How to get rid of negative energy?

It is no secret that negative energy can cause problems not only external, but also cause health problems. This energy can be triggered by illness, negative thoughts (anger, complexes, resentment, etc..), Or the thoughts and actions of others. Some negative emotions can sit inside you from hours to a few days, while others may remain in your head for life. The reasons for this may be different.

Apply in the life of one or more of the following simple methods by which you can get rid of negative energy.

To do this you need: sea salt, olive oil, hot water, wood surface, comb hair. Now, the process of purification.

1. comb out all the negative energy from your body, combing hair, rubbing his back and limbs. This helps to relieve tension.

2. Shake shoulders a few times up and down, back and forth. In this way you get rid of anger, which sits on your shoulders, you are kicked out negative energy from your body. It is during times of stress all the tension in the muscles going to the neck, shoulders and upper back.

3. Take a bath with sea salt, so you wash away all your troubles. After showering or bathing, we always feel like reborn. The fact is that we are massaging yourself washcloth increase blood flow in the skin and it gave us a sense of renewal and liberation. Sea salt - the best assistant in that it helps to normalize blood flow.

4. Push your hands on some wooden object, so you move the negative energy from your body. Mentally imagine how negative energy leave your body and go into a tree. Wood - a good conductor.

5. Open. Put both hands in front of chest disclosed and imagine that between big balloon. Imagine how you collect it all your negative energy and then "throw" it out the window, mentally or need to pop.

After the performed cleansing process you will feel a relief. This is called psychological methods when visualizing, you are helping your mind to throw out all the negative and relax, which usually do not get.


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