Children - is karma parents

Deep article writer Denis Zakharov spirituality that teaches us a lesson the children and what conclusions we derive from this.

The soul chooses, through the kind of family she come to this world. And this choice is always understood, because it is based on a specific task. To begin with, "explain" something parents. Contrary to popular belief are not parents teach children, but just the opposite. The child - a karma parents. And if suddenly a child chooses a complex program (for example, born with congenital diseases or defects), it is not so much a punishment as a way of disciplining those through whom it came. Life has no other way to stir adults and make them think, but by the beloved child who is always on the eyes, which is loved and valuable.

Until about 16 years, it is through sickness, leprosy and actions of our children tells us life itself. Boys admonish the mothers, the girls - Dad. And this is no joke. As an illustrative example, I recall the history of a young couple, whose child was born blind. Akhali, we groaned. What wonderful parents, handsome, and now this misery! They say that God is unjust - first whispered grandparents. Sympathized with friends, crying Internet. After all, they are self mimishnye, and therefore they themselves are good, good people - all thought.

But when one of the grandmothers volunteered to help care for the baby and moved into the apartment of young, she did not believe my eyes. Where was ostentatious romance and glossy luster perfect couple? Any little thing led to scandals. They quarreled like cat and dog, reconciled only at night, in bed. See it hurt. And, as it turned out, not only the mother of one of the spouses, but also to the newborn as a look at his parents' quarrels from the beginning I did not want to. So he chose the karma of the blind, in the hope that parents will guess because of what it happened to them. But they were deaf.

Tying cause mental with the physical manifestation of something else we have not been taught. We are too materialistic and too skeptical, do not forget to watch "The Battle of psychics." We live in a pattern of "work-home-work", no time emerges from this eternal dream of being. We just think that it lasts forever. Looked back. Already pension. What is resurrected in the memory? Rare moments of happiness: a seaside holiday, wedding, children's success. And where is your own success? Apartment, villa and two cars - does not count as it advances in the eyes of others, but from the standpoint of eternity, what have you done deal? What is remembered?

I begat children? Yes, you are puffed struggled engaged unloved thing, if only to make money, so they were fine. They did not see you while growing up, because you disappeared into the night at the unloved job, earning impotence.

Moms are good too! Hackneyed child to the doctors what you want-not, you'll get sick. After all, medicine - our all. XXI century, new technologies, and healthy children does not add up.

Devastation in the heads. He calls me once a single mother. It's hard. Money is not enough, and preteen constantly sick. And to help her poor, no one. what to do? I repeat like a mantra "children - the parents is karma." Think! But is she up to it? She thinks how to scroll to make a "pretty penny" for a new medical examination.

I called her myself.
- Toil?
- Toil! Like a fish on the ice.
- What is far-fetched?
- You told me all about some karma taldychu, and I live here and now. I have to work, not to think.
- Do not you think that their illnesses your child you trying to "say" that he did not have enough of your mother's love? Father had not. He was always alone. You're at work disappears, bread and butter earn.
- What should I do?
- Shift work, or just sit there for the first half of the day.
- And the money you'll be paying?
- Come this way - I decided - you go over the floor rate and will devote more time to their child. If after two weeks he did not get better, I pay in addition your monthly salary.

Another week went on her thoughts. We all want to get out of life assurance that all is well and fine. But the Earth - a place of opportunity, not the insurance company. Trust Providence - one of our objectives, which is to learn from childhood.

A single mother has agreed to my proposal. Because it is the chief accountants horror for himself moved to the ranks and mentally prepared for the worst. Not only did no one at work knew her act, so also was the pressure environment authority. Like, what kind of nonsense? What are you going to pay doctors?

The pay was not necessary. Neither doctors nor me. I explained to my friend that a single mother - not a sentence, but "fate", chosen by her son before he was born. It is more necessary to him, not her. So, you must accept the situation for what it is, and stop to feel fear: that run out of money, do not have enough doctors and medicines. Forget it! Just trust fate and understand what he wants to tell you your son.

The boy stopped hurting. Within a week everything so scared mummy, ceased to be chronic. And two child asked to the school.

- You gain money? - I asked.

A single mother perceived my words as an insult.

- You gave me more - got to wake up and look at the situation differently. This I have to tell you.
- No, you should not. live and be happy. Awareness of the situation - that works wonders. Once a person is changing the perception is changing and the world around him.

But the ambience of my friend tortured her with questions: how do you cure the child? To which the doctor drove? What did he prescribe? But instead of answering a mysterious hear the phrase "children - the parents is karma." Shrugging, they surprise run on about their business without thinking and not thinking. Just living my life.

Author: Denis Zakharov


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