Torsion fields - the impact of the words in a person's DNA:

Man is surrounded by aura, a modern representation of aura - a set of torsion fields (special state of matter existing in the physical vacuum of the universe). The term "torsion fields" appeared in 1922 to designate the hypothetical physical field which is generated by the torsion of space, ie, torsion fields are everywhere where there is a torsion (rotation).

Rotating planets, solar system, galaxy, so the torsion fields surrounded by all. The man, a stone, a tree, a planet surrounded by torsion fields, which interact with each other, changing and creating new torsion fields.

Torsion fields represent a huge flow of information and form a common bezkraynyuyu system in which the speed of propagation of the signal instantaneous (the concept of "time" does not exist).
Man does not rotate, but is itself a generator of torsion fields of varying intensity. Scientists believe that thought - it is the matter of which is built torsion field and torsion bars a person can be affected. For example, our ancestors when donated or exchanged things, said thank you, destroying all negative.


DNA and proteins contain iron atoms - antennas are facing in space. Take some control information that defines how to look people, plants, animals.

Human genetic apparatus is almost identical to the fruit fly, earthworms, monkeys, ie, Proteins are the working set, universal for all organisms, which carries the metabolism (metabolism), and the information torsion fields determines the sequence in which, for some matrix protein (RNA) will be built amino acids. Thus - the opening of scientists confirm the existence of one God, the Creator.

The main design rights - words that have a direct bearing on our genetic apparatus. The spiritual body moves us, without him we are bezporyadochnym and dissimilar joints of muscles, bones, etc.

Influence of the words in human DNA

The genetic apparatus is capable of thinking, of course, not at the highest level, but roughly speaking, understanding and uptake. DNA sees it and its meaning, so the genetic apparatus completely indifferent to what we say, what movies to watch, what we think. All imprinted gene in the wave, ie, wave genetic program that changes the genetics of each cell in one direction or another.

Words may be represented in the form of electromagnetic oscillations, which directly affect the properties and structure of DNA molecules. These are the molecules responsible for heredity. If it is full of negative word-DNA structure begins to evolve, and is transmitted to descendants already distorted. The accumulation of such negative qualities can be called "self-destruct program».

Candidate of Biological Sciences PP Garyaev and candidate of technical sciences GT Tertyshniy using equipment developed by scientists recorded: expletive cause mutagenic effect similar to radioactive radiation capacity of 1,000 X-rays.

Garayev said that with the help of speech, speech, so - thought, for it is the result of thinking - man as a sculptor, sculpt its genetic apparatus, and corresponding information is transmitted to the next generation, if it is negative, then from generation to generation as snowball will grow self-destructive information.

Impact of speech on DNA

Scientists give a definite answer to this: swear words "explode" in the genetic apparatus of man, so that mutations occur that generation after generation leads to degeneration.

Researchers have invented a machine that converts human speech into electromagnetic waves. And they are known to affect the DNA molecule of heredity. I swear man without ceasing - and his torn and bent chromosomes, genes are exchanged. As a result, the DNA begins to produce unnatural program.

So gradually transmitted to offspring of self-destruction program. Scientists have recorded: swear words cause mutagenic effect, similar to that which gives power to the radiation exposure of thousands of X-rays.

Experiment with irradiation for many years was conducted on Arabidopsis seeds. Almost all of them were killed. Those that have survived have become genetic freaks. These monsters, transferring many diseases, passed them by inheritance. After several generations of offspring completely degenerated.

Interestingly, a mutagenic effect was not dependent on the power of the word, they could be pronounced loudly, then whispered. On this basis, scientists have concluded that certain words have the impact of information on DNA.

Was held and the opposite experiment. Scientists have "blessed" seed radiation exposure killed 10 thousand X-rays. So tangled genes and broken chromosomes DNA helix fell into place and fused. Killed seeds alive.

You say, "Well, you people are comparing with plants!" But the fact of the matter is that the genetic apparatus of living organisms works on universal laws.

Researchers confirmed the ability of people to act on the words of the program heredity is known to believers since ancient times. From the patristic literature we know how often, thanks to the saints, healed hopeless patients and resurrected the dead. And the blessing of the righteous is applicable not only to a specific person, but also his offspring.

Skeptical doubt: how ordinary words can affect hereditary program. The fact is that the idea of ​​the genetic apparatus, consisting only of the chemicals out of date.

In fact, from DNA to build a living mechanism, we need a much more sophisticated programs, which should contain the lion's share of the entire hereditary information. The new science, "wave genetics", whose author is Pyotr grief testifies gene - is not only a cell. The program human is encrypted in the so-called "junk" DNA portion. Not only chemicals, but in the physical fields are formed around the chromosome and have a holographic structure.

All information about the past, present and future of an organism contains minimized at each point of the wave genome. DNA molecules for sharing this information via electromagnetic waves, including acoustic and light. Today, scientists have learned to "pump up" the energy of the DNA of light and sound. How to highlight and read the page to hide the genetic texts. Launching certain genetic program, they stimulate the reserve capacity of the organism. As a result of recovered hopelessly sick and revived the dead plants. A man such miracles can cause exactly the prayers.

Scientists came to a stunning conclusion: DNA perceives human speech. Its "ears" downright adapted to capture sound vibrations. Pushkin once wrote to his wife: "not to soil the soul of reading French novels." Our contemporary smiles except that this behest of genius, but in vain. The molecules of heredity and receive acoustic and light information: silent reading comes to cell nuclei by electromagnetic channels. One text heals heredity, and another of her injures. Prayer words evoke the spare capacities of the genetic apparatus. Curse destroys the wave of the program, and thus interferes with the normal development of the organism.

P. Goryaev believes that with the help of verbal thought-forms of man creates a genetic apparatus. For example, a child from the parents who took a certain program starts rowdy swearing. Thus, he destroys himself and his environment - both social and psychological. And rolling this "snowball" from generation to generation.

So the genetic apparatus completely indifferent about what we think, say, what books to read. Everything is imprinted in the genome of the wave, ie the wave genetic program that changes in one direction or another heredity and program each cell. So, the word can cause cancer and can cure the person. And DNA does not understand, you are dealing with a live person or a hero of the television series.


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