of a clear understanding of the impact of this did not allow to assess the real risks. The current study sheds light on the possible carcinogenic effects of radio waves.

The authors of the material claimed that the dangerous effects of radiation may occur through "classical mechanisms," the emergence of oxidative disorders in living cells.

Yakimenko and his colleagues call for a cautious approach in the use of wireless technologies such as mobile phones and wireless internet access.

Scientists emphasize the negative impact on human health of cell phones. Included mobile phone emits electromagnetic field, which penetrates directly into the human brain, causing inadequate reaction of the organism.

So, as a result of studies undertaken by such reputable medical centers in the USA as «American Health Foundation» and «Integrated Laboratory Systems», has found an association between frequent use of cell phones and the emergence of humans is extremely rare variety of brain tumors.

At high doses of such radiation, scientists say «Integrated Laboratory Systems», people have a process of breaking down the DNA of blood cells. The results of their American counterparts, the researchers confirmed a number of European countries and Australia. All these materials are regularly covered the specialized American magazine "News of microwave technology» (Microwave News).

What is a cellular telephone?

This mobile transceiver that operates in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) range of electromagnetic waves, which differs in its effects on the human from the lower band of radio frequencies so that such radiation have the ability to direct heating of the body tissues.

Various cellular standards differ in their ability to heat the body. Phone GSM 900/1800 standard, operating at frequencies of 900-1800 MHz is more dangerous than a phone standard NMT 450, clocked at 450 MHz, as the first radiation frequency is higher. However, in the NMT 450 uses large power that plays a critical role in the interaction with the human body EMR.

Compared to other consumer electronics devices (eg., TVs and PCs), mobile phones generate EMI, whose maximum power is several orders higher. And if the radiation intensity of the TV or the computer, we belong to the category of non-thermal, ie, do not cause heating of internal tissues of the body, the intensity of the microwave radiation mobile phone can not be said ...

Another feature of mobile phones is the fact that they cause our body to "triple blow". This refers to the three sources of microwave radiation fields are in one unit, and generating a variety of EMF in different operational modes.

The first is the mobile phone antenna radiating EMI, whose power is determined by the units of watts. This radiation is performed in the transmission mode, and a considerable part of the EMR partially attenuated cranium penetrates in our brain. In standby mode, the mobile phone is likened to other electronic devices and emits weak field of non-thermal intensity, which accumulate in the body, can lead to negative consequences. In receive mode, the microwave radiation through the ear canal to penetrate directly into the brain.

Australian scientists studying this problem, believe that this radiation penetrating into the brain through the ear canal, causing particular harm to our health. According to them, the radiation, affecting the proceeding body biochemical processes that lead to the formation of so-called "Stress" proteins that are usually identified in the body at a high temperature during the illness. Stress proteins increase the rate of reaction of the brain, which is a deviation from the norm.

About the real radiated power of information very little mobile phone, but there is a standard by which this power is limited to 2 watts (or 2 000 000 microwatts).

For easy evaluation of the impact of EMR mobile phones on human health, using parameter SAR (Specific absorption rates), representing a specific power output in watts per one kilogram of the brain (W / kg) in the US and Europe. According to The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, the maximum allowable SAR value is equal to 1, 6 W / kg. Mark Green, a member of the International Association of bioinformatic technologies.

Particularly sensitive to the radiation of the children mobile phone. Children's bone, including the cranial and thinner, and less adverse effects weaken. In addition, children are easier to adults, so the SAR value option for them is greater than estimated.

In 1998, British scientists and researchers first talked about the fact that electromagnetic fields affect our health. They were the first who began to explore the possibilities of protection from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Today, researchers believe that at the present time on the biological level, the frequency of the microwaves airguns is at the same frequency as that of modern mobile phones. According to the company Philips, microwave pulse technology used in the development of neognestrelnyh weapons very similar to the use of mobile phone signal. Sami signals differ among themselves, but they are still very similar, especially in phones with GSM-technology and second generation of PDAs, which are still widely used. Even if you have a third generation mobile phone with a 3G-modem most of the time he returned to the old signal, since most base stations are still using the old call method.

Two years ago, the World Health Organization called mobile phones is potentially carcinogenic and announced that their use may increase the risk of developing certain types of brain tumors. Recently, the connection between phone use and the occurrence of thyroid cancer was confirmed by scientists from Tel - "Beilinson" Aviv University and the Israel Hospital. They tested the effect of mobile phones on the example of the cells of the thyroid gland in healthy individuals. We used not the phone itself, and imitating his instrument. During the first experiment for cell proliferation (growth), scientists used the Ki-67 antigen - one of the factors by which the risk of recurrence of cancer depends. It was found that cells exposed to the radiation become divide faster than cells in the control group. The results of the first experiment were supported by the second, held on different technology and with the use of other materials.

