The rhythm of life

Life has its own rhythm. When we catch him, synchronize with him, then we go through life, as if caught in a powerful stream that strongly and smoothly carries us. We feel satisfaction, joy, energy and inspiration. We can dream, set goals and get everything you want, easily, without much effort. Every day brings us joy and new experiences. We in drive. We control our reality of life. We have a true, United with him, holistic, such as it is – we are real! But in our life into trouble, things start to go wrong, as we would like, and we lose the rhythm of life. He eludes us and we're slipping out of the stream. And if we have learned a little bit observe, you can see that we down with the rhythm of life is almost the same repetitive life situations, problems, scenarios and models. And in the current crisis times of uncertainty and unpredictability when something is changing every day, such situations occur more frequently and stronger.

Taking off from the stream, we lost, feel like a mirror scattered into fragments. Our integrity is compromised. We feel insecure and anxious. We want to protect and enclose themselves an impenetrable wall. We are locking ourselves in a dungeon, ruled by alienation, confusion, and often fear. Instead of joy and drive comes commonplace. Each day like each other. No desires and ideas, and no goals. No energy and inspiration. Like glitter, showered with our wings, we lost the ability to fly. Inside we feel that something is wrong, we want more, but don't understand why. We do not see as if lost in the dense woods and can't find the reference. There is no us. There is someone, but we are not true!

Experiencing life on Earth, we usually see everything under a very narrow angle of view. So when things start to go wrong, as we would like, it is very difficult to see the situation differently. Too often we are so fixated on his quest to understand what we did wrong, what not even think, and suddenly what we see as a disaster, in fact it is the right of all that could happen in the moment? Fired; broke up the marriage; friends betrayed, we are sick or close —any (Yes, any!) of these events is part of our plan. All of them were laid in order to show us an important lesson, to "push" us to another direction or to awaken us and make us look for meaning in all aspects of our lives, to find our true purpose, our passion and to restore our integrity and the truth.

It is well known that "repetition is the mother of learning". This means in particular that the models again and again recurring in our lives give us very important information about ourselves and the lessons we need to learn.The correct understanding of these models is not only essential for our understanding of ourselves, but also opens endless possibilities for change.

In many cases, a simple understanding of why there are certain events enough for making positive and lasting change.Agreeing to consider human experience as a process of evolution of the soul, we begin to understand what strange forces are at work in our lives. We see that we — human beings seeking spiritual awakening, in fact we are spiritual beings trying to cope with a human awakening. But what makes us spiritual beings, to seek the human experience? What drives certain life patterns? And finally, why and how these patterns are manifested in our behavior? Gaining experience of human life, we are working to achieve Mastery of the twelve basic life qualities.

With the help of the concept of the 12 Basic Life Lessons by Steve Rother you can discover a new point of view on life and the human experience and get answers to these and many other difficult life problems and issues. You will be able to realize the highest sense, which lies behind all these negative problems, scenarios, situations and models and then turn to models that seem destructive to positive so that these changes become irreversible. And then we become able not just from time to time to catch the rhythm of life, we become able, in spite of any circumstances, live life in the flow of our true rhythm, but if we lose it for a while – we are able to quickly restore the Shine of their wings, our integrity, our true connection with yourself and fly!

Wrote Dave and Wendy Ulrich “He who has found meaning, brighter and better lives in any circumstance or finds the strength to change them.” published

Author: Anna Dragomiretskaya

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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