Self-love karma chameleon

If you begin to truly love yourself, you can fix your karma.


Karma - is not the principle of punishment for a crime. Karma - is the principle of the implementation of the energy charge - the charge of vitality.

When we love ourselves, within us we create a boost of energy that we send to your living space. Directional life force creates for us a situation in which our inner charge of self-love is realized - through people and events, and realized for the benefit of us and for the benefit of others.

When we do not love ourselves, within us, too, creates a boost of energy, we also aim at their living space. But this charge is implementing the reverse purpose - creates for us the situation in which implemented our dislike for yourself - and also through the people and events. And there can not be no question of any good thing for anybody.

Each of us wants in his life something to correct, something to improve, something form. This "something" can be from any area of ​​our lives: love, relationships, family, work, welfare money ... And it is worthy of our desires, it is executable.

That is the only problem is that desire - good and energized, we aim at the realization of the desired, pursue the exact opposite purpose. And karma should not be beyond our imaginations, and for our energy. And this leads to the fact that we are with the good intentions go to the person, and in response we get from it, "Face of the Table"; like the best - but it turned out as always ...

And then we go back home and ask ourselves: what did I do wrong ?, why my best intentions turned problems ?, I have for Karma this?

And the answer is simple: a charge - and this karma.

For example, we want to love and happiness in your personal life. Our desire - and very good it is unenforceable. That's only if our desire to dig a little deeper, you find that we do not love ourselves. But we need a partner to it his love for us to compensate us for our dislike of themselves.

In the energy-level turns out that dream of love and happiness in his personal life, we charge a dislike to him. And the result is? Implementation of charge - the implementation of dislike to him, which comes to us in a new form - comes through the person to dislike us. Karma has done its job - has led to the cause of the investigation.

Or, for example, we want a good job with a decent salary. What is a "good job"? - Is work that makes us happy, and we appreciate that. And what is "decent wages"? - This is money that is enough for us to himself pleased helpful and pleasant acquisitions through which we show to his love and care.

That is: a good job - this is when we feel its worth, and a good salary - provides an opportunity to prove to yourself the love and care.

That is the only problem is that if we do not love ourselves, we can not desire the good work to charge adequate energy. We have a charge, and that charge dislike to him. A charge of dislike to him can not realize the goal of "a sense of their value».

Furthermore, the problem is compounded by the fact that the desire for a decent wage, too loaded inadequate energy. We do not have self-love, so we unconsciously alienate a good salary, because I do not feel myself to love and care - we do not know how to take advantage of the good salary.

As a result, what we get? Work do not like and salary, which ashamed to say. Karma has done its job - has led to the cause of the investigation.

Karma is very similar to the laws of physics: there is a hammer, and you can get them on a nail, and you can get there and thumb. But in both cases is the same hammer and the same attachment strength. And the crucial point is the vector of force - which way aimed hammer.

In this case, the direction of the hammer-karma defines a self-love or dislike for themselves.

And yet, what we must learn - it vetorom manage its power. In our case - to be able to feel stable within themselves the love of self.

That stability is precisely the problem ...

Most often, a hammer-chi misses the finger, but in some moments we did get them to hit the nail.

But the difference between these moments? What drives these moments?

As a rule - the external environment.

When our living space all good when we are relaxed when we have no one pulls - we unknowingly enter into a state of self-love and harmony with the environment. Harmony outward forms we have harmony within. And inner harmony reveals in us the love of our own, which we did not even realize.

But life - live. As the weather changes, and changing external circumstances. Foreign harmony goes and takes with him our inner self-love. Again, we hammer our karma, we get himself on the finger ...

And it turns out that our whole life is totally dependent on external conditions capricious. As if we do not have a home - as if we are living on the street: it under the sun, the rain, the snow under the ...

But in reality: self-love - this is our inner house, where it's always warm and cozy. And when we have our own inner house of self-love, we are not dependent on external circumstances. We choose when to go out on a date with the outside world. And when external circumstances are unfavorable - we are sitting at home, we abide in the love of self, continue to guide the hammer-karma on the nail, not the finger.

Self-love gives us the freedom to choose - to choose their karma. The laws of karma, as well as the laws of physics - blind. They simply are - they simply are. And the eyes are we.

And when we look through the eyes of love for yourself - we see ourselves where direct karma, we see cause and effect, we run your life in general.

Yes, friends, karma can be controlled.

Karma even need to manage.

Karma has been designed not to punish us, but in order that we ourselves create cause and effect. Karma - is not something outside of us, Karma is living within us. And the roots of karma are woven into our love for myself :).

And when we do love within yourself to yourself stable, then our karma becomes stable and manageable. Manage our self-love :).

And then all our dreams - come true :). And happiness in his personal life, and harmonious relations with children and parents, and the friendship and cooperation, and well-being, and self-realization - it is implemented to give the charge of our self-love :).

In particular, if we have something earned flywheel karma and constantly beats us on the finger, it is not necessary to wait until the charge is over - when the karma is over.

It's true that you can not get away from karma.

At any time we can change the charge to correct karma. And if we think that we will never be happy in your personal life, and we will never have a good job with a decent income - then it seems to us only.

At any time you can change things - to change the line of their own destiny. Because at any point we can begin to love yourself.

This is - a very important point.

Do not wait for suitable conditions to begin to love yourself. Such conditions will never be. These conditions we have to create for itself themselves - within yourself.


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