How to make a million dollars per year

The meaning of this article in response to the question "What to do to a year to make one million dollars?". Why a year? This term is most often set themselves many Trainees School of Management Fate. Further, it becomes clear what their mistake. Though: I have to say - they do not know how many cases have to do to get that million. That's the "mold" is not looking.

Just want to warn that the very idea of ​​what is necessary to do not guarantee that you will succeed. Few have an idea, you have to realize it even competently. But, in this article we will talk about the implementation will not. So we are not going to affect the topic "Will I" and so on. I assume from personal experience that if there is an idea, everything else: the start-up capital, and the scheme of things, and then what to do with the money. Well, let's go.

Just specify that in this article I examine the exchange of so-called "natural persons". We will not sell pipe factories, and tractor farmers. We are interested in ordinary people who are on the streets and riding in cars. Why so? Well, I close this topic. I do not do business with companies. More people.

So, we want to get a million for the year, but the year we will not start after reading the article, but since you have taken to implement the resulting idea. All that "before" - preparation, which, of course, do not need to tighten.

One million dollars. Good amount, we take it for your personal income, ie net cash, with which you have not paid their taxes. It also does not interest us. This is to accountants and lawyers, they tell us how to make the minimum pay. If they are professionals, of course.

Suppose that the profitability of our business by 30%. This is not so little, actually. Maybe more, of course, but often much less. About 20%, but we'll take thirty. Find it convenient:-). Simple arithmetic tells us that in order to get a year of one million dollars (hereinafter OMD), it is necessary to have a total turnover of approximately US $ 3,330,000 (hereinafter CU). It is clear, right? In total, 3,300,000 dollars of our income 1,000,000 same dollars.

Moving on. Divide 3,300,000 for 12 months and find out how much it is necessary to have revenue per month. Approximately 280,000 USD What business can have a monthly turnover? That's right, just for instance, is quite difficult to say. Let's see, what should be an everyday revenue. 280.000 USD divide by 26 working days (Sunday do not believe), we get about 11,000 USD per day or about 308,000 rubles. Not weak turnover, quite frankly.

Once again. We want to earn 1,000,000 for the year. Take the profitability of our business for 30% of turnover. We get that every day we should receive $ 11,000 in cash proceeds.

What gives us this amount? Very much. The principle is simple to get $ 11,000 in the end of the day, we need to sell a certain amount of goods or services for any price. You can sell lots of Chancery, or 30 times less computers.

From the amount of revenue can be desired day to go to the ideas about the product, selling that we can provide such revenue. And this is a business idea - take it and do.

To come up with a business idea, let's define what will be the average cost of one unit of the commodity in our business is not clear yet. For example, it could be $ 100 per customer, or $ 1,000 per customer.

Immediately we can assume that $ 100 - this is something like consumables for computers. $ 1,000, it's more like a tourist industry. This all being said, "the mark", but the idea is in fact working. Based on the estimated amount of the average purchase, we can understand that we sell. If more precise, we have a lots of options to choose from - that will sell to provide daily revenue of $ 11,000. How to sell it, that is another question. This is the practice of business activity. At some point we will understand a little further, but we have yet to come up with an idea is more important. Clear logic?

Let us reflect on the average purchase price of 100 USD What is the number of clients it is necessary to serve, to get to the end of the day $ 11,000? 110 people. Not a little, shall we say.

There are two options:

1. People come to you.

2. You come to the people.

Look at the version of "People come to you».

To come to you 110 people, you need the room. Its size is: If we have 8-hour workday, the time should come 13 people. In half an hour 6-7 people. If we consider that the purchase is not expensive, at each spent about 20 minutes, we assume. It turns out to serve 13 customers per hour, you need to have 4 managers to work with clients. To everyone was comfortable, you need approximately 6-7 meters per pair - Manager - Client. Total, get a room about 24 square + 7 more for various needs, for a total space of about 30 squares. Suppose that the value of the goods has been laid room rental, managers salaries, taxes, at least some, and a different license, if they are needed.

