Two skydivers jumped from a height of 10,000 meters above the Mont Blanc

Fred Fugen (Fred Fugen) Reffet and Vincent (Vincent Reffet) jumped from the plane, when it reached a height of 10,000 meters, is located on the highest peak of the Alps, Mont Blanc mountain known to all.

Reffeta Vincent (Vincent Reffet), in its 29 years, and Fugena Fred (Fred Fugen), in its 34 year, enough experience under his belt. Therefore, according to themselves to jump, there was no nervous trembling, and the body on the contrary demanded a speedy coast. The fact is that in advance, for the whole of May, the duo skydivers carefully prepared to jump in the Austrian Alps. It is said by the participants, with the help of photos of Mont Blanc, they were able to show a visible curvature of the Earth.


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