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Why a woman so miserable at times? Why is it so sensitive and helpless, bitchy and aggressive, frightened and confused?

Why a woman so miserable at times? Why is it so sensitive and helpless, bitchy and aggressive, frightened and confused? Because she does not love himself and sure of herself. Because once she forgot who she was and what her power and ceased to value yourself. Hence the disaster - a love relationship, intolerance, women's diseases, family conflicts, loneliness, failure, loss of meaning in life, the futility.

But inside every woman laid the most important force - love in all its proyavleniyah.Imenno this feeling brings a woman equilibrium, contentment, properties of tolerance, understanding, the ability to wait and neutralize conflicts. Love brings understanding of themselves, their inner world, their desires and feelings, respect for your body. She also cares for the world and for people. She knows what he wants, he sees the goal in every sphere of life, and calmly reaches it without fear and tension.

A woman is by nature such as water, soft, hugs delicate. She never rush through. It finds little imperceptible trails, through which bypass the obstacle.

The woman must be clean heart and always young dushoy.Umenie forgive and to see the joy in every moment of life - its main feature. The most attractive and mysterious men.

Woman flexible. It can be soft and pliable and can be adamantine and resolute. Each time she intuitively knows how to operate it, and how much power to apply: soft or hard.

Its solutions are born from the depths of the soul. Logic - is her assistant, as its main strength - is intuition. Woman feels what is happening around and is able to see the essence of things. This is its magic, its eternal mystery.

If she trusts itself, it can not deceive and can not be imprisoned. Thus, it respects the freedom of man, which is very valuable in the relationship between them.

Loving a woman takes himself entirely. The beauty of a woman is reflected in her freedom to be yourself. In her courage to know yourself, your body, your internal processes. Then it can help a man to bring her pleasure and joy, and give them to him in full.

This woman can not be alone. After all, it is in itself a source of light, fresh and desirable. She is good with yourself and with others.

It can remain in seclusion and in the flow of society, while remaining natural and relaxed.

In such a woman has no age ...

There are times when a woman drops out of its equilibrium. This occurs when the inside has accumulated a lot of suffering, fear, pain. Then it loses its strength and self-confidence, their harmony. Then the outside may be other personality traits: hype, jealousy, tough leadership, drunkenness, sacrifice and cowardice.

Fear of loneliness, of celibacy, losing men pushing women become dependent on their goals, too excited, rush, customized events, engage in communication with people who are not in conformity. You must be able to control his fear and to be its owner, not the sender.

The modern world is making harsh conditions of life in which to study and preserve the flexibility of the pristine purity can be difficult. But all this is possible and worth the effort.

Enjoy your success, from what you have just what you loved and can love - a stunning route.

It is very important for any woman to decide who she is for herself? What role does it bear for themselves, loved ones and the world at large? To which she seek? What qualities own nature more important to her? For what it may be grateful to herself?

When the inside creates clarity, the woman knows what to do and how to effectively communicate with the outside world.

Svetlana Bazhazhina


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