Karma - this is nonsense? 5 ways to change your future

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What you are doing is important. Everything is important. Big things, small things, even the most annoying little things. All this is important, and it's all part of what we call karma.

It is important that you are wasting your time. It is important that you be lazy. It is important that you blame others for their failures. This is important, because it is important your destiny.

What do all these mean? You probably think I'm too much to drink green tea or that I went to the roof of the desire to sell their books. You are not alone.

A few months ago I was drinking coffee with his parents and explained his idea of ​​karma and consequences when my mother interrupted me and noticed that he did not understand why I'm writing about karma.

What does the Buddhist philosophy has an explosive growth of income? And why I spend so much time on this nonsense instead of just showing people how quickly sell a variety of things?

Here I thought. If we are mother, who studied psychology, does not understand, perhaps I should explain. And take the time to analyze the idea of ​​karma.

So what is this karma? Quite simply, the fact that the sum of our actions is our destiny. That sooner or later what we do begins to push us to our true destiny.

This self-realization in the microcosms daily routine. This understanding is that if you get up early, you will have more time to conquer the world. This is a simple logic: 1 extra hour per day for 50 years - is once time in 2281 (or 6 to 25 years) on the achievements. You are more likely to win when fighting more often.

It is easy to say that hard work - it's important. But this is not karma. Karma - is action, not ideas. Karma - it's literally your work over their destiny. So why is it important? Because you get only the fate that draw themselves.


We all want us to have the extra six years to conquer the world. But when we have 18,250 times have to decide whether to stay in bed or go to the exploits, most of us are choosing comfort. At the time of this decision seems a trifle. Only 1 hour.

The significance of karma - to understand the end result of individual decisions. Decisions to be honest. Be creative. Decisions to change the world.

Decisions that we take (hundreds of times a day), and create our future.

How to change your karma right now? Start with the belief that you are important. What is important you are and what you are doing. That what you are doing now, the probability of changes in the future.

This setting, which means that you:

Consciously behave positively when it gets scary ...

Fight for victory, even when you were given in the stomach ...

Honest, even when it leads to confusion and shame ...

Spend time on the development of new skills, new talent, new ideas, even when you can just "be yourself» ...

Invest in something that inspires you personally, and do not let anxiety rule your actions ...

And all of this ultimately gives you:

Outrageously creative solutions, which can not see anyone else.

The opportunity to win more often than others.

The right to trust yourself when no one believes that you are capable of something.

The opportunity to be more flexible, clear and demonstrate more personal approach than your competitors.

A chance to realize a dream - in a situation where you would normally just washed their hands.

And that in itself is pretty cool. But if you look closely at all these results - creativity, confidence, flexibility, dreams - and put them into components, the results can be even more striking.

Being positive 20 times a day for 15 years - is 109,500 opportunities to move forward fortunately ...

One more victory in a year - a chance for 30 amazing achievements that may be your legacy ...

To tell the truth even once per day means that you are more likely to 300 a year more trust yourself ...

Read 1 new book a week in '22 means 1,144 ideas from the smartest people in the world ...

Create 5 new meaningful (not on Facebook and Twitter) relations in the month - 2100 new people on whom you can rely on when you really need help.

Mass of small decisions have a huge effect.

What if you had 109,000 happy moments, 30 new achievements, new friends in 2100, 1,100 new ideas and 300 new reasons to trust yourself?

Could you make new feats? Could you do something weird?

Most Likely.


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