Microsoft + Nokia: the motion vectors and achievements

Today, almost no one person who would not use mobile phones and other gadgets. And only a few of us know which way the device is held before the fall into the hands of the user.

If you take the whole history of the Finnish brand «Nokia», it is in this year marks 143 years already, and the company has more than six years. It began, as you know, all completely from mobile phones, and the production of paper and rubber products.

The development direction of electrical occurred only a century later. Already by 1987 the ninth year, the company ranked third in the world for the production of ... TV! Of course, the above mentioned dates are rather relative, as a radio company engaged in the middle of last century, and the first connection to the electricity has been seen at all in the 10 years of the twentieth century, when it started the production of cables.

In the mid-80s, Nokia began to develop in the direction of the voice and introduced its first development in the field of portable telephones. In 1992, Nokia released its first hand-phone, which receives the name Nokia 1011.

Then everything went on increasing. In 1992, there is a cult slogan «Connecting People», and two years later, on the Nokia 2110 is no less iconic and well-known ringtone «Nokia Tune».

Timely investments in technology GSM, allowed Nokia to the mid-90s to become one of the leaders in the mobile phone market. By the millennium, the company increased its annual income up to six times! A huge number of successful models and a dizzying rise.
About five years ago, Nokia became more tightly cooperate with Microsoft and two years later, the OS is Windows Phone, the use of which for the Scandinavians got $ 1 billion. Could you this amount to compensate for the fall of the company, let economists are assessing. Symbian receded into the background.

In the autumn of 2011 represents Nokia phones, probes running on Windows Phone 7. A year later, there will be smart phones already on the "eight".

Another year, and the manufacturer is trying to experiment, releasing a new series of Nokia X that runs on the most popular to the point Ose, Android. Many experts interpreted the attempt of the company, as the desire to be safe in the future and the demonstration is not too successful cooperation with Microsoft. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that Microsoft sells more services and applications so. So, even if Nokia will be on Android, the American corporation would like to ensure that consumers do not use Google-play services, or other competitors. Is it - time will tell.

At the end of April this year, Microsoft, as previously reported, has acquired Nokia Devices & Services, currently remains the most tasty morsel for investors.

By "wing» Microsoft, it has already released a few smartphones Lumia. Moreover, they all operate on Windows Phone 8.1.
As for the rumors about the future of the brand Nokia, then very soon this combination of letters can disappear completely. Americans gradually abandon all the "alternatives" of Scandinavia and a half years service Nokia X will be permanently discontinued. At the same time, in the Lumia, the new owner sees the future, but under a different name. Whatever you say, but pragmatism Microsoft is able to return the company's profitability, but to deprive her brand.

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