DNA and subconscious: Computer viruses

What is the program? Program - that is, information that arises as a consequence of emotional experience, inherited or acquired during life, which is written in our DNA and controls the work of the subconscious. That is our subconscious mind reflects all the information stored in DNA. To understand how this happens, let's get to the DNA.

DNA - is the matrix of human control our body that controls all functions of the body through the hormonal and nervous systems. All information about the human genetic code stored in DNA, about his life, it is also a genetic memory storage, otherwise it is called ancestral memory, it's all the same.

DNA - is the initial energy implicit in human cells containing matter needed to build thin and physical body. The energy produced from our cells and creates a vibratory electromagnetic field around the person, which is called an aura, the energy field or field structure.

DNA contains the code of life, or a scenario in which a person builds his life. The code of life has a single structure, but includes multiple copies, indicating that different interpretations of the scenario of human life, that is, the different variants of human life itself. You can take, for example, the theory of the existence of fate.

So the fate - this is a program embedded in the DNA, but it has many forms and ways of development is not the only way in which man could go. But the true destiny of man, associated with its intended use, may not be disclosed as long as the DNA ancestral influence and foreign programs.

As long as they are present in the genes, we carry out a program of their fate, or karma are working Roda, or are working on foreign programs received through the media. And so it turns out, behold movies, having read books, and then perform in the life of those scenarios, which we these movies and books lay in the subconscious.

The DNA incorporated matrix of consciousness, it acts as a catalyst of energy and controls not only the conscious and the subconscious, and all the functions of human activity. DNA Matrix is ​​a program that is blocked in a person when he reaches the age of 7-12, it is due to the fact that the wave structure of DNA suppressed the frequency of sex hormones, which are about the age of seven starts producing pituitary.

That, accordingly, stops the development of the pineal gland, or epiphysis, which is the main receiver and transmitter of information, both in body and mind of man, and the external space surrounding the person.

The ancient sages through various methods tried to delay activation of the pituitary gland that there is no child's early puberty and delayed it for a few years. But I assure you that modern yoga, it's mostly false doctrine, and no relation to the true mastery of it is not, because very few of these masters left.

Puberty, starting with the activation of the pituitary, manifested in the child feelings of anger, aggression, depression. It is noted that reaching 7-8 years of age, many children lose their "angelic" image. All this is due to the fact that the child is under the influence of sex hormones, which have a devastating effect on his still unformed body.

Under the influence of the pituitary hormones is blocked DNA template and the child often having any ability, loses them or they go into a passive state.

After blocking the DNA of a child trying to make a normal cell of society, imposing his false images and values. This inhibits the development of the DNA template and does not allow her to open up, as under the influence of false images and attitudes transmitted through the pineal gland, the DNA matrix having a holographic structure that absorbs the received images and settings and begins to interact with them, and programs the consciousness of the child in according to information received.

Matrix DNA is blocked factors external and internal environment of the human.

External influences on the DNA to provide such factors as:

Environment: climate, environment, toxins, radiation. It is important to note that the city has had a negative effect on the DNA matrix, as electro-magnetic fields, electrical appliances, antennas, concrete walls inhibit human energy. There are also many artificial factors on the impact which the person does not even know.

Music: the impact of sounds on the DNA is proven by scientists

. Speech: words play a decisive factor of influence on the human mind and the programming of its DNA. For example, uttering obscene words, blocks the genetic memory, and has damaging effects on DNA.

Sami thoughts can cause molecular changes in DNA.

The magic of his mother's words.

Influence of grievances and fears on health.

Movies: behavioral patterns derived from, DNA is programmed films

. Books: patterns of thinking and behavior of the characters and of DNA is programmed to perform specific functions


Water: water crystals tend to remember the information, so it is very important what kind of water people drink - dead or alive. Water should be structured, otherwise it is not absorbed by the body.

Food: Food has a significant impact, because it has a positive or negative energy charges, and brings with it certain information. It is also important to remember that some substances get into our body through the skin and the respiratory tract.

Medications and all medications except homeopathic, destroying the structure of DNA.

It turns out that the human body - a living organism is multidimensional, is an integrated system in which each individual cell has its own mind and has an impact on all the other cells through internal communication. This is a peculiar universe with its own laws and regulations, which are subject to the features that are incorporated in the form of automatic programs in our subconscious and controlled by the body.

