The interior in the English style inspiring ideas

Today, the vague and distant Albion perfectly combines the spirit of ancient heritage and temperament of the modern world, which gives it even more uniqueness. Therefore, English simple but refined home interior was to attract more people.

English interior

Fans of his usually stolid people and is incredibly calm, they "worship" restraint, comfort, reliability and constancy. This is all reflected in the interior. It is filled with natural (natural) materials, noble colors in a sophisticated combination. The whole entourage attracts and pleases the eye with Royal glamor and aristocracy.

The characteristic features of interior decoration in the English spirit

Perhaps the main distinguishing feature of the English style from any other is restrained conservatism. The room must be a fireplace, without the English style simply can not exist. After all, the fireplace not only warms in the cold season, but also brings aesthetic pleasure. Of course, not necessary to build real, especially if you live in an apartment, enough to buy the heater or just make the portal. And, of course, this style involves the use of exclusively natural materials.

The apartment is the English version

A special "indicator" attention is the door, it is possible to understand which style is set in the house. English the door is massive, it has a large size, it is decorated by handle made in the form of a lion's head, the exterior of all doors, carved (antique). Everyone who will open this door, will fill feel like he is part of the old English castle, where everything is filled with comfort and warmth.

Usually indoors I try to use light shades, it can be textured plaster or skillfully executed imitation on the Wallpaper. English style does not tolerate bright colors. The whole color palette, usually created from multiple shades of the same selected color, which gradually merge into each other.

The main goal that must be pursued by the designer is to make the room spacious and bright. To depart from this rule only if you design a study. There is just the walls you can see the dark Wallpaper in red, green or blue color in the gold stripes or just with gold lettering, large mirrors and paintings in massive gold or bronze frames.

The floors in the room are laid out with wood, except the bathroom and kitchen, there are using the two colors of tile, positioning it in a checkerboard pattern. As for the lighting, then there is a preference for the floor lamps and sconces with frosted glass table lamps antique style or in the form of chandelier. The light should be soft and warm.

By the way, in English design always uses an even number of items in the first place, it's just for lighting. Special attention deserves the ceiling, it stands out from the floor and walls. In its design you should not make the severity and restraint of colors, is appropriate relief decor and contrasting colors.

Its main decoration is the chandelier. I would like to note that the British, the chandelier is not the primary light source, usually it was spectacular decoration, highlighting the Royal style of the interior. The chandelier should be quite large in size with crystal elements.

Living room English design

In the living room, this interior implies a small carved coffee table, which can be arranged between the comfortable high-backed chairs standing in front of the fireplace.

The fireplace must be made of stone (preferably organic), at the top is a shelf on which are placed a variety of fine figurines, the subtle workings of the box and of course, watches.

As for the interior finishing, it is performed in the form of a combination of several types of wood. Floor covering made of natural wood, but is not forbidden to use parquet with wood structure. To the natural tree species will be preserved, he applied a transparent varnish.

Guest room, English interior

If you live in their own house or in a large apartment, where it is possible to make room for guests, not be amiss to consider a few rules. The guest bedroom unlike the living room and bedroom of owners with mostly shades of yellow, green, red, blue and gold. The main rule — the colours should be in harmony among themselves.

Making room in the English style

As for furniture, it is also necessary to keep in the same style with the whole room. Better if in its manufacture are used the material of natural origin. And, of course, do not forget about the carvings, without them, none of English furniture.

Making each room, you must choose a headset in the same style. For example, shelves and cupboards for books is perfect in the office, and will complement their massive table and a luxurious leather chair with carved elements. If the office area is large, it is possible to place a small leather sofa with four wheel stitching and carved coffee table.

The main thing — all should be in one color. Windows advantageous to emphasize "heavy" curtains with tassels, but the tulle on the contrary, you should choose a light, almost transparent, and, of course, without them pelmet curtains do not acquire a classic English style.

Also on the floor you can lay carpet, the only thing he does not have to be synthetic, only wool. As for the color shades, for office, guest bedroom and it is better to give preference to carpets with a subtle pattern in muted colours, but in the living room, on the contrary, good carpet with bright pattern.

In conclusion, I want to mention that if you by the spirit of the English way, not worth thinking about or listening to other people's advice, (which is now in Vogue), change the atmosphere of your home safely. It is in the interior you will feel truly at home, testing reliability, comfort, tranquility and comfort. And even saturation of the items you absolutely will not interfere.



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