Inherited a hopeless Khrushchev... Decided to create the atmosphere of a fashionable loft style and it has paid off!

Very soon, in September, I moved into a new apartment. It's small but with high ceilings, wide Windows and absolutely no repair. The apartment I had inherited, but it so happened that in her for a long time no one lived, and, as a consequence, alteration and revision needs almost every corner of this space.

Lately, I frequently imagine how I will live in your stylish and comfortable home, but understand that realizing the dream I have a lot of money, which at the moment, unfortunately, no.

A way out was found unexpectedly. Last week I received my old friend who now works interior designer and she told me a few tricks with which my dream came true.

Thirty six million eight hundred seventeen thousand eight hundred ninety seven

Designed in the style of lovenatalya asked me to create a atmosphere trendy loft style. I used to think that this style can only be afforded by very rich people. But after learning about it a little more, I realized that it is not necessary to think of a template, and redesigning.

The basis of the loft is a minimum of parts, the furniture simple and functional, the colors are mainly cool colors, large Windows, the almost complete lack of decor. And the fact that in other styles looks like a drawback — different brick ledges, walls without plaster, wooden floor is the highlight of this style.

The loft style is very suitable for people who have financial issue is acute. After all, low cost and ease all — the main credo of style.

Twenty seven million four hundred twenty nine thousand four hundred seventy three

Edition «Site» have prepared for you 7 clever tricks, how to equip ordinary apartment in fashionable loft-style. I never thought that I'm gonna do that!

  1. Brick wall
    When dealing with renovation, one of the basic rules of rework States: conceal flaws and emphasize dignity. My future home is located in a brick house, and this is a huge plus. So, the best solution is to expose the skeleton of the house and show on one of the walls brickwork. Brick masonry is suitable for the finishing of the kitchen or dining room. Can give a brick one or a few walls. But you can put a brick ceiling or limited to a protective panel, kitchen apron.

    Looks quite original wall with masonry, surrounded by modern appliances. Dining area in the kitchen and in the dining room, can also be easily and effectively extracted using a brick.

    Forty million nine hundred seventy eight thousand seven hundred thirty five

  2. Paint for walls
    It is not necessary to spend money on expensive Wallpaper. This style is perfect paint for the walls. Pick colors from the palette of mineral colors: grey, ink blue, rose smoke, green and, of course, white and ivory. These shades are perfect for a loft. You can also add elements of coarse textures. It may be wooden beams, concrete, bare brick, exposed water pipes, plank floors. In General, all that can be seen in an industrial environment, for example, an old warehouse.

    Forty million four hundred sixty seven thousand four hundred seventy one

  3. Bare bulb
    The easiest way with the help of decor to hint at the style loft is to add the interior bulb on a cord in the braid (the color of which now varies so that it is easy to choose a suitable). To create space in the loft fits not only the lamp with the gyro. Works well here and the Edison lamp.

    Ninety one million seven hundred fifty nine thousand four hundred twenty seven

  4. Choice of furniture
    With loft-style blends well vintage. As invoices are used when decorating, look aged and fit the same furniture. Brand new modern clean lines will look alien. And if you decide to purchase new furniture, choose the one that is reminiscent of industrial buildings: galvanized steel chairs, wooden tables with legs made of pipes, fixtures spotlight.

    Twenty eight million nine hundred thirty six thousand seventy four

  5. Retropalooza
    In my case this is fine as I don't have to spend money to replace the wiring. However, if you want to recreate in this loft, is to work on the creation of this retroposed. Sixty four million four hundred eighty six thousand five

  6. The rack with the supports of the pipes
    People who choose the loft style to your home, simply can not own a collection of books and beautiful art books, so it needs a rack. And the best option, if it is made of pipes and shelves are made of coarse wood. Thirty three million three hundred five thousand four hundred eighty seven

  7. The decor of the loft
    Strive for minimum of things. The loft does not fit well with the abundance of cozy home trinkets. The color palette is better to choose a neutral, not more than one bright accent. Because the rough texture in themselves expressive. Twenty nine million nine hundred ninety thousand two

The editorial Board Also suggest you to see 12 budget ways to make your home a work of art. These ideas are just perfectly fit into the loft space, Scandinavian interior design and eclectic style. The most important is the sense of proportion, don't overdo it with the details!

Optionally to live in this loft enough to design the interior with elements of style. And don't think you need to go to the end in the embodiment of the idea, you can stop at a pair of carefully chosen details.

Wish you a stylish and cozy atmosphere and beautiful alterations, if you too are preparing to repair. How do you feel about the loft? Share with your friends this article and find out what they think about this.

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