Head of Department of laryngology hospital "Beilinson" Professor Rafael Faynmesser noted that during experiments produced a vivid example of how under the influence of electromagnetic radiation in the thyroid cells changes occur. However, it is too early to make definitive conclusions about the relationship between mobile phone use and the development of thyroid cancer.

However, many scientists have conducted a number of studies that have found no evidence of direct exposure to mobile phone radiation on human tissue, leading to the destruction of DNA molecules or ionization tissues. Since the human body is 70% water, and the water molecules are able to "absorb" radiation energy in the RF range, and convert it into heat energy, research attention has been focused on this fact.

Empirically, it has been proved that in the process of life, the brain tissue temperature can vary up to 1 degree Celsius, without any consequences. Increase by a large amount can affect health.

SAR ratio was calculated on the basis of these indicators. In Europe, the recognized safe level of 2 W / kg for the head and 4 W / kg for the other parts of the body. With this measure the temperature of tissue increases by not more than 0 and 3 degrees Celsius, which bears no harm to the body. Nevertheless, even at 0, 3 degrees, discovered the destruction of protein chains, but scientists do not attribute this fact and the effects on health.
For the US SAR value is 1, 6 W / kg.

In Russia, a safe emission standards regulated by Decree SaNPiN. Permissible radiation is measured in W / cm2 is 10 mW / cm2. The value of SAR can not be transformed into a Russian standards, this is done by the laboratory.
Experts recognize that in Russia even more stringent requirements for emission standards than in Europe and the United States.

Recall that in the international scientific community, not all agree that the electromagnetic radiation can induce cancer. opponents theory indicate that radiation from cellular telephones is not radioactive and can cause genetic damage, therefore, can not start the mechanism of cancer cell division. However, many experts recommend the use of headphones and communication devices when talking on a cell phone to reduce radiation exposure.

Is Wi-Fi is harmful?

On what is based the fears of those who believe that wireless networks can cause harm to human health? Are there any objective investigation of the influence of the radio spectrum 2, 4 GHz mammals? Indeed, these studies were carried out and are carried out, although, of course, much more attention is paid to potential negative factors associated with the use of mobile communication.

Back in early 2003, Swedish scientists published a report in which it describes possible damage to nerve cells in the mammalian brain under the influence of microwaves emitted by GSM mobile phones. The report said that among the possible effects of radiation - reducing the possibility of calcium absorption, headaches, and even the threat of dementia. Prolonged exposure to high frequency radiation of radio waves may lead to rupture of the DNA chains, changes in chromosomes and damage to the blood-brain barrier responsible for preventing the mixing of blood circulating in the body with liquid tissues surrounding brain cells. As a result, toxic proteins can penetrate into the brain, which leads to serious illnesses.

Milt Bowling, head of the Canadian special commission to electromagnetic radiation of the study, says that there are more than 20,000 scientific papers on the subject, some of which are described such effects of radiation exposure, as a break DNA chains, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer and other serious or deadly disease. It is unsafe to even ordinary electricity: even in 2002, the California Department of Health has invested seven million dollars in a study that showed that electromagnetic radiation from household power is directly related to an increased risk of breast cancer, miscarriage, Alzheimer's disease, leukemia, sudden death from heart failure and cancer bones in children and adults. Studies have shown that even a two-minute talk on a cell phone can cause damage to the blood-brain barrier, which is not restored even after one hour after the call.

A study in the British city of Bristol Hospital with the participation of scientists at Oxford University, established a link between the use of mobile phones and memory loss: obvious negative effect of cell phones on the radio emission of cognitive function, memory and attention to human

. Many scientists believe that as mobile phone radiation is not strong enough to break atomic bonds, it can not damage living cells. Injuries are possible only in the case of heating of tissues on the radio. Nevertheless, the British scientist David de Pomere from Nottingham University in 2002 found that radio waves can have biological effects not related to the heat. Roundworms Nematodes subjected to irradiation by radio waves, began to multiply intensively and when heating is observed the opposite effect.

De Pomere insists that non-ionizing radiation can indirectly damage DNA by exposure to its recovery system. When malfunction recovery mechanism mutations can accumulate in cells that could lead to disastrous consequences, for example, such cells can rapidly degenerate into cancer.

Finally, US Patent No. 6, 506, 148 states that as a result of skin stimulation by weak electromagnetic field with a certain frequency around 0, 5 or 2, 4 Hz, in humans there are physiological processes associated with stimulation of nerve endings. Many computer monitors and CRT televisions showing images blinking with the indicated frequencies, can emit electromagnetic fields of a magnitude sufficient to create a similar effect. Therefore, it is possible in this way to influence the nervous system of the viewer by display flashing images.

So whether harmful radiation from wireless access points and other equipment, providing a wireless connection? Apparently, we can understand it only in a few decades, when accumulated enough statistical information on the incidence, to trace any irrefutable laws. In any case, no one is going to stop research in this area, although an abundance of caution, some people try to present eccentrics or even Luddites, does not recognize any new technology.


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