Torsion fields - the impact of words on human DNA

Man is surrounded by biofield, a modern representation of the biofield - a combination of torsion fields (special state of matter existing in the physical vacuum of the universe). The term "torsion fields" appeared in 1922 to designate the hypothetical physical field, which is generated by the twisting of space, ie, torsion fields are everywhere, where torsion (rotation) is present.

Rotating planet, solar system, galaxy, so the torsion fields surrounded by all. Man, stone, wood, the planet surrounded by torsion fields, which interact with each other, changing and creating new torsion fields.
Torsion fields represent a huge flow of information and form a common bezkraynyuyu system in which the speed of propagation of the signal instantaneous (the concept of "time" does not exist).
Man does not rotate, but is itself a generator of torsion fields of varying intensity. Scientists believe that the mind - it is the matter of which builds torsion field and torsion bars per person can be affected. For example, our ancestors, when donated or exchanged things, said thank you, destroying all negative.

DNA and proteins contain iron atoms - are the antennas facing in space. Take some control information that defines how to look people, plants and animals.

The genetic apparatus of man is almost identical to the fruit fly, earthworm, monkeys, ie, proteins is the working set, universal for all organisms, which carries the metabolism (metabolism), and the information torsion fields determines the order in which, for some matrix protein (RNA) will be built amino acids. Thus - the discovery of scientists confirm the existence of one God, the Creator

. The most important human design - words that is directly related to our genetic apparatus. The spiritual body moves us, without him we are bezporyadochnym and diverse muscle connection, bones, etc.

The impact on human DNA WORDS
The genetic apparatus is capable of thinking, of course, not at the highest level, but roughly speaking, understanding and uptake. DNA perceives speech and its meaning, so the genetic apparatus completely indifferent to what we say, what movies to watch, what we think. All imprinted gene in the wave, ie, wave genetic program, which changes the heredity of every cell in either direction.

Words may be represented in the form of electromagnetic oscillations, which directly affect the properties and structure of the DNA molecules. These molecules are responsible for heredity. If it is full of negative word-DNA structure begins to evolve, and is transmitted to descendants already distorted. The accumulation of such negative qualities can be called a "self-destruct programĀ»

. Candidate of Biological Sciences PP Garyaev and Candidate of Technical Sciences GT Tertyshniy using equipment developed by scientists recorded: expletive cause mutagenic effect similar to radioactive radiation capacity of 1,000 X-rays

. Garayev said that with the help of words, speech, so - thought, because it is the result of thinking - man, as a sculptor, sculpt your genetic apparatus, and the corresponding information is transmitted to the next generation, if it is negative, then from generation to generation as snowball will grow self-destructive information.


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