We do not think about how to implement the process of digestion, or to deliver the necessary elements for the power of the heart. But our body can also be subject to the teams and our consciousness. That is, a person is able to control his body. This shows a lot of examples. These yoga, for example, have complete control over not only consciousness, but also over the body, they even heart rhythm can manage. There were cases when yogis buried in the ground, and a few weeks later dug out alive and unharmed.

All this indicates that the person is able to control his body at the molecular level. So, we can communicate with our DNA and subconscious. If our cells have consciousness, we can contact them and ask specific program. For example, in the healing of an illness. Of course, to get in contact with the cells might not come at all and not immediately.

Yoga practice this skill over the years. But even a small effort of will can bring positive results. In the world there are many cases where people were healed of incurable diseases just because they believed in it. There is also the placebo effect, which is known to all of us that man's faith determines his fate, that is how much we believe in the help of any method or any means, so it is able to help us. It's all about the power of our thoughts.

In order to establish contact with the cells need to enter into resonance with them, that is to connect your consciousness with the consciousness of the cells. This can be done in the process of meditation, when we are able to direct their attention, using a specific goal.

When cells receive signals from our consciousness, they come to us in response - there is subconscious interact with our DNA, and at this point we are able to specify any program that will perform the DNA. Through contact with the cells can be reprogrammed and activate your DNA.

Having an idea about DNA, we can talk about how a person affected by a variety of programs. That is a program - a mental setting of the subconscious that we receive through any emotional experience, which has a negative effect on the DNA. So, through any of these influences a person absorbs certain information that later becomes the setting in his subconscious and affects thinking.

This setting is called the foreign program - virus information embedded in the subconscious. For example, watching a movie, people absorb information about the behavior of the characters, when watching the film the human brain perceives the image to the screen as a reality, that is, as if the man himself is a movie script resides.

And now remember which movies you've watched. It is not surprising that in the subconscious of people as emotion of fear and hatred. Not just because we ask a person about his favorite movies or books - all this speaks of a certain set of emotional experience, which is the human person

. On TV screens on We poured a whole river of negative attitudes that connect us to the negative egregors. Egregor - is energy-information cluster around an object, formed on the basis of attention to his other subjects, such as egregor politics, medicine, egregor Roda, egregor cigarettes, vodka and the rest

. The same applies to the generic programs - emotional experience, lived by our ancestors is written in our genes, and if you create the ground for its implementation, the generic program begin to be activated. We often tell people that they look like their mothers, fathers, grandparents, but do not realize why. children do not like this and some qualities of their parents, but they do not notice, how do they carry on in the world.

We are like representatives of a kind because only that is written in our genes information about stereotypes of behavior and emotions experienced by our ancestors. Here we are living and mainly the fate of their ancestors and ancestral karma are working instead of going his own way and fulfill his destiny.

To get rid of all alien and negative generic programs, there are certain techniques that establish a connection through the subconscious to the DNA and purified from various human adverse experiences. But I have to say that for such a purification is ready, not every man, as the global cleaning begins, the surface goes all: fears, attitudes, beliefs, emotional blocks, trauma. And most importantly - a person must be an independent strong desire to deal with it

. One handle is not easy - you need a helper and guide, because psychoenergetics opened at different levels. A person who is mentally not stable, will not be able to pass such a cleansing, will give up. And here it is necessary to know in advance that the program will by all means try to get everything back to the "old track", you'll sometimes very unstable, irritable, unpleasant, but it's worth it.

Through various methods you can ask the subconscious all programs: the general improvement of the body, the healing of illnesses, purification from the negative experiences of the past, healing the psychological and emotional trauma, recovery of the total energy level, increased all functions of the body, whether it be the flexibility, speed and endurance, the purification of the clan programs, purification from information transmitted by sexual pratnerami, restore hormonal and nervous system, filling the female energy, the setting of the favorable situation, correct relationship and a lot more - interact possible with any directions you can set absolutely any program our subconscious mind, which is through the establishment of an DNA will start to operate.

But there is still a very important point - this time, something triggered faster, and something takes years and decades, and it also happens that the fix is ​​not possible

. Miracles? Magic? Not at all. All that people call miracles and mysticism, there are only one or another degree of your knowledge. All our best, we can change his fate, it all depends on our desire and belief in your own success. That's just hurry up and put themselves precise, perfect and illusory objectives, scope and limitations of the mind is not exactly recommended, allow yourself to know yourself and to be in the flow of life.


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