28 secrets of exceptionally productive people

In this article - productivity secrets from famous authors, successful entrepreneurs, investors, executives and creative professionals.

Sometimes I use my own methods of increasing efficiency, but most often I rely on others ' examples.

So did Ryan holiday, author of the bestselling book "the Obstacle is the best way" (just the greatest book) and easy to read "Trust me, I'm lying: confessions of media manipulators".

He is also the founder of Brass Check Marketing and somehow finds time to give monthly tips books 30 000 people.

"Like all people, I like to think I'm a productive person," said Ryan. "And if so, only because of one thing – the desire to gain knowledge and secrets from the more intelligent and successful people."

"In my career I have been fortunate to build relationships with many famous authors, successful entrepreneurs, investors, executives and creative people. Some I could not meet personally, but drew their ideas from books. Whether they know it or not, I took out their methods only the most important, in my opinion, ideas are able to maximize productivity."


Here are productivity secrets that Ryan lent, and wants to share with others


Brian "Birdman" Williams

Birdman founded the world-renowned record label Cash Money records, which brought him about 500 million dollars. When I first met him in the Studio in the morning from Saturday to Sunday, was shocked to the core to learn that his workday is just beginning. He works at night and resting by day.

First, as already mentioned, I was shocked, but then realized that it uses the time of day that is most productive for his body.

Do not pay attention to what people consider normal.


Casey Neistat

Due to this popular YouTube filmmaker and artist, I have trained myself to keep a diary in which every day I bring a variety of thoughts, notes, reminders, and events. I specifically chose a small notebook that fits easily in my pocket, and can be used anytime and anywhere.

The last few months have been the most difficult for me and my little diary helped me to overcome all difficulties. By the way, I also found a way to return this notebook (and all the other things I own) in case of loss – is required to sign each item "If you found it, please return (Name and telephone number)".

Tim Ferriss

From Tim I learned the art of budgeting. It's easy to do when everything is planned deeds are recorded in the notebook – after doing a piece just pulled out and discarded. A very simple but effective method.

And one more thing from Tim: should not be first in any endeavors. Better wait a bit, see how people use it wrong and get experience. And when the time comes, you will show yourself and be the best.


Robert Green

Robert green – the famous author of the 48 laws of power taught me to write books.

His system of cards has changed my life. While reading the book, I make the bookmarks on the key points, especially I liked. Then rewrite the information on the cards and stored them in the boxes pre-ordered and breaking them into separate groups. At the moment I have accumulated hundreds of thousands of these cards and now to remember any anecdote, story or use strategy of any author, I do not have to read the book as a whole, but rather to appeal to their boxes with cards.

Also from Robert I learned how to use swimming as a powerful tool to increase productivity. You ask, what's the swimming? Just when you swim you are surrounded by complete silence, no distractions and you can fully retire and concentrate on his thoughts.

Some of my best ideas have arisen during these swims.


Dov Charney

When the first time I called Dov, I came across an answering machine that told me the following: "I do not use voice mail, so write me an email".

I went further and stopped using voice mail at all. If someone wants to tell me important news, we will call you back later, or I'll gain when you get a chance. In any case, I'm not worried about the audio recording "you have 6 new messages", because on my phone they just don't exist.


Ramit Network

Ramit our eyes have created a multimillion-dollar educational business with a staff of over 40 employees (we grew up in the same small town).

I learned from Ramita one trick first, repeatedly ignoring its value, hire his assistants wiser and more experienced person than yourself.

Very many people make a grave mistake by hiring cheap young staff as assistants. It's just crazy – how can a young inexperienced man to understand the value of time!? So he not only becoming a tool for increasing productivity, but on the contrary slows down the whole process. If you want an assistant – choose correctly and do not skimp on this.

And something else from Ramita – you don't have to answer all incoming messages, the "Delete" button is a reliable way to get rid of unread mail.


Tobias Wolff

In his book "Old School", which is half an autobiography of the author, Tobias writes all of the quotes and passages from great books. I go almost every weekend.

It allows me to become a faster typist, better writer versatile personality.

David Allen and Merlin man

Inbox is empty.

Never touch the papers twice. You must enter these two phrases to yourself in the habit.


Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon has a great quote where he talks about how the problem is written in the unread mail, resolved themselves after a certain time.

I'm trying to do the same with my unread mail and problems.


Marco Arment

Instapaper changed my life. I don't play with toys on the mobile phone, and read interesting notes I made earlier. I do not stop to read notes during important things, but just take this lesson for free time.


James Altucher

"No" is a powerful, productive word. It seems to us that we should always say "Yes" and then are surprised that anything is not enough time. Learn to say no politely, such as, "no, thank you" — excuse you, and it seems less rough.

Use it as often as possible.

Something else from James: entrepreneurs (and authors) are weird. To save your time and the sobriety of mind necessary to find a spouse who will get along with you. James and his wife Claudia are a great example of this fruitful cooperation.



From Montaigne, I learned the importance of simple books. If something you liked, be sure to write it down and use later. It's pretty simple.


Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie has a wonderful article "being introduced to the broom", which he wrote in his early years. She tells that everyone should know and be able to do the most low of the quoted tasks.

This does not mean that you have to do all the dirty work, but know how to do it, you must.


Aaron Ray

Aaron ray was my mentor in Hollywood. He is a very successful producer and Manager, but I noticed a very interesting thing – he's never in the office. And he's always on this account, are ridiculous excuses.

I finally understood why he avoids being in the office – from a distance you can estimate much better the result of the work of the whole team, than being directly in their society. Away, there are more opportunities and prospects.

And as an added bonus, he became the most discussed character in Hollywood – everybody was asking "Where is Aaron? Has anyone seen Aaron!?".

Tucker Max

You will probably be surprised to hear that Tucker has the biggest library you could only see. Why is it him? He just buys everything the books that are of interest.

Now I do not spend time thinking which book I want to read, or where to buy it cheaper. I buy, read, recommend to others, get useful information, and nothing more is necessary.

I'm always reading something and always strive to read more books, because the shelves are menacingly looming over me, subtly hinted to me – "you still have unfinished business".

I think Tucker is the man from whom I have learned to listen to the same song over and over again. This allows you to relax and get some food for thought. My playlist can seem ridiculous, but I was a little worried.


Nassim Taleb

From the books of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, I learned information about the so-called "anti-library". Its principle lies not just in collecting the books and stocking of library with new books that are unread. They are a resource within arm's reach from where you'll be able to draw all the necessary information.


Samantha Hoover

From her I learned a little trick – just deleted app Facebook from your phone. Don't ask why – just do it.


Samuel Zemurray

The owner of United fruit, once said – "don't believe the hype". We spend a lot of time on something that you believe in stories that can't confirm. If we begin to act in accordance with fictional judgments, we will lose a lot of time that could be used sensibly.



I don't remember who I suggested it, but never buy Wi-Fi when flying on the plane. Stay offline and dedicate my free time thinking or reading.

 Adam Corolla

Adam is always kind to every minute of his schedule, so the requirements of the producer to come on 15 minutes before the shooting, he refused. I also try not to waste your time in vain.


Niki Papadopoulos

My publisher is always saying: "well, now, let's record it," after I presented her my idea about writing a new book. Planning is nice, but productive people need to move forward.

Frederick Douglass

"People work where it's supposed to work"

Should stay away from professions related to toxic wastes, environmental pollution, useless work, trying to solve unsolvable problems.


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Aaron Ray

Another important lesson that I got from Aaron – never mind your own production, make appointments, sign contracts and do other organizational issues is the special agent who gets paid for it. Take your time, and get better at what you do best.published


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