The balance of Yin and Yang: respect for nature

Today more and more people are asking the question, do these or other events, why I don't fit into certain frames, why I react to others this way and not otherwise. Inside born the idea that we can live differently, that it is possible to avoid stressful situations or at least to smooth them, that in life everything can be better, that something is not as should happen. But how to understand, how to understand where to go, what to do?

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Let's look at this problem from the point of view of a famous formula of Yin and Yang. Our time is a time of simplification, and because of this, many capacious philosophical concepts found by ancient civilizations lose their deep sense of the sacred, information about them is presented to us in a distorted form. One such pronounced distortion is a separation of the energies of Yin and Yang, into a separate operating force, and usually with the energy of Yin is associated the feminine energy and Yang energy of the male.

If we look at the symbol of Yin-Yang, we will see that these two opposite energies are enclosed in a single circle. These two forces represent parts of one whole, they are inseparable. But each of the types of one energy, laid a piece of other of energy — one energy inevitably appears in another. The symbol suggests that these energies do not exist separately, they are inextricably interrelated.

Evidence of this can be seen everywhere. For example, the change of seasons in nature. If you look closely, you will notice that periods of intense, rapid development followed by periods of calm or even torpor.

What is considered a typical symptom of Yang energy – the expansion and development desires, the energy is directed outwards, as a rule, hot energy, is manifested in one years time, and what is traditionally considered a Yin – slowing, deepening, saving, saving – it happens at other times of the year. And in those climatic zones where there are no clear changes of seasons, these variations also exist, but they are slightly differently presented. That is, one state succeeds another, emerging from the previous one.

Virtually no living organism, which would have been the time or as Yin or as Yang. Life is a constant change of conditions, is a constant movement of energy. Any phenomenon, any development, any physical action that involves both of these processes – and the momentum is directed outward, and the moment of balance, of restoring the integrity, the moment of ascertaining what has been achieved. When one stage is mastered, there is a new momentum of energy outside.

Hence, a natural conclusion that every living organism necessarily involves both types of energies, and each of us is no exception in this process.

The existence of people, which represents only the Yang energy or Yin energy, and it does not matter what sex these people. It is important that for each person the balance of these energies is different, as features of their manifestation.

I want to focus on the fact that the gender role of a man has nothing to do with Yang or Yin dominant. That is, there are men in which absolutely dominates the Yin component and Yang is clearly in a subordinate position. Conversely, there are women who time and again demonstrated the Yang energy and Yin energy is they complementary.

Back again to the sign of Yin-Yang and not imagine a vertical line dividing two drops on the right and left parts, and imagine that the sign is divided by a horizontal line. Then you will see that each half is about equally one of the energy, but one part is dominated by one energy, and another part another. People for the most part represent such sets of energies, in which different types of energy contains almost equally, but there is some small advantage or capacity of development.Why is it important to understand? Because the main obstacle to the attainment of happiness is the rejection of yourself as you are and as a consequence, the acceptance of others for who they are.

And the first step toward change in your life will define you, what energies are dominant in you. Perhaps the dominant in you Yin, requires you, for example, a calm understanding of a situation, review it in detail, and when the picture develops, you can connect your Yang energy and perform the desired action; but the other course of action leads to your tension. Either you tend immediate reaction to a situation that does not always lead to the desired results, but it's your set of energies, and it forces you to do so. When you understand who you are, the next step is accepting the fact that you like this. Without evaluations and comparisons, good or bad, just like this.

The fact is that when we don't take ourselves or another, we are not able to change, improve something. But if we understand that our device and the device other people are different that each of us has our own set, its quantitative composition of energies, we open ourselves to build our relationship so that we better understand each other, bringing each other their true desires and met a sincere response. Therefore, it is very important to recognize which energies are dominant in you.

Determining your dominant energy, you will understand that is the basis of your reactions, your behavior. But, there is a very important point that should not be missed. Do not forget that each of us there are and that is another type of energy. And if you operate one energy, not letting out another, there will inevitably be an event that will make you stop and feel the influence of the opposite, long pent-up forces. It's like a pendulum, the harder to swing it in one direction, the stronger it will fly in another. It is important to strike a balance, and remember that the active action must change the state of rest and Vice versa.

In order to more thoroughly understand the issues of self-discovery and development, two small steps a little. But to go all the way, you need to at least start walking.

Let's return once more to the Yin-Yang and pay attention to the fact that within the same energy there is a drop of potential of the other and Vice versa. Very often calm, steady, slow, focused people do not recognize themselves as carriers of active, active energy, because of their external manifestation seems to be very static. But you remember that in nature nothing is created only from one type of energy. Such people also present Yang energy (this is the drop of one form of energy into another), and inevitably there are times when it manifests itself.

