Idiotic advice on productivity, which do more harm to us than help

In this rapidly changing world, we have many opportunities to improve their productivity. The problem is that we can try a lot of them, but did not find one that would be for us in the editorial nailuchshey.My Website have decided to consider how many of the techniques that enhance personal productivity in the actually greatly hinder your potential disclosure.

1. Planning anything h2> It is one thing to follow its goal to the finish, and quite another - the loss of flexibility and so becoming dependent on their plans that do not give yourself to try anything new.

When we set a goal and worked out a plan to achieve it, you should be aware that this plan is not hard leaves us no room for maneuver, because any changes to it to make it is impossible.

In some cases, a rigid orientation toward the goal can be helpful, but at the same time takes the opportunity to reach their full potential.

2. Multitasking h2> Multitasking - one of the most common things. We all do in everyday life. The problem boils down to multitasking that an opportunity to do several things at once looks good on paper, but in life it's not too practical.

When multitasking, we just do not get to concentrate on something specific. The result could be a worry and stress, as the tasks remain unfulfilled, although before work plans have been tremendous.

How to succeed if it is necessary to solve several problems, but time is limited? Focusing on a certain goal will realize how much you want to achieve it. Diversion on something other than this purpose can negatively affect productivity.

3. Multiple doing what you do well h2> Each of us have our own set of talents and skills. Our strengths - that's what is on focus. But even if we are in something really good, should not continue to pursue the case, if it is not conducive to personal growth.

Diversifying always increases productivity. This is due to the fact that if you concentrate on one skill and at the same time commit any error or simply not kept pace with the latest innovations in their field, it immediately affect all of your work. And the presence of different skills prevents failure.

Expansion of existing skills can also increase productivity when advanced skills intersect with a particular project and can be used. In other words, we must not stop in its development.

4. Setting specific goals too h2> When you have a specific purpose, no other idea could not break through your unwavering belief system. If the goals are too fixed, you are just missing out on all the other possibilities.

Goals - is something that should be available to all, because they give meaning to our lives. When you specify a target, not everything goes the way you want to. Some of them may be more flexible than others, while others forced to do a lot of small actions that you may not like. If at this stage you start to play for time, you can not perform the task.

Goal setting - a great thing, but still with the goals you have to be careful not to miss out on other opportunities, which can help boost your overall productivity.

How to set goals can be found in our article How to set goals and achieve them without being distracted by secondary

5. Too much attention to detail h2> When we pursue the goal, we are often so entangled in the small details that can not see the whole picture. When in this state make decisions, they can lead to a certain result, only the result may not meet our original goals. And it means that we just spent time at the expense of productivity.

You begin to focus on the wrong things, and before you have time to understand it, it all starts over again. There is a very fine line between what is to focus on, and what to focus on what is needed. A look at the situation from the point of view of small can completely destroy your ability to develop and grow.

6. Striving for excellence h2> The progress and perfection never go hand in hand. In essence, perfection is unattainable. But to achieve in anything greater efficiency possible. However, this efficiency is not achieved by careful planning and long-term thinking, and through experimentation, trial and error, testing and using customer feedback.

The result is not always possible to predict, so experiment with new ideas is a very important step in increasing the efficiency, productivity and success.

7. Not too often do you say 'yes ┬╗? H2> If you - a reliable person, so, you now have to always answer" yes "when you are about anything you ask for? Of course not.

Many of us would like to help others in difficult times, but we have a bunch of their own affairs. Learn to say "no" and be a little selfish. First of all, you should focus on increasing the productivity of their own, and not to assume various obligations, not having to do with you.

"Yes" - is a word that people want to hear from you. But if you tell people "yes" too often, they begin to depend on your consent. You will become known as an infallible person who at any time will always do anything for anyone. Catching up on other people's affairs, you are unlikely to be more productive.

8. A hard, hard, hard work h2> At first glance, it's a good idea to start to do something and do not stop until the job is completed.

You never put off until the last minute writing of any document for study or work, and then wrote dozens of pages in a few hours? So you understand that this is not the best way of working, because we can concentrate for a limited time, and then lose concentration and ability to create.

The harder job is given, the faster the pulse ceases to our "creative streak┬╗. Continued focus on what one thing makes us retain less information in the brain, reducing the number of neural connections that affects our productivity. So, the final product of our work will be very low quality.

9. Be aware of everything h2> Information overload - this is one of the biggest problems that exist today in our digital world. It's so easy: start searching for the network with any one thing, and then notice that you are sitting for an hour on the site are not available to the original topic of your search nothing.

It would seem that you get a lot more information. But when you consume it beyond measure and do it too fast, most of it in the end, is not remembered.

Focus your thoughts on the main problem, if you want to maintain productivity. In order to reach their full potential, minimize distractions, and remove from your life habits that reduce productivity.

Each of us has its own advantages and disadvantages. But if we want to really shine, attention should focus on those things that are necessary to carry out our tasks in the shortest time.



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