Satya Nadella: we invent anew productivity

Open letter to the head of Microsoft all employees.

Author: Satya Nadella, head of Microsoft
To: All employees
Date: July 10, 2014 6:00 am Pacific Time
Subject: beginning in 2015 reporting year

bold ambitions and our base h4> command,

since fiscal year 2015, I want to thank you for all the contributions you made in the past year. I am proud of what we have achieved together, despite the significant changes in our business and organization. Feeling of that moment and the growing enthusiasm inspires me.

On the first day, when I took a new role, I said that our industry does not appreciate the tradition - it is driven only innovation. And I also said that to accelerate innovation, we must again find ourselves - our unique core. We all need to understand and focus on those things that only Microsoft can give to others, on how we can once again, once again, to change the world. I believe that the task before us is more daring than anything we created earlier.

Propose to July in dialogue about our ambitions and bold new directions. Today I would like to merge our strategic direction, those massive opportunities that I have discussed in recent months, and the fundamental cultural changes needed to achieve success.
July 22 we announced our financial achievements in the last quarter and then I will dwell on what we will do in the next reporting year. During July I, along with our leading management team (Senior Leadership Team) exchanged views on what technical and organizational changes we need. Later on MGX ( Conference Microsoft Global Exchange 22-25 July in Atlanta, GA i> - approx. Trans.), We will gather together to discuss solutions, and then bring them to life.

Our attitude h4> We live in a world of mobile devices and cloud services. Digital technologies have become ubiquitous around us plenty of smart devices. Billions of sensors, displays, devices - in conference rooms, living rooms, cities, cars, telephones, personal computers - form an extensive network of data streams, the invisible way to weave in all aspects of our lives. Electronic computing power will be manifested in almost everything around us, benefiting from any data arising from the interaction between people and people with machines. We are moving from the past, in which computers had small opportunities, at present, where their power is almost limitless, and where really valuable thing is increasingly a human time and attention.

In this new world will soon be more than 3 billion people whose devices have access to the Internet - from farmers in remote parts of the world with their smartphones to professionals with dozens of devices connected to cloud services, and simplifies many aspects of work and life.

The combination of multiple devices and cloud services used for the production and consumption of information, gives us an incredible opportunity. Our customers and society in general expect us to maximize the role of technology while maintaining the eternal values. We will create a more natural interface of human interaction with machines that are available to everyone. We have developed and launched a secure platform and infrastructure open many branches of activity. We allow free use of personal data in order to achieve the objectives of smart, while ensuring security and privacy. By doing all this, we maximize change the world.

Our passion - to allow people to succeed in the world of mobile devices and cloud computing. B> i>

Our kernel h4> The basis of Microsoft was based on the belief that technology will create opportunities for people and companies, enabling them to express and pursue their dreams, thanks to the penetration of personal computers on every desk in every home.
Later, we describe ourselves as a company "devices and services." And despite the fact that the devices and services have helped us to change, it's time to focus on new and unique strategy.

At its core, Microsoft is a company productivity and platforms for mobile and cloud world. We reopen efficiency, to give every person and organization in the world to do more and achieve more.
B> i>
We think about the productivity of people, teams and entire business processes of organizations as a single connected digital basis. We also think about the related platforms for individuals, IT and developers. This comprehensive view enables us to solve more complex, full of details, pressing daily problems every day are increasingly digital world. It also opens the door to limitless possibilities of growth - technology, expressed in% of GDP, will grow as the penetration of digital technology in all aspects of our lives.

We have a rich heritage and unique abilities in building technologies and platforms to improve productivity. We help people to do their work. Things such as periodic reports, recipes, budgets. Things like chat with family and friends around the world (in vain that if bought Skype - approx. Trans.). Things such as painting, poetry and expression of ideas. Such things as the management of Formula 1 or the maintenance of life of the whole city. Such things as the creation of the game spark your imagination. Things like help in creating a vaccine against HIV and technologies to mute communicate by voice.

