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Before we begin, let's review the basic concepts. DNA is a diagram of the body, and we would not be without. This molecule that contains the genetic instruction for development and continues to operate in every living organism. DNA is in every cell of our body, telling her how to make proteins. DNA in our cells we inherit from their parents, so we have a lot of similarities. It has the shape of a double helix, like a huge spiral staircase, and each step on the ladder consists of a pair of nucleotides. When DNA is copied, sometimes there are errors, and these errors are known as mutations.

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< bdelloid rotifers - are microscopic animals that over 80 million years were exclusively female. They multiply by borrowing the DNA of other animals. If you had every day for 8 hours to print one word per second, it would take you to 50 years, to print the human genome. Wasps braconids instead of venom injected his victims virus that suppresses the immune system and allows the parasitic wasp larva growing inside the victim. The researchers found that the virus is not unlike any other virus in the world. He was more than 100 million years, and it seems to have merged with the DNA wasps. If you suddenly will suffer a bone marrow transplant, in the DNA of your blood will present the DNA donor, in the past led to false arrests. Have siblings 50% of their genes, as well as parents with children. DNA is damaged about million times per day in every cell of our body. Fortunately, our body has a complex system of its recovery. If it was not, it would lead to cancer or cell death. When it comes to invertebrates, the earthworms are our closest relatives. We have more in common DNA than with cockroaches and even octopuses. In four families in Iceland discovered DNA, occurring only in Native Americans. Evidence suggests that the Vikings brought Native American back to Europe about 1,000 years ago. On the International Space Station have a hard drive, called «drive immortality." It contains the DNA of people such as Lance Armstrong and Stephen Hawking in case of global catastrophe. Hand Greenberg - a girl who looked for life, as a child, died at the age of 20 years. Scientists believe that its DNA may be the key to biological immortality. < About 40% of our DNA is made up of the remnants of ancient viruses, are at the dawn of the evolution of infected cells of our ancestors. According to the study of DNA, Polynesians visited Chile in the 1300s and overtook Columbus set foot on the land of America nearly 200 years earlier. About 2 grams of DNA could hold the world's information, stored in digital form. This is a very compact way of storing data. Scientists have recorded a song from the Disney cartoon ( «It's A Small World After All») in the DNA of a bacterium that is resistant to radioactivity, so that in the event of a nuclear disaster, people in the future, or other forms of life were able to find it. Zambia physician John Schneeberger was accused of sexual assault. He implanted his pipe with another person's blood, and when he took the blood for DNA, he was able to fool the experts. In the end, it still managed to hold. < DNA 99 people, 9 per cent of the same. The differences are only 0, 1 percent. You can replace the contents of the egg Genetic DNA of men and then fertilized by sperm. Thus, the two men can be the child's parents. DNA in all your cells can stretch out on the 16 billion kilometers, if it is to unleash. This is approximately the distance from Earth to Pluto and back. Although there are sites offering genetic tests for saliva, confirming your origins, scientists warn that this kind of "genetic astrology", and it should not be taken seriously. < 50 percent of your DNA is identical to the DNA of a banana. In general, all living beings are genetically much more closely than is usually assumed. Scientists have determined that the DNA half-life of 521 years, and at 1, 5 million years, even the DNA stored in the best possible way, it will be impossible to read. Due to the destruction of the DNA it is unlikely that we will ever be able to clone dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. German police once took DNA samples at the time of the robbery of jewelry. The samples indicated the twins Hassan and Abbas O. Both denied involvement in the crime, despite the fact that the police knew that one of them committed a crime. They were unable to determine who among them has made it as the DNA was almost identical, and according to the law of Germany suspects could not hold indefinitely. Thus, the police had no choice but to release the suspects. All people of non-African origin have traces of Neanderthal DNA. During the deep disposal project Hornsleta Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleta in 2013 in place of the deepest ocean it has lowered the time capsule capsule contains samples of blood, hair and animal DNA. The aim of the project was the preservation of the DNA to be able to return in the future to life extinct species.

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