Mysterious text in DNA molecules

Perhaps the Darwinian theory of the origin of man will soon collapse completely. Scientists looked deeper inside the DNA molecule and saw zakodirovana information, which makes us a kind of bio-computer with complex genetic programs. Mysterious text in DNA molecules trying to decipher experts from the Institute of quantum genetics. Open them all the more convinced that in the beginning was the Word, and we are a product of the vacuum of the Brain. This tells the President of the IKG Peter Goryaev.

Scientists made an unexpected discovery: a DNA molecule consists not only of genes involved in face shape. ear, eye color, etc., but most of the encoded texts. Moreover, these texts are a 95 — 99 percent of the total content of chromosomes! And only 1 — 5 percent are employed the notorious genes that synthesize proteins. Most of the information contained in the chromosomes remains unknown to us.

According to scientists, DNA is the same text as the text of the book. But he has no ability to be read not only letter by letter and line by line, but with any letter, because there is no break between words. Reading this text from each subsequent letter, receive all new and new texts. Can be read in the opposite direction, if the number is flat.

And if the text string is deployed in three-dimensional space, as in the cube, the text is readable in all directions. The text is non-stationary. He is constantly moving, changing, because our chromosomes are breathing, swaying, giving rise to a huge number of texts. Work with linguists and mathematicians of the Moscow state University showed that the structure of human speech, book text and structure of DNA sequences mathematically close, it is indeed the texts on the as yet unknown to us language. Cells talk to each other as we are — genetic apparatus has an infinite number of languages.

Man is Samogitia text structure — concludes Peter.

Our chromosomes implement the program of stroitelstvo of the organism from the egg through biological fields — photon and acoustic. Inside the egg creates an electromagnetic image of the future organism is written it sociap - t, if you want to — destiny. This is another unexplored feature of the genetic apparatus, which is implemented in particular by using one of the varieties of the bio — laser fields capable not only to emit light but also sound. Thus, the genetic apparatus shows its potency through the holographic memory. Depending on how light illuminated holograms, and a lot of them, because on a single hologram can record a variety of holograms — get a picture. And it can only be read in the same color with which it's written. And our chromosomes radiate a wide spectrum, ranging from ultraviolet to infrared, and therefore can read each other multiple holograms. The result is a light and acoustic image of the future new organism, and progressii — all subsequent generations.

The program, which is recorded in DNA, can occur as a result of Darwin's evolution — to record such a huge amount of information takes time, which many times exceed the lifetime of the Universe. It's like that method of throwing bricks to try to build MSU.

Genetic information can be transferred to distance, DNA molecule can exist in a field. A simple example of transfer of genetic material — the penetration into the body of viruses, such as Ebola. This principle of "the immaculate conception" can be used to create a device that can infiltrate the human body and to influence it from the inside.

— We have developed, says Peter, is the laser on DNA molecules. This thing is potentially dangerous, like a scalpel: it can be treated and can kill. Without exaggeration I will say that this is the basis for the creation of psychotronic weapons. The principle of this. At the core of the laser are simple atomic structure and DNA molecules. You enter in a segment of a chromosome specific text, and these DNA molecules translate into the condition of the laser, that is you operate so that DNA molecules start to glow and make a sound — to talk! And at this point, the color and sound can penetrate another person and injects foreign genetic program. And people change, it acquires other characteristics, starts to think differently and act. published

Author: Svetlana Kuzina



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