But it is when you sell something like services. It does not need a sales area. Just enough office. Plus still need to add some advertising costs. But it depends on the product and location. Just do not calculate. We poke a finger in the sky:-).

So, if we are working on a "people come to us," that we get something like an office or store where customers come and where they serve 4 managers.

What could it be for business? A lot of options. We will not list them yet. However, it is necessary to understand the main thing - it's a business, and you - a businessman or entrepreneur as your heart desires. All risks for you, but also all earned - Your.

Can the logic of the arguments above we substitute the value of a single purchase of $ 1,000 and only get 11 customers a day. It's enough to one manager and office squares in size 20. Less is impossible. People do not understand.

Back in reality. We reserve the purchase price within $ 100 Let's consider that for the business we need to have one of those that I call the "standard" business, that is, not MLM, not Forex and Stock Exchange, and the Internet.

To share what we can sell into two types:



There is no third.

Let's start with the goods. What lies within $ 100?

Clothes are not very expensive

Video and Photo household aparratura


Goods for comfort (trinkets home)

Goods for life (bought rare, but it does not matter).

There is a lot to write:

In order to present the approximate size of this "shop" remember that on the day we need 110 payments to $ 100 The working day lasts about 10 hours. I.e. per hour must be done about 10 charges. The dream of every owner of the shop - this is when people come to him only in order to pay, receive and leave, and all the "spectators" there does not appear. But in reality, far more than the audience buyers 10 therefore turns viewers about 1-2 buyer (on average). That is, through our "shop" (or very close to it, so that all could see in the window) a day should pass about 500 people. In an hour it turns out 50 people.

If we store detached, not at the mall, the size of the shop floor are impressive. I think at least 70-100 square meters. m. The shopping complex with a good cross easier. There showcases many viewers satisfied simple contemplation outside.

With the services, everything is about the same, the only difference is that they are harder to sell. If the goods can be touched, any service upon virtual, ie a person gets something intangible, for which pay is not very desirable, but accounted for only when pripechet or otreklamiruyut well. But these are trifles compared with what staff should be workers to provide day services at $ 11,000, if one service costs $ 100 I like that in my head did not come to bring an example of what it could be. If the whole, the great law firm, or a training company of the same size is not weak. That is, the volume of investments has increased due to growth in the required area, and other expenses.

Take another option businesses "You come to the people."

As an option - it is some kind of network marketing. This business must provide every day 11,000 in revenue. Of these, 30% of your profit. Well what can I say :. On the day really do about 3-5 meetings with clients, but this is a very tough schedule and long its not survive. Really from 1 to 3 effective meetings. But in order to get 3 sales a day, need to meet with about 20-30 clients. Such statistics. Of the 30 meetings about 3 end transaction. This is assuming, of course, that we choose wisely, and people do not go to those who have no money.

So, three successful meetings in the day, this is the maximum that we can do. To get $ 11,000 per day in revenue, at what price should I sell our product or service? $ 3,500. Dear business, I must say. Offhand only occur to the network companies that sell life insurance and various types of retirement savings. Let's just say - this business is possible if you are able to convince a person to part with $ 3000-4000. Well, or able to learn how to convince.

Another option, if you do not do personal selling, and organized structure. That is, you have people who go on to customers, and you teach them to do it right. In this case you need a structure of 50-60 people. Of these, approximately 10-12 will be active, and the rest - ballast. These ten will make a day for 3 meetings. In general, 30 meetings. 3 of them are productive. Here's to you and $ 11,000 per day. It is real, and I know these people. These are the leaders of network marketing. Not the biggest, but not fish. Not a lot of people actually. Manage the structure of 50 people - it's like to manage the plant. Everyone needs to understand, to teach, motivate, monitor, etc. Here's another real possibility if you are willing to work hard, of course.

Again, you can rent for an average purchase and $ 2,000 and $ 100, but then grows in proportion to your structure. How Come? Because three productive meetings a day - this is the maximum. This statistic - that the three sales do need to talk with 20 clients. That's a lot, I want to see.

