Bedroom in the loft ideas for inspiration

The style loft does not welcome the partition. This free space, zoned due to the play of light, color and furniture placement.

Among the few exceptions, which are partition – a bedroom and a bathroom.

Bedroom in loft-style is very difficult beyond description "in a nutshell", much of her look is determined by the degree of isolation from the rest of the living space.

Loft single living space, measured in cubic meters. The arrangement of the second level does not spoil the General sense of freedom and provides the bed room sufficient privacy.

Location of the bed in the center of the composition is considered to be the ideal solution, as well as plain linen is a neutral color. The highlight of the interior of the bedroom can be a fireplace, a traditional, hand laid or modern, typical or designer.

Wooden pedestal – another popular solution for bedrooms in loft style. Air light canopy over the bed advantageously contrasts with the brick walls, rough ceiling beams and remnants of the pipeline.

The frame structure in the interior of a bedroom in the loft perfectly with a bare wall. White ceiling, white curtains, linens, rugs on the floor create a complete finished painting.

The bedroom is separated from the rest of the living space inside the window. Glass blocks in various versions — one of the most popular methods of zoning of the space in the loft apartment.

The unusual design solution for people without complexes – bathroom visually combined with the bedroom. For greater airiness of the interior brickwork is painted white. Textured pattern on the bedspread echoes the texture of the wall.

Interior design in loft style resonates with minimalist solutions. Their colors sometimes borders on austerity, but the loft allows more "liberties" with the texture of the material. Embossed Wallpaper or Venetian plaster is appropriate in a harsh industrial environment. They make the interior of the necessary mapping of rough with refined, old and new songs.

Interior design in loft style is always a sense of space without borders. To do this in the bedroom can be a mirror in the wall or wardrobe with mirrored door. Plenty of accessories – a rare exception to the rule.

The lamps in the interiors of the loft may be the most bizarre. Stylized temporary lighting – a hint at the industrial past of the premises.

The light in the bedroom should be a lot, but the lighting can't be aggressive. The desired effect of soft, diffused light is achieved by using blinds and multi-level local lighting. The abundance of various fixtures is one of the most distinctive features of the loft-style.

Two worlds in one bedroom rough brick wall, dark wooden floors, the remains of the pipeline with hanging chandelier antique and modern furniture.

An even more striking contrast to white furniture with concrete walls, complemented by accents of purple palette. A typical solution for the design of a bedroom in the loft: big wardrobe up to the ceiling, which can simultaneously perform the function of the septum.

Everything you need is at hand but out of sight: a minimalist bed with numerous drawers and open shelves in the headboard.

The loft – nothing like a very well lived-in attic. The bed of the old pipes are harmoniously combined with refined floors. The veil is adjusted to match the homespun rug.

Long wardrobe, which occupies all the space from floor to ceiling, a small Ottoman, a chair – extremely laconic and functional furnished. Soft brown and beige colors of interior design bedroom is accented by a monochrome ornament upholstery fabric.

The decor in the bedroom can also be the most extraordinary, most importantly, to match the lifestyle of its owner. The red circles on the pillows involuntarily associated with the flag of Japan. In combination with a map of the Apennine Peninsula this suggests that here lives a man who loves to travel.

Loft is life without boundaries. Nothing differentiated the bathroom and bedroom – the decision in the spirit of the loft, destroying all the secular canons of a refined interior.

Loft and comfort – the concepts are quite compatible and most harmonious combination is in the bedroom loft.published


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