How to become a woman in a million.


The other day I received a letter. The question that the woman sounded, interesting and worthy of attention. How to understand and realize that the main wealth of women - is her femininity?

"I like it so difficult to understand and grasp. If a woman - is an assistant men, it means, and it should also be able to earn money. When I say to the man, the main task of women - is to be a woman, he says, it's all an excuse to do nothing itself, and not to work, earning decent money, and receive money only from men. Anna ».

Author's response:

For a start, I suggest to reflect on the fact that each of us is - "being a woman"? And what will be the possession of a million?

Let's try to get away from the familiar world and "transfer" only cash equivalent. Every woman has "millions" from birth! Only it is not hidden in her purse, and the heart and soul. And this capital waiting in the wings, when it begins to manifest itself in the life of ...

From here you can make the first conclusion: "resound in a million", you need to allow yourself to sound! To begin to sound as you can. And gradually reveal more.

Condition of the woman, as the veil. And every day she weaves the magic carpet. Weaves a new thread, complements pattern. Will be a million threads, will have the same sound. If a bad mood, then thread torn, confused, so it turns out that the woman "does not sound." And sometimes she just throws the veil of her femininity to the side. She thinks that she can live without it, that is, completely forgetting their true essence.

Therefore, every joy - it is also possible to resound more brighter and better. Remember, as in the tale of the princess-frog Vasilisa waved one hand, and spilled the lake. Waved the other - on the lake appeared swans. Beautiful maiden magically (without effort and action) wove carpets marvelous beauty, preparing meals for the tables of the rich. Fairy Tale? Yes, but as a wise tradition of antiquity.

The woman is very important to get away from the idea that it sounds a million - this material (her money, things, some expensive accessories)! No! The most important - is the wealth of the soul, the heart, the female energy, love!

If you listen to the Vedas, they are taught that every girl is born already rich. And the richness of her - it's her feminine qualities. Tenderness, gentleness, joy, grace, smile ... But nobody teaches girls and young women, that this is the most important. It is that its "capital", which should be valued, developed and enriched. No career, no high salary or chair chief valuable, and the female condition in the fullness of all the feminine qualities. In the world of consumption seems that all is not so ...

One woman lived in a rented apartment. And I was sure that her capital, promising happiness - is a new home. Here is flat, then it "sounds", all problems will be solved, and the men of her notice. In the end, tired, exhausted from work, credit and other troubles she got their homes, but realized that the apartment did not help her. In the race for women in developing housing for those masculine qualities that outweighed its feminine. Yes, she apparently remained attractive, feminine, but in my heart there was a frightening emptiness and disappointment. The apartment does not promise to women's happiness, but it can become a space where a woman will do, and be filled with love.

Therefore, I feel like saying: Women! Give yourself at least a million seconds! It's just a little more than 11 days! Living these days as a woman. Live them for yourself by listening to the soul. And begin to change the magic!

As in an effort to be a woman in a million to avoid the desire to become perfect? ​​

First of all, you need to resound in a million in the love of self. So when you love yourself, open this fullness of love to its essence, then life will begin to change and sparkle with bright colors. If I love myself "in a million," that is not going to go that gives me discomfort or upset. If now, in this moment you get a million, then what to do with the money?

And if it's a million self-love? What will your life?

Loving yourself means to allow yourself to be. Be different, wanting to live! Here it is necessary to remove the monitor, assess "right and wrong" were reported and all sorts of self-doubt. What pleases you, makes you more open and feminine, and is right!

If on one scale put "another report on the balance sheet" and on the other - a new hairstyle, and ask that you make a sound, then the answer is simple? Go to the hairdresser! Remember the phrase: and let the whole world wait! And the world really wait, as long as you are happy!

What do I need for my state, that is a good mood: rest, dancing, socializing, or maybe just need to allow yourself to be lazy day or two? Accidental and advice for women to notice all the men. This is the scale! This skill is not closed on his favorite. This is the level of women's sound is much higher than the love vector. It's hard to warm up with a match? But from the fire is warm and pleasant.

For the development of feminine qualities can create "thought beacons". To do this you need to take some quality one female and live with him a week. Passing it through yourself! In this case, simply repeat like a mantra, such as "I - a mysterious and intuitive," is not enough. In what you are, you have to believe! For there to be a belief, it is necessary to create an image of what you want. It is said that this woman can create anything from a salad, hairstyle and scandal :) Take this "nothing" and create!

Learn to carry yourself in the world with the royal carriage. Without pride, but with self-confidence. As an experiment, I can offer to go to the cafe. Choose a cozy place (do not say that it is not your money). Take a cup of coffee. And imagine that you are at the reception, and this cafe is open only for you. As you enter the cafe? How will you communicate with the waiters?

Do not forget that the important thing is not an abundance of action and activity, and mood. You can in fact and visualize yourself the Queen. And it appears the desired state. To become a woman in a million, you need to be able to love in a million! So love yourself, the world, man, children, friends, family ... The energy of love is so powerful that will be filled with any woman.

To accept that your wealth is feminine, you need to believe it! Believe that you came into this world to be a woman. And it is your main purpose. And it is important not someone else's comments and advice, and what you feel. Do not prove to anybody that you - a woman and you here "it" is necessary, but "something" - no! Stop fighting with the world! Take your feminine essence. His female body, the female character, quirks and female behavior. Do not suppress them, but manifests.

Imagine that you are standing in front of a huge tree. It million leaflets. And each of them sings his song, listening to the music of the wind. And a woman may discover in themselves as many different shades and colors. If she so desires.

Man appears where there is a woman. While the woman is a partner in marriage, a man will demand from it to make money, etc.

Wealth implies that the person is ready to share with the world. And "sound" a woman is ready to give everything, and, most importantly, a man love. Probably the first time here stop to think, and what will happen if I give him love, and he did not love, do not appreciate, do not understand? When the return comes from the abundance, the source will always be full. It is therefore important to be filled with the most

So who is she, a woman in a million? This is a woman who allowed herself to love and to sound bright and varied. This woman holiday woman's dream, a female magician! And only need to allow yourself to be so.

Tatiana Romanova


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