Men are so many lies. And ourselves and others. Technology "Peacock Tail"

Men are so many lies. And ourselves and others.

And that I'm not talking about normal everyday lies like "I did not hear your call" (when in fact it did not want to take the phone). I'm talking about is much more interesting and addictive lies - creating legends about his own life "for export", which will sooner or later begin to believe himself.

When you grow big and beautiful peacock tail, hiding underneath the real self.

Technology "Peacock Tail" (the main ways of manifestation).

Pseudo-glossy life.

The best way to see this technology in the pages in social networks.
In this case, you show the outside only the brightest and positive fragments of life, and part of "highlights" positive only from the outside. For example, you can put a photo with the girl, where are you smiling to each other and hold hands and get a lot of comments in the style of "what you're happy," even though you are actually just big quarrel, but decided to put this photograph to show everyone, that "you have all the fun." Or you can post the pictures of the luxury travel in which you were very bad (but as you certainly will not tell anyone). Or, for example, in the status of a man idle, although well aware that he has a wife and children.

The main objective of this process - to create a picture of his life, in which all the elegant, rich, successful and happy. In this picture it is easy to believe some people are ready to believe anything, and you will happily cheering, that only confirms that you are "doing it right." And to live in the "realm of glamor and cool 'can be a long time - now a lot of consumers gloss.
Happy smiling couple (without children and with children), beautiful pictures at sunset / sunrise, "wow photo" of travel photos in the style of "I'm a successful person," American smile on his face - so good now filled social networks and instagram. This is probably a variant of the male response to female self with "duck face" in the dressing boutique.

Show the mind, which is not

In this case, it is important you post very long and clever texts and comments, and, preferably, on a topic that you know a little, and for which you have no personal experience. If you can still use a lot of smart power, then it will only be a plus - you will believe. And besides, when the text is filled with clever words, he impresses a much larger number of people, even if half of them do not understand what you have written there.
And the more you try to be clever, more significant in their own eyes become, especially with people who can not lay down a phrase of more than 10 words, and make grammatical errors in every third word.
And your goal in this case will not give something useful in the world or indeed share his personal opinion, but rather to impress everyone and even to assert themselves at the expense of the "ignorant people".
Why do I call it "to portray the mind, which is not"? Because, the world predyavleno their intelligence in such a way, you are like a man who goes and shows everyone his big dick and gets up, rather than to please them their favorite woman, and if you really really want something to show the world that demonstrate her happy face.
It's great that you have intelligence and you can communicate long words in long sentences, but that does not mean that they should all stick. You can get hurt in response.
If you do have intelligence, you can apply it in the case or in the works on its own territory, and not waving it in front of others persons.

Show your unreal spiritual growth and enlightenment.

This method is even more spectacular last. You have shown only the intellect, but here you show a high spiritual level.
Are you a vegetarian or rawfoodist? Explain to everyone that this is the only option to lead a good life in this world, without spoiling their karma killing of animals, and that all the "meat eaters" will burn in hell for their sins.
You meditate, do not drink spirits and pray? Fine. Show your face inspired in different kinds of occasions 150, to be remembered, add to it the smart spiritual quotes from the books of various gurus and a lot of people will consider you almost enlightened.
In this case, it is better not to express their opinion and be covered with quotations and excerpts from spiritual books (for example, it is now fashionable to refer to the Vedas).
And you can combine this method with option 1 and share photos with retreats and where you're standing next to some spiritual guru.
If option 2 you waving member 30 cm in length, in this embodiment, its length is automatically raised to 50 and the number of people enthralled them will be more significantly. People on the whole tend to believe all swinging more members, especially if they are written with the various smart and beautiful words.

Smite all their "success».

It is associated with the option 1. You write a lot about the possibilities and dating, quote books Kiyosaki and Covey, photographing in suits and conferences, by the road vehicles (ie, they can be leased or taken a test drive, it is better without write).
The main thing here - to create an image of a successful rich man who travels around the world, stopped in expensive hotels, and working with a laptop on the beach. It excites the envy of your friends, Chalyan to dull the 5/2 for a small salary, and they begin to furiously jealous of you, confirming in your own eyes, that "you are cool and great" and you continue fonit "successful success" even more.

Generally pretend that "everything is all right».

This does not necessarily show the outside, the main thing - to constantly repeat myself and to everyone who asks "how are you". Even if in grief, sadness and hopelessness, even if you are lost and do not know where you live, do not admit it in any case, and to explain this "coincidence" and "a temporary phenomenon that will soon pass." Because if you really think about their lives, then you can come to a disappointing conclusion and become sad already big.
The more you portray that "everything's cool," the more power to spend it at the same time fall into a trap. After all, if after a few years of such a life, you suddenly recognized that "all wrong", you will lose a large part of envied and admired you. As you will be disappointed, will turn away from you. And it is for a boy inside you is a killer, is not it?

Alexander Davydov


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