Unfortunately, in our social lives its manifestation is usually sudden and very emotional. When calm, steady, slow man is a long time in a high stress situation, at some point the voltage reaches a critical limit occurs and health-destroying energy blast. The intensity of the explosion far exceeds the release of the active energy Yang, which by nature is designed to create expansion, capturing new territory, new areas to create new spaces. It turns out that inski person is able to demonstrate a burst of active energy of Yang that its action can be compared, perhaps, with the destructive action of natural elements. And destruction directed against the person and against others.

Conversely, a person with a very pronounced activity, with a constant power generator inside, able to have others, to bring creative projects to portirovali interesting ideas alone can experience a deep sense of numbness, emptiness, frozenness and even some of insensibility, which are familiar to people mainly inskogo type.

All this is happening because, for the balance nature creates here is inclusion in, the energy of one type, the element of energy of another type. And when we understand the mechanism by which we react, it is easier to forgive yourself, accept yourself and most importantly don't go on about those unbearable spontaneously born within us, emotions that make our behavior is painful for others and for ourselves.

So, whatever type of energy you have not prevailed, you always have the energy of a different type, and must be respected. If you, being a man of pronounced type, continue to exploit its primary energy inevitable moments that will make you stop and feel the opposite.

Let's say you are a very active person, constantly transforming, with big ambitions to myself who wants to catch a lot at once in several directions. It says that your device is dominated by the Yang energy. But, if you do not respect the Yin energy is not take rest periods, do not appreciate its focus, torpor and inactivity, your Yang energy will not be fully realized. Because, just as in nature, all processes occur in cycles: the active release of some proactive actions must be balanced by a period of concentration, making the fact that there is lack of ambition. Otherwise there is the infinite Plenum, operation of the Yana of the resource, which, in the end, either makes man a neurotic whose energy randomly breaks out in the absence of internal resources, or leads to a deep depression, when released finally, the Yin covers a person as a magic fog, paralyzing his foolish activity.

If the same standards will come to Yin, we see an even more interesting picture. Although Yin less directed outward, it is still a great influence on others, because it is energy, a stabilizing space. It's like a magnet or an anchor, which restrains the surrounding energy. Therefore, a person who produces protective energy of Yin is in the role of unwitting generator, although outwardly he may look passive, inert, sluggish, not efficient. But keeping the rest, he helps others to be active.

People who are predominantly Yin, feel the opposite energy, as a rule, often forced. It so happened in our society that are praised, supported and strongly encouraged, usually action. In this contemplation, the slow, careful watching, which allegedly inhibit active, very often condemned and censured. And here external circumstances, prodding and nudging, i.e. that such a forced ejection inskogo person from the inside out, always leaves a bad trail. And the reason for this is, firstly, a breach of security, and, secondly, a sense of injustice. Such circumstances inevitably engender in man the idea that he's not such a need.

But this idea is imposed by the point of view of others, and inside man feels completely different, he knows he's right. These scissors external and internal votes lead to conflict with the world. If we on the inside know what it is, and on the outside we are told that it is not, we can't be another reaction, except in advance to expect negativity and show others claim. Therefore, the time associated with the forced withdrawal of a person inskogo type to active, leads to tragic results.

Actually in my words sounds like a contradiction. I say that for a person to Yang energy (towards the outside) have been as effective, he needs to respect the Yin energy. He needs to listen to yourself and in moments of reluctance to act given these points, calmly accepting them as a phase of accumulation of energy for the future. And the man of Yin energy you need to consciously allow yourself to sink inward, ie again to be in Yin. Seemingly a contradiction – the energy is different, and dominant, i.e. respect to energy savings and conservation (Yin energy) are the same. This is easily explained. Because we live in a world where there is a huge predominance of Yang energy. All external stimuli – media, the various forms of human interaction, promotions — based on the principle of attack. You don't want, and you are bombarded by music in the taxi; you don't want, and you Inbox come flyers; you never expect it, and you are constantly turning all sorts of people with their claims and requests. Our society exists as a permanent Yana advantage. Therefore, for energy saving existence, for normal resonant circuit, you need to take a resting phase that person-Yang support and help him to accumulate his strength for the further leap to the outside, and a man-Yin planted the desire to act.

And in either case it is important to capture the moment of the reluctance to be active, to find in this moment amuseneering accumulation and to understand what action you can now do. Because to sit by the Creek and watch the water running is also about action. Or unconsciously to knit and just to be without thoughts is an action, too. In condition does not imply lying on the bed, stupid looking at the ceiling, although it is possible. A as Yin suggests a lack of communication outward. At this time you are in communication with them may be unconscious.

In our crowded world Yang energy is very important to create oases in'skogo state.

And I want to encourage you from time to time to take in these rest, in a state of inner silence. I urge you to try and find the opportunity to talk with the closest person to you on earth itself. September as the time is very favorable for this month. published 

Author: Svetlana Dobrovolskaya

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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