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In 1959, the Chinese doctor Jiang Kangjin formulated a hypothesis: “In the life process of any organism its atoms and molecules are necessarily connected by a single material carrier of energy and information – bioelectromagnetic field. In his work “Theory of management fields, the author establishes the possibility for a direct transmission of information from one brain to another using radio waves and confirmed it by numerous experiments. "Previously it was thought that the carrier of genetic information is DNA, the molecule that contains the genetic code, but the achievements of modern physics would suggest to me that DNA is the only cassette recording of information and its material media are bioelectromagnetic signals. In other words, the electromagnetic field and DNA is the combined genetic material, which exists in two forms: passive and active DNA – EM-field. The first stores the genetic code that ensures stability of the body. Second able to change it. It is enough to influence bioelectromagnetic signals that simultaneously contain energy and information. The nature of these signals is moving photons, have according to quantum theory, corpuscular-wave properties. Wave properties determine the necessity to study the high frequency part of the spectrum having a wide bandwidth. This allows to obtain a large amount of information, and with high transmission quality. Therefore, the bioelectromagnetic field as a material carrier of energy and information exists in the middle part of the electromagnetic spectrum."

He created the installation, which “reads” information from the DNA of one living object and sends it to another living object. In one of the experiments he was affected by the electromagnetic field of melons on germinated cucumber seeds. Grown fruit had a taste of the donor – melons, and biochemical analysis showed that DNA has occurred the relevant changes that have been passed down from generation to generation. In another experiment, EM-field treated peanuts sunflower sprouts. After that, he changed the shape of the seeds, and they partially passed on to the taste of the peanuts.

In another experiment were “reading” information from the green weight of wheat and the impact of it on sprouted corn seeds. Processed corn had a lot of side stems. In place of panicles formed original ears with grains, like corn and wheat. For grain yield it was superior to the control group by 200 percent, and green mass 300! And purchased new quality is stably transmitted to succeeding generations.

People could never accept that he is mortal. From the legend of the miraculous elixir that grants immortality. Dr. Jiang did not believe in such myths. But to his predecessors, sought means not only to prolong life but also to rejuvenate the body, treated with understanding. And here's why. In biology, a well-known law, according to which the lifespan of mammals is 5-7 periods of development. So, the average duration of human life should be 125-175 years, since the period of its development is 25 years. But actually it is limited to only 3 periods of development. The reason is not in a biological framework, or program embedded in the genes. People die because of the disease, unhealthy lifestyle, pollution and many other factors can injure or destroy not only cells of different organs, but the genes. At the same time, Russian scientists first in the world have proved the reversibility of age-related changes at the deepest molecular-genetic level. DNA she is able to undo the damage, and if the ability to stimulate, it is possible to rid the body of the significant load of “errors” and defects are accumulated in molecules. Jiang Kangjin came from the fact that by means of rehabilitation of the DNA may be the impact of the bioelectromagnetic field of young organisms on old. The first experiments were conducted on old mice. In his installation they were treated with bioelectromagnetic radiation of young sprouts of plants and germs of animals, taken separately. As a result, 68 percent of mice had improved reaction, mobility, appetite. The 31 – recovered sexual function and ability to reproduce. Finally, 53 percent of the mice life expectancy increased by a year and a half, compared to the control group.

In 1987 a similar experiment Dr. Jiang spent on himself. The result was positive, what is objective and subjective evidence. The second man, who voluntarily tried this method of rejuvenation, was his 80 year old father. As a result, disappeared 20-30 years of chronic disease, allergic itch, noise in the ears, benign tumor. On the spot baldness in six months-grown hairs and the gray became black. After a year, grew a tooth on the spot fell 20 years ago. The positive results of the techniques were so obvious that in 1991 he received a certificate for an invention and the resolution of the Ministry of health of Russia on the use of microwave therapy. After that, the scientist set up an experiment with a group of volunteers who have expressed a desire to undergo special treatment for his technique. About their health can be judged by the fact that 14 people had 37 diseases.


in 6 cases of complete recovery from diseases, including benign tumor.

— 21 – significant improvement of patients

— 8 – improving,

11 looks younger by 5-10 years

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