At its core, Microsoft - a company productivity and platforms for mobile and cloud world. We reinvented the technology productivity, allowing every person and every company to do more and achieve more.
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, 10.07.2014
 Microsoft has a unique ability to combine together the devices, applications, documents, data, social networks, providing digital opportunities so that people find themselves in the middle of it all and have the opportunity to do more and achieve more in the conditions under which increasingly rare and valuable time becomes .

Productivity for us goes far beyond the documents, reports and slides. We Re-Inventing the productivity for people plowing the growing ocean of devices, applications, data, and social. networks. We construct solutions aimed at improving the efficiency needs of groups, organizations and individuals by placing them at the center of all the digital opportunities. We shift the notion of productivity from the simple production of anything to people inspiration for new achievements. We will create tools that will better predict the needs of the people to be more personal and helpful. We will allow the organization to move from automated business processes to intelligent business processes. Every opportunity that we create, will take into account the rich environment of every individual at work and in life to help him organize and carry out their tasks in an easier way.

Productive people and organizations - the main driving force of individual self-fulfillment and growth, and we must do everything possible to create tools and platforms that allow to do so omnipresent. We want to think about each user on both sides - as a man uses technology at work or at school, as well as a man for whom technology has become an integral part of his personal life. Such people tend to achieve their goals through technology and in need of new cloud services, constantly using time management, scheduling, advanced self-expression, collaboration, meetings, service search and research, also demanding more control over security and privacy. Microsoft will penetrate into all corners of life, focusing on the near approximation to the number of connected devices to Internet'u 3 billion. And we approach this problem from the perspective of platforms. Developers and Microsoft partners will make every effort, opening up new opportunities for every individual and every company on the planet.

In Microsoft we re-focus on the re-incarnation of platforms to improve efficiency. We focus entirely on building technology for "double" use ( for work and personal life i> - approx. Trans.). Our infrastructure cloud OS operating system for devices and equipment will be built around this main goal and form broad ecosystem. Microsoft will provide digital opportunities for work and life in the personal, intelligent, open and inspiring way.

We will present new tools for mobile and cloud world. The first and primary purpose of these instruments will be productive. As a result, people to meet and interact more easily and efficiently. This will enable new ways to express ideas. People will feel the magic transparent adaptability to Delve and Cortana. They will be able to ask questions in natural language and receive answers via Power Q & A . We will destroy the language barriers with the help of a translator for Skype. Applications will be designed for dual use, and will be able to share data on work and personal life, based on the individual characteristics of each. They are designed so that anyone can easily find these applications, and then try to buy them in a simple manner. They will be designed so that when you move from device to device would change and a wealth of content and breadth of services to always remain at the center of a person, not the device. This transition is now in the active phase as the transformation of the Office applications on desktops in the cloud platform Office 365. We will continue to promote and develop tools to improve the efficiency of teams and organizations, such as Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint , Bing and Dynamics.

Gradually, all these tools are becoming more and more connected with each other more closely related context of the application and more personal to the user. for example, now Cortana application on my Windows Phone phone is receiving data from sensors on the highway and combines them with the calendar in my calendar to remind me to leave work at a moment that I had to get my daughter to the concert on time. In the future, Cortana will turn into even more of a personal assistant who can take notes, appointments and understand, whether my question about the weather today, the choice of clothing, or it refers to the more complex task of planning a family vacation. Opportunities provided by Microsoft, will be unique, because they will be based on information from work and from his personal life and allow users to control their personal data.

Cloud OS h4> Cloud OS is the biggest challenge if we assume that we are working on it from the perspective of their own power. With Azure, we are one of the few providers of cloud services hyper-scale. The combination of Windows Server and Azure makes us the only company with the public, private and hybrid cloud platform, accessible to modern business. We will increase the rate of return on investment (ROI) for our clients' IT infrastructure by combining their private data centers with our public cloud into one whole. We allow our customers to use the cloud operating system to accelerate the development of their business and to satisfy all their requirements for data and applications.

