What is the secret of women who love - a sad and harsh!

Let's discuss a mysterious type of women: "Women who love»

. On the one hand, it seems that this type there: everyone falls in love with someone who needs him personally. On the other hand, it is noticeable that this type still exists: there are women that fall in love easily and often, and those men, in which unrequited love other women

. Good in this world, including such benefits as love, unevenly distributed (in proportion to his ability). Therefore, some women love to several men, and others - no. And sometimes it turns out that the first women to men, not even love, is meant as an example and are looking for something like that, so the second woman to their attention for a long time does not stop. That is, "women who love to" spoil the cards to other women, and converted many of them in the "women at one time," well or "several times».

Let us consider these clever bitch, which, among other things, more often than not wiser and more beautiful than their less fortunate companions.

Men who ask about these exceptional women, say something like "next to her good," "it pulls" or even "She has such power" (it is men nepsihologi, psychologists are beginning to build a theory). Some, of course, say "it is smarter than the other," or "She's beautiful," but it is often a subjective distortion, because there is always objectively smarter and prettier, in which, however, did not pay attention.

In general, talking about the attractiveness of women (and men too), we are confronted with the phenomenon of a certain "charm", as if such people create around itself a field in which I want to stay, to which you want to return, from which it is difficult to leave.
< br> Conventionally, it can be assumed that the "woman at once" are leaky or dirty field, and "women who like to" have a dense and open field where I want to be.

However, if we introduce such slippery concepts like "clean and dirty field", we should very well understand that the field does not depend on some abstract things supernatural, and from the events of the past-present-future. That event plan defines the state of the field, and nothing more. And not just the events and their interpretations are etched in the field.

Imagine a beehive or an anthill. These are complex organizations, where the behavior of each member depends on all the others. Bees and ants transmit different signals to each other what to do, how to be, what to do, what to escape from that mine.

Human society is more fragmented and chaotic at first sight (it is not surprising, because people do not just flock, but also individuals), too, is subject to the laws of signaling. What occultists called the "aura" and "energy" - basically it consists of transmitting the emotional state of the person to person, so people can better navigate in their society and to select productive communication

. Additionally reason (when we something consciously analyze) we run a lot more other functions of our mind (psychologists call them the unconscious, the emotional intelligence, it is still somehow), and they have much more value as intelligence, for example, can not cause in our desires, although it may reduce it (if we decided that it is dangerous, for example). That is, this is all "attraction" and "desire" to man - is for the most part of his emotional state recognition - emotional capital

. The unconscious layers of the psyche want to quickly find the person with whom to be profitable next, who will give pleasure, comfort, prestige or safety and who is not, who like other members of the flock, and who does not like it, who will bring bonuses, anyone takes. That is why so uneven distribution of sympathy: those who gets a little more sympathy, become even more attractive, a charming. "Money is money» © The more men like a woman (and man woman, and just people to people), the greater its attraction grows, it is the charm of it as magnetism.

This secret sounds sparingly, sad and hard, but the bottom line is just that. Magnetism (appeal in other words) is accumulated in the process of successful experience and love is reduced in the process of failure. Alas. To begin the accumulation of successful experience is required, of course, some more or less in equilibrium and harmonious structure (appearance, character, status) but it is not enough, the main thing - experience. This experience forms the most mysterious field, allows a person to feel that way and transmit these emotions to others, that many people want to be better, to think of it, reach for it, in one word - love

. So, what I'm writing, it's not pumping resources, pumping gives not just the field, and its rigid structure, which helps to maintain the field is always, even in the event of an accident quickly recover, it gives not only embodied the experience and skill, that is, the whole neural structure, but the field - a good connection or some initial pumping resources, usually the image of sex and love, if we are talking about women's (or men's) romantic attraction

. These people, many like to "stick", and if the people, on the contrary, a strong deficit (the difference between the desired and actual) - stick them, and if frustration (when the real little, but desired has also not) then they just closed, It is no longer sticky.

But if there is an excess of (highly desirable, but really a bit more) - they have a fascination for the other. The level of such appeal may be different, situational today woman came and she - the prom queen, tomorrow - nothing like that. The field, which is not based on a well-pumped resource unstable.

As the whole complex psychology, a bit similar to the esoteric (but this is not spirituality, psychology is a field - Sullivan, Perls, Lewin and some of his followers) is embodied in the life? How does it look?

For most women, something like: from childhood they liked someone, some do not, often do not coincide, then someone has coincided, was having an affair, once ended, then the other, the marriage happened, that too kak then finished or not finished, in the general attractiveness of these women is average, not low, not high, varies depending on the circumstances, but in general - average

. Some women like this: a child they do not particularly like anyone, everyone who loved them, not particularly attracted, and even though their friends are objectively attractive, but with love somehow did not develop and does not add up. If a woman has received some unexpected internal or external stimulus, and began to work on themselves in the image plane, it is often (not always) increases its attractiveness, appeared confident appeal and began a positive experience in it, and with it the overall magnetism began to grow . But sometimes even the increase in objective beauty is nothing this woman did not give. Beauty increased and the attractiveness - no

. Stand out women who from childhood accustomed to please everyone, always felt, how to look, how to say, how to behave, to charm people: first teacher in the first class, then the boys, then men, and sometimes even all around. Such women often think that it is their innate quality - like. Not always they are beautiful, but is such a success in terms of charm, often makes the image resource as much loved as it becomes a favorite violin at the one who almost immediately get her to play well and delight all relatives for the holiday table. Therefore, these women are often still beautiful, well maintained, in any case, almost never ugly: they like to deal with their image. And they had some kind of at least minimum physical attraction from the beginning, so they took themselves. In general, they have the image of a resource - a one. He loves them, they love it.

Thus, in reality it may appear very different. Several times I saw women whose image resource was well connected, and even to some extent, pumped, they all loved, they were sure of themselves, but because of the serious events in his personal life, some kind of trauma in love, they it lost their all, sometimes forever.

Often, even the case that a woman who was in his youth a very attractive and she knew it, so experiencing and complexes due to age, so disgusting to myself, aging, it loses all charm. That is, it could be more attractive (well, maybe not every passerby like as before, and those with whom you have talked personally), if not lost all self-confidence and become a miserable, constantly reflectors on your age creature which of course no one has not pleased all repellent. Sometimes these women (beauty in the past) are freaks, do a lot of plastic surgery are incredibly bright and cause things to save outgoing "charm", to maintain the level of sexual attention to yourself and to them to support and energize its decrepit field. Golf, by the way, in contrast to the body, not decrepit by age and decrepit from the loss of spontaneity and self-esteem of glitches.

In short, the main problem in moving from point "a woman at a time" to the "women who love" - ​​is the gradual accumulation of positive experience of love. Look no experience will be when a woman will change (although so rarely happens), and vice versa - a woman will change, when there will be a positive experience. This is a fundamentally different approach to the problem to him, many are not accustomed to.

Many try something a radical change, on a psychological level, and it is almost impossible. The psychological state reflects the experience. It is necessary to change the experience, and then there will be internal changes. Inside yourself, you can reconfigure a bit like a compass, is yes. This is useful, but it makes sense only in conjunction with the acquisition of experience.

Each gram of the positive experience of love will change the field and increase the attractiveness.

Author: Marina Komissarova


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