English style interior — a style of refined elegance

"Gold needs no gilding" – these words convey the essence of her character the author of the novel "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte. The same can be said about the English style of aristocratic and without excessive glare.

English style – a style of refined elegance, which is characterized by a combination of aristocracy, elegance and restraint. We can say that this style is a special kind of classical style, in particular, of elements of regularity in the English style less than "classics" and colors more. But the main feature – the mandatory use of forms of ancient architecture and some colonial notes – Oriental interiors. The English style should create the impression of the interior, which is at least 100 years, his motto – a family and national tradition.

English style is very expensive, it underlines the viability and status of its owner. This style is best to "survive" in the interior completely, it is difficult combined with modern styles.

The basic elements of English style in the interior:

• According to the ancient examples of architecture;

• Restraint, elegance;

• Generally, the interior is designed in dark colors. Exception – possible white interior;

• Expensive finishing materials;

• In the interior of many elements from a tree of noble breeds: walnut, bog oak, mahogany;

• Large Windows with small rasstanovka, often these Windows the top of the arch shape;

• Plaster;

• Textured Wallpaper with patterns, stripes, curls (as in the tapestry) or small floral pattern,

• Textile in interior design (but not the walls) is also used in the pattern;

• And Wallpaper, and plaster wall decoration is always combined with the wooden panels that are placed in the lower third of the wall;

• Wide, low window-sill, designed as a seat with cushions;

• Upholstered furniture with fabric or leather;

• The combination of furniture with simple shapes and furniture with curved legs;

• Often within the same room combined furniture with different patterns-companions;

• Typical style piece of furniture – a massive low sofa with rounded armrests and quilted upholstery;

• Bookcase shelves dark wood

• Many cornices, moldings made of wood;

• Doors must either be of the same color with the floor or with ceiling;

• The ceiling is most often wood, decorated with intersecting beams (the result is a "cellular" relief);

• English style – a massive, allowed some of the clutter of furniture;

• "Mirror" technique in the design of accessories: the most expensive paintings are executed in the most simple frame, and a conventional mirror, simple tapestries – luxurious;

• Heavy curtains on the Windows, pelmets with fringe.

The unusual layout of the apartment in English style:

• The layout should be symmetry, geometric forms, straight lines;

• Generally, the interior is zoned, it should not be viewed directly;

• The apartment must have sufficient space for the style you want the space;

• Large Windows;

• Lack of podiums;

• The best option for the implementation of the style – split level room with stairs;

• Window in the bathroom and the kitchen.

The color scheme of the interior in the English style:

Natural restrained colors: various shades of brown, ochre, red, shades of dark green, terracotta, gray-green. Additional colors – cream, yellow, ivory, gold, bronze.

Accessories for an interior in English style:

• Fireplace with shelf for knick-knacks;

• Stained glass inserts for the ceiling;

• Carpets;

• Brush;

• The canopy over the bed;

• Tapestries;

• Numerous lamps and floor lamps with fabric lampshades;

• Mnogorozhkovye chandeliers with crystal pendants;

• "Family" paintings of different sizes on the wall;

• Paintings with scenes of hunting, sports, gardening, with images of horses, dogs, cars, flowers, heraldic elements;

• Several colonial accessories in the Chinese, Indian, or African styles;

• Porcelain and crystal;

• Hunting trophies;

• Antiques;

• Skillful handmade products;

• Lots of flowers in pots;

• Vases for flowers on the same stalk. published

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