Kitchen loft style — economical interior option

If you take a closer look at the interior of the apartments in loft style, you can not believe that the roof design could have someone to like. All those differences that make this style of interior nonideal today have become its highlight. All those abandoned industrial buildings, which are in the middle of the last century was quite a lot in America, was considered the only option to take ownership of their personal living space. But it took quite some time and this extraordinary style and design specifics create the industrial interior of urban apartments began to enjoy resounding success.

Today, the loft-style can be found in most of the apartments in any of the buildings, incomparable industrial design of the nice and stylish looks, not only in living rooms, but also in modern kitchens.




Original interior design in a private house with kitchen area, loft-style

The advantages of loft-style in the kitchen Industrial kitchen design must appeal to all its spaciousness, lots of natural light and freshness. The high white ceilings add to the room even more volume. Authentic wooden beams, metal pipes, rafters and supports, which are in any apartment did not need to hide. It is all of these elements are able to style a typical factory.

Kitchen in the loft does not need luxury decoration, in a similar interior will look beautiful soft pastel shades: white, grey, chocolate, black and blue. To complement all this beauty will help rectangular Windows and doors concise form, the main condition they should be very simple and unpretentious.

Kitchen in the loft is divided into zones, separated one from the other is possible by means of decorative walls or screens. In some cases, zoning will help to make the furniture.

In the design of this style in the kitchen you can see such materials as:

  • grey concrete;
  • brick;
  • untreated wood;
  • metal and glass.
Very good if the room has brick walls without plaster and concrete floors. In most cases, designers intentionally create such surface by artificial means, helping them get materials that simulate brick or rough plaster.

Loft style in the kitchen will allow owners of these premises to save sufficient amount of money. All finishing materials such interior is an inexpensive and available to everyone. That is why the loft is considered the most economical and inexpensive, but its beauty is so attracting that even in the most expensive apartments to meet him.



Wall decorated with brick walls, metal chairs and wooden table in the kitchen in the loft

Recommendations for the design of the kitchen in the loft
  • When making room for cooking, you need to allocate one of the walls. It can be designed with brick, wood or paint in a different color. And you can even leave the wall unchanged, in its original form.
  • The loft is best suited for spacious apartments with high ceilings. But the owners of small apartments you can also place the kitchen in the loft. Moreover, this factory style will help visually make the room more spacious.
  • Lighting in kitchen in loft-style to be special. In such a room should have several lamps. You can choose different forms of lighting, including the point model. The shape and style of lighting can be different depending on your ideas.
  • As for window decorations, they are not decorated with curtains, only Venetian blinds.
  • When making a floor, choose a material that will harmonize with the overall design. It can be just grey concrete or natural wood. Very nice in a similar style will look like parquet on the floor. Skirting must be in the same tone with the wall color.
  • When choosing furniture, remember one thing, it should be concise and multifunctional, 2 in 1. Here is the main rule when choosing.
In the kitchen in the loft should not be closed shelves. It is best to choose wooden open shelves with plenty of utensils on them.
  • In the kitchen in the loft style are appropriate glass or wood shelves, the bar counter or table on wheels. Very nice it will look in a similar room antique solid furniture.
Kitchen in the loft is a beautiful cozy space more reminiscent of the factory premises, but this does not confuse people in our modern innovative time. Brick walls, metal fixtures and a concrete floor makes many people nostalgic, which makes this style so popular.




  Stone walls, natural wood in the interior of a private house with kitchenette, loft-style

The loft style is very suitable for those people who want to make your interior unusual, but to spend it is not big money. In addition, such a design can add a special, cozy touch in the interior. Even despite his rudeness, he is unique and cozy. Kitchen in the loft are beautiful, practical, in some ways even elegant. The main thing is not to overload it with unnecessary items, it is better a minimum of furniture accessories, but practical and functional. To create this design is not difficult, especially if to take into consideration our tips everyone will be able to do using the means at hand and the original appearance of the walls and ceiling. published


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