The top 3 geniuses among the signs of the zodiac. That is, the hope of humanity!

Our editorial team wrote some of the representatives of the zodiacal circle the best wife and one of the signs of the zodiac the most wonderful parent. And if you believe astrologers, the 3 zodiac sign — the most intelligent members of the human race! Let's see, if you're not in the rating?


"Website" will tell you what zodiac sign is the smartest, and which marks it is worth to study and learn.

Smart signs of the zodiac
  1. Gemini
    And here he is, the most intelligent sign of the zodiac! Twins — children of mercury. This planet is responsible for logic, erudition and intelligence. Thanks Gemini mercury have such a bright mind and bright intellect. Since early childhood, little Twin displays curiosity and incredible ingenuity. This zodiac sign tend to solve problems at the speed of light, to notice the smallest details and always to isolate the most worthwhile from the huge flow of information. Mercury gave the Twins a phenomenal memory, quick learning and amazing insight.

    Think it's worth to delve into the mind of a Gemini and you can find there the answer to any question. Despite all the genius, often the representatives of this zodiac sign is not very wise in worldly situations. However, the astrologers have put the Twins in first place in the ranking of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. Bravo Twins!

  2. Virgin
    Virgo — intelligent sister of the Twins, because both of these have the same sign by the planet-patron. Mercury was awarded the Virgo analytical mind, a bright and rapidly developing intelligence, the ability to analyze and attention to detail. Enterprising and cautious criticism not allowed to enter the representatives of this zodiac sign is misleading. Wasting time — not for Virgins. All their knowledge they check and temper in practice, often get wrapped up in science and various research. So it happened that Virgos make the best doctors. Well, commendable!

  3. Aquarius
    Third, but not less honorable place in the ranking of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac is Aquarius. This sign ruling planet Uranus — the planet that enriched Aquarius this enviable genius. Aquarians like to do things in their own way. Think it's a great skill in a situation when the usual way of doing work you obviously do not fit. Little Aquarius just have to deal with, they have an inquiring mind, and others often think that these kids are not from this world. Aquarians are persistently monitor the technical progress, I love all kinds of technological innovations and keeping pace with the times.

    Sometimes it seems that these people like are one step closer to the future than the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth. Aquarians are inspired by the experimenters, the innovators and the hope of mankind!

Not included in the list? Do not despair! This does not mean that the rest of the zodiac signs are stupid and uneducated. Our editors are confident that you're better at something, and your sense of beauty and ingenuity can only envy.

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