What we give is what you get, or celebration - the law of reflection.

Very often a person in the world emits own passion and hatred, and then experiences a defensive reaction - fear and anxiety. It turns out, was the fact that he gave. And you can give more, for example, love, tenderness, attention and care ... So, from ourselves and depends on what we get. We get what we return.
This is the greatness of this law of the universe!

From creative recommendation - radiate good feelings, and the universe will respond in kind. Each draws is what he thinks. The more we have good thoughts and actions, the more kindness and love, we attract into our lives.

Indeed, what we return, then we get. When we rob someone, life inevitably robs us. When are lying, life
through the people around them pays the same. Angry words expressed his intention to come back to the addressee, who sent them.

The analogy can be described as follows:
if you have a betrayal, you will be betrayed;
if you do not betrayal, betrayal will pass
You party.

Attribution life situations in which yourself. People overly suspicious and exacting towards the close, the failure to explain the peculiar life by external circumstances. These people are convinced that surround them are unfair and without much warmth and attention. That is very difficult for people to understand that they have given too much suspicion surrounding, callousness, carelessness and other neluchshem qualities.

That is why the person who wants to love and at the same time it protects against the same real, true love and does not get. He does not get the attention, care and love because he provokes the people around him treat him without love. Help these people would be to bring them to understand that they themselves are the authors of the senses, projected onto other people.

Attribution-life situations that surround a person really can change them for the better.
"Living in the house that you do not put their labor,
It will not get you in joy. "
There is no action without consequence. If a man's actions have caused suffering to others, to the same extent he will suffer himself.
"Usually we find such a companion. This means,
it is easy to communicate with those who reflect us. "
Boomerang effect

As you are ready, it is the willingness and others. For example, if a person does not fit into your schedule, he subconsciously not ready to meet you. And that means that you're not ready for this meeting to help him.
Everything that comes from a man to it and returns the same.
Accustomed to think negatively, following the law of reflection,
constantly appears in various adverse situations.

The man - a kind of magnet that attracts similar. Before leaving home in the morning, giving the world his love, mentally tune that will meet with only pleasant and wonderful in every way, and happy people, intelligent and kind. You'll see, these are the people you meet and.

Based on the book by Vyacheslav Pankratov and Lyudmila Shcherbinina "Smile of happiness!"


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