The virus of degradation and loss of humanity

Do not you think that the path that moves the modern society, especially the younger generation, is wrong, harmful both for themselves and for future generations ?!

Do not you think that society is "rotten" massively caught the "virus" of degradation and loss of humanity, and now needs to be an immediate "treatment", that in the world there are still such thing as humanity, morality, faith, morality, will, love their original value ?!

If you agree with this, I am convinced that improvements depend on us. From the people who care not only his, but also the future of others; of people able to adequately think, from those who have not lost the human form. If you disagree with the above words, think that there is an exaggeration of the real situation, I urge you to get acquainted with the theses below.

If they are not in any way affect your attitude to the subject, I propose to agree on the fact that people tend to think differently, to have a completely opposite attitude about this or that phenomenon. With this, I think you will not argue. In any case, it seems to me that the issue of irregular dynamics of the development of society is very topical, and I encourage to get acquainted with the material below, and those who agree with those given at the beginning of judgment, and those who have a different point of view.

His task is put to give a number of directions in which society needs to be corrected, as already noted, in order to maintain a normal human appearance; to present some aspects of human life is not in the most vivid colors, brightness depends on each of us.

So, the first thing I want to draw the attention - is the complete lack of desire for knowledge among young people. Not everyone of course, but a very substantial mass, against which is rare to find a person interested in the knowledge of the world. Modern people's lives - it is a continuous stagnation, not filled nor any significant spurting like a fountain aim

. Life is reduced to a constant consumption of movies, cigarettes, alcohol, a useless communication and viewing news feeds on social networks. Social Networks - is generally a separate issue - to thousands of degraded consciousness of communities, we have just one, from which it is possible to emphasize something useful. In this case, write comments, and constantly accompanied by "tons" of mats.

It seems that some representatives of homo sapiens not only can not express their thoughts correctly and concisely, but also do without the use of swear words. I do not know about you, but personally I have a person, especially females who use mats "right and left" sickened.

People have all to develop. The Internet provides a great opportunity for self-development, but people prefer to clutter your mind with junk, flatly refusing to read any literature (whether art or science), watching documentaries, realization in creative activities.

But before there was such technological capabilities, allowing a few clicks to get any information and, nevertheless, people aspired to cognition - one has only to recall how many outstanding scientists were in the XX century and what an enormous contribution they have made to mankind. Several times I caught myself thinking how it would be nice if the TV has appeared on several decades earlier.

And instead of programs where there is a "rumor-bones" and exposure to show the personal lives of the people in general all programs do not carry a no meaning, broadcast b-fiction programs. So, turn on your television, and in the studio of a program conditional Sigmund Freud, telling the audience about the libido theory, or Carl Gustav Jung, telling the public about his concept of archetypes.

And at the moment the reality is that the TV does not look better. Nobody says that everything must be scientists, not at all, but life should be filled with a specific moving target, aspirations, dreams, and not be a purposeless existence. Some may say: "My goal - the creation of the family" - yes, okay, but this is the standard, the collective, roughly speaking publicly imposed goal. And whether or not this person has an individual goal, showing his personality ?!

It is worth noting that excessive integration with collective goals and aspirations, destroys individuality in man: the individual is under the influence of prejudices, living in a society accepts the goal, prevailing in society as their own
. Unhealthy society

Next to what I want to emphasize - it is a question of love, in particular categories such as psevdolyubov

. Most people live on the principle of "buying and selling", where one individual, giving something else, wants to get something in return. This scheme really is often the case in human relationships, even though not always consciously. Some do not want to give anything, but only to receive.

Maybe that's why they are puzzled lose heart when their expectations did not coincide with reality. The greater the expectations we place on any occasion, the greater will be our disappointment in the case of failure. The converse is also true. People are selfish by nature, but sometimes it should give up their own ambitions in favor of another person.

Love - is the desire for happiness the object of his love, and not the selfish claims of affiliation. Love does not involve any calculation, but rather the contrary complete surrender to another person. I emphasize that we are talking about real love, not involving a specific calculation of the relationship. An example of such a calculation can be a relationship with the aim of libido energy discharge.

Such relationships are rarely strong. Sex has now become easily accessible, and perhaps therefore, certain individuals are not trying to establish a close long-term relationship with one person, and constantly changing sexual partners to obtain greater range of sensations, ignoring the aspects of morality. The concept of monogamy gradually disappear from society.

In addition to the sexual desire, and, perhaps, and in combination with it, one of the factors that encourages people to establish relationships that are not accompanied by a sense of true love, there is a reluctance to look flawed individual in the eyes of others.

So, a man looking at his friends with a partner, may feel inferior in their background. Here triggered principle "with anyone better than one." The so-called "love" this man is not nothing but a sham, and theatrical play, which manifests itself in the surface, willfully, courtship ritual, where there is no place, no deep feeling.

This person primarily engaged in itself, rather than a manifestation of love for another person. Also it is necessary to understand that this type of courtship may be typical for people experiencing fear of loneliness.

Questions of knowledge and human relationships - it's not all areas that need to change course to avoid falling into the abyss of degradation and immorality. However, I believe that they are the key to the development of the society in the right direction.

Knowledge - a great force. Developing all kinds of man forms a "healthy" consciousness and thinking. If every endeavor to change the world for the better - the result will not wait long. Be faithful in small things - the ocean is made of drops ...


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