How to create an interior in the Russian style

Due to its simplicity and naturalness, Russian style in the interior of our apartments finds more and more fans.

Often people mistakenly believe that flat design in Russian or as it is also called country style, consists of the use of folk art, but it is not so. Of course, wooden utensils and furniture, and Gzhel, Khokhloma, Dymkovo toys and Palekh miniature create some impetus in the national direction of the country, but it is not all the components of the Russian style.

The concept of the image of the Russian style and its types

Russian style in the interior – collective image, and has no clear boundaries and guidelines. At desire it is possible to distinguish three ways in which you can follow when your home is styled in country style:

  • The style "A La Rus" rather, the style is kitsch, as he just gathered all that is known about the decoration, which was famous for Rus. Somewhere added, somewhere exaggerated, mixed, and wealth and poverty. A room decorated in this style, more likely to resemble the gift shop or the Museum of folk art. Thanks to identity, it will more often meet in hotels for foreign tourists than in an ordinary living room.

  • "Russian hut" – a room or house decorated in this style will not look rich. The main feature of this interior in the folk style – the preservation of traditions created over the centuries. It displays the interior of the home of a man who lived in Russia and with average income. All things that create this interior will to carry meaning, but the extra or unnecessary things simply will not. This kind of the Russian style is very loved by people living in the city, it manifested all pronounced features of the Russian public. All the items of furniture the apartment, is decorated in a country style, made of natural materials.

  • "Terem" – the basis for the creation of the interior in this style are taken of the princely house or a loft, which is why it is most attractive for the lovers of colorful decoration. Here everything breathes with bright colors and trappings of Russian antiquity. Of course, the material from which made the interior and features, is wood. But, unlike the previous country style, wood is almost always covered with interesting ornaments. Very often, this includes a tiled stove. If the size of Your home is limited, you can replace it with a decorative fireplace, the design of which betrays the spirit of antiquity.

Which of the options would not have chosen the owners of the premises, it will be in its own distinctive and charming, and the room decorated in this style, always attractive.

Tip: the important thing is to be careful and not to get involved with details. Overloading the overall appearance of the house plenty of things decor, you can simply distort the very idea of creating a Russian style in the interior.

Distinctive features of the Russian style

Faced with a choice of Russian style in the Internet for arranging your own housing, you must remember that it is based under the influence of a temperate climate and national traditions. Therefore, it is necessary to be guided by the simple principles of creating a country style in your home, and then he will be comfortable and original. Its main characteristics are the following indicators:

  • Naturalness. The choice of materials for finishing, you must use natural materials. It can be wood, painted or not, or a stone.

  • Colors. It will depend on what species of Russian interior closer to You. When making a room in the style of "princely mansion" certainly the use of bright and saturated colors. And if you decide to register your apartment in the interior of the usual "Russian house" there will be enough white and red colors.

  • Furniture. For optimal proximity to the original, it is better to use the conventional wooden furniture. To give it originality, perhaps, to resort to tapping.

  • The doors and Windows. Russian princely house or a loft is impossible to imagine without the massive doors and shuttered Windows. Of course, if fans of the Russian style, live in a normal city apartment, no shutters and speech can not be. In this case we can restrict the curtains made of natural fabrics.

Tip: to make some variety in setting, you can complement the décor of the walls with a painted floral ornament, with the addition of gold paint.

Accessories furnished in the Russian style

Accessories furnished in the Russian style, you can include almost everything, from furniture to cherished trinkets. Most clearly look painted wooden ware, baskets, wickerwork, pottery. About the abundance of textiles, you can not even mention. Naturally, it should also be natural, and even better made in the technique of manual work. Very natural in the interior fit live potted flowers or arranged in bouquets.

You must remember that choosing a Russian style in the interior, the whole situation needs to be assembled in a uniform design, and then its brightness and originality will leave no chance to any other supplements. published


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