Take again our product or service for $ 100. A place where we can get 110 people per day, each of which will give us $ 100 - The Internet. Let's see about what we could do. At Google I found here such a proposal in response to a request "$ 100»:

Original gifts


b / Computers

Lunch at the restaurant

Site design, etc.


Registration of companies

Legal services

Photo and video shooting

Astrological, psychological and business counseling

Writing advertising, news, obozrencheskih articles in magazines and newspapers.

Etc. etc.

That is, if you prefer something from the list above, and you do it well, you can get $ 11,000 a day.

"At vskidku" count up, how much should go to the website visitors that you get a day 11,000 USD with an average price of $ 100 each purchase.

We will not consider the technical and marketing aspects of online business promotion. This can be a series of books to write. Suppose that you have done everything correctly on his website (store). You have a good findability in search engines and all that jazz.

Customers have the habit to buy immediately, but after you compare what you have to offer that is in the other places. As a result of this "slip" to the shops, from 10 customers you are about 2-3 (from personal experience).

By the way, you can put yourself interesting business problem "How to make the customer visiting my site (in my store), he wanted to come back after he went to look for cheaper and better?". I assure you, there are many decisions and not just "make the price lower than all", but it needs to be able to solve business problems, which we later Let us.

Total, we have a 3% real buyers (in reality even less) of 10 who have come and what is most important, not just who have come, and those looking for exactly what you sell. In reality, these "golden" Customers around 4% (or even less, 1-2) from the actual site traffic. As a result, we have the following figures:

Gold customers we have a day 330. In general attendance of the resource people who are somehow interested (not the fact that they are going to buy) that we propose should be around 8000 people per day. That's a lot. To make life with such attendance, it is necessary to try very well.

We can argue about the Internet and on, but even at this stage it is clear that to achieve the desired level of turnover, we need a really professional job. And for this work need a professional team, well-established business processes, etc. etc., that is not the purpose of this article.

Take a basis for reflection and a classic network business on a "people to come to our office and leave money." In any city if you can organize a company that will be a day to bring $ 11,000? Of course not. Just not enough dear customers with money, in short.

The city has a population of a million (plus - minus) people will not go. Not enough customers for a year. Run through the month. So, it's either Moscow or St. Petersburg or Novosibirsk. Most large cities in Russia vskidku not. All the rest is up to two million people. All Russia, remind 140,000,000 population, approximately, of which only 15% (very relative) those who can buy what we offer. The rest barely make ends meet.

So, we have the following - a million a year, you can earn in three Russian cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk. To make money, we need to sell or resell something. On the day we need to have about $ 11,000 in revenue, of which 30% of our net profit. In the last month we have a turnover of 280,000 dollars. With such a turn of our profit of $ 84,000 per month, or about a million dollars a year.

Per month to have 280,000 dollars in profits, you need to invest some money or take goods to market, right? Let's see how much to invest - suppose we buy lots of times in ten days. Purchased, sold 70 percent and again purchased. In order to make the first purchase, we need about 93,000 dollars. Sum decent. Her first need to find somewhere.

Another option is not to put their money, and take the goods to sell. This is possible, but it must be able to do. Need a guarantor, and all that.

Another option - to provide services. The principle is this: You take an order for something and immediately take advance payment from the Customer. Orders are carried out his money, and put it in his pocket a profit. You earned mediation management. I know a young lady who so ships docking poses. The principle is that it has agreed with the shipyards, which is discounted from the execution of works due to the large number of orders. Its purpose is only to provide these orders. She is doing better than the rest. She offers to deliver the ship to dock at prices lower than elsewhere. It reduces the prices due to the discount that was. For example, the plant makes it a 10% discount. It offers a shipowner to deliver the ship to dock at 7% cheaper. 3% puts it in his pocket. Amounts that go in this business - and above 300,000 dollars. In a month she makes two or three transactions. Count its profits - about $ 30,000 per month. That is, if the amount of monthly orders of about 1,000,000 dollars. In the year she earns about $ 500,000. Not millions, of course, but not too bad.


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