Outside of the server-side cloud infrastructure, our cloud will also open more opportunities for employees. For example, our new Enterprise Mobility Suite will allow IT-companies to manage and maintain security Windows, iOS and Android devices used by their employees. We also allow enterprises to securely deploy SaaS applications (both our own and third-party suppliers) and transparently integrate with existing infrastructure security and control. We will continue to innovate in the field of higher-level services: management of directory services (Active Directory), storage, analytics, machine learning tools, media services, such as web and mobile backend developer productivity tools, and many others.

OS for consumer devices and proprietary hardware platforms h4> Our system Windows and its own equipment to set the bar of productivity. Windows provide the richest and most compatible digital opportunities for work and life on the screens of all sizes from phones, tablets, laptops, to televisions and giant 82-inch panels. We will ensure the primacy of Windows as the most secure, manageable and functional system for the needs of today's business and IT. Windows will provide ample opportunities for developers the ability to run through the universal application (Univesal Windows Applications) on any device. Windows will evolve to use the new I / O services, such as speech, pen, gestures, and multiply in an incredible state of personal capabilities of each.

Our own devices to enhance digital work and life. For example, Surface Pro 3 - the most productive in the world of tablet (I would like to believe - approx. Trans.) We will develop its own equipment to stimulate demand for the entire ecosystem of Windows. This means that from time to time we will create a new category of devices, such as the Surface. We also form the market for Windows Phone, which is our goal for devices Nokia.

I also want to share your thoughts about XBox and its significance for Microsoft. In the case of a large company, I think it is important to allocate core business, but it is also important to make decisions on other lines of business in which we can have a fundamental impact and success. One of the largest categories of digital life, as measured by time and money that it spent this game. We are happy to have the XBox, to pursue this opportunity to follow in this direction with a unique and powerful innovation. Microsoft will continue to develop and surprise XBox gamers. XBox - one of the most respected brands with a growing community and growing base of fans. We also benefit from the technology, moving from our business for gamers in our business to improve efficiency: graphics and NUI (, speech recognition in Skype, camera technology in Kinect, improve Azure for GPU simulation and more. To summarize, we will continue to develop the XBox, parallel creating additional business value Microsoft.

While many are now determined by the mobility of devices, Microsoft defines mobility possible. We are now seeing the infancy of the mobile world. Over the next few years we will see new categories and changing applications targeting multiple devices of all sizes.

Our culture h4> Our ambitions are large-scale and the same should be our passion to change our culture.

I sincerely believe that we spend so much time for this at work, not in order to increase their own importance and satisfaction. Together we have the opportunity to create technology that will change the entire planet.
Nothing can be excluded from consideration when we think about changing our culture to achieve your main strategy. The organization will change. Mergers and acquisitions will occur. Change the duties of employees. Will form new partnerships. Outdated traditions are called into question. Change our priorities. There will be new skills. Will hear new ideas. Will be hired new employees. Simplified processes. And if you want to create with Microsoft and change the world, you and your team have to add to this list a lot more changes to embody that you have enthusiasm.

I have been instructed to make Microsoft a better place to work smart, bold, ambitious people. Most importantly, we are fully committed to our clients. Dedication to customers - everyone's business. I look forward to when our team of engineers to do the things in which our customers love. I watch as our sales and marketing departments demonstrate unique capabilities and user-friendliness valued above all else.

To provide the capabilities needed by our customers in the mobile and the cloud world, we are modernizing our business processes, focusing primarily on customer data, speed and quality. We will become more efficient in terms of divining the needs and requirements of our clients and more flexible in terms of reaction to the information that we get from the market. We optimize workflow and reduce time and effort required for something to do business. You can focus on a smaller number of processes with a more focused and measurable results.



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