Most false Zodiac Signs


Aries loves to lie, when they do not want to do anything. Liars of them, to put it mildly, not very good, so determine what Aries tells a lie, as a rule, easily. They often lie, but do not attach any importance to this.


The representatives of this zodiac sign love to lie in order to impress the opposite sex. The most deceitful them can not be named, but they can lie and even eye did not blink, because for them it is a way to attract attention.


Gemini lies in moderation, but it is almost impossible to determine because they are cheating very skillfully. These are the people who can speak the truth, but you will be afraid and think that they are lying to you, and vice versa.


Cancers are very honorable and honest. This is perhaps the most honest Zodiac. The only situation where they lie, can be called a white lie - they keep back, if you believe that the truth simply unacceptable for the interlocutor

. Leo

Lions lie a little, but make it a truly masterful. They remember everything you have told, so they will be able to expose only a professional. They do this just to impress others, to show their status and authority.


Virgin unique sign in terms of lies. They often like to lie, but, like crabs, lie only in order not to offend or pursuit of good intentions. The most interesting thing is that they take offense at those who had caught them in a lie.


Scales do not know how to lie, they are easy to see through, but their true talent is really just deeply hidden. Those scales, which discovered a talent to lie, enjoy these in full. However, the closest they never lie.


This is a terrible liar, who will do anything to avoid being exposed. Scorpions are lying in order to induce a feeling of pity, or to manipulate people. It is the most deceitful Zodiac, which need to be careful not to say that you saw through them.


Sagittarians love to invent, embellish the truth, but on the big lie they will unlikely. Small constant lies terribly annoying, but generally Sagittarians are not the most dishonest people.


Capricorns love to lie to the opposite sex in order to secure his position. They also resorted to lies, when you need to show their status, which may not be at all. It is often very false, but it is easy to expose people.


Aquarians prefer not to lie and not say anything. They will not sugarcoat anything - just say that it makes no sense to speak on a particular topic, and will continue to keep silent about what was considered necessary. Check them very close to the power of a little.


Fish is extremely deceitful, perhaps sometimes even more deceitful than the Scorpions. These people are lying to seem so like everyone else. They tell stories about yourself, about your personal life or about his own successes. It is easy to expose them, and their deceptions are usually harmless.


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