Point San Yin Jiao — the secret to women's health and youth

The secret to a great shape is simple – try to always stay in good mood, eat simple foods, move more, sleep plenty... and every day to stimulate the point San Yin Jiao, at least 10 minutes on each foot. You can push with your finger, you can rattling massage hammer.

To counter age, to support the youth, women need to adopt the point San Yin Jiao. The effect will be even more noticeable if you combine massage the point San Yin Jiao with massage of other points that contribute to the improvement of ovarian function.


Point San Yin Jiao located on the inner side of the tibiae of both legs. If you put four stacked fingers palm little finger to the center of the bone on the inner side of the ankle, this distance is 3 conam, San Yin Jiao located directly posterior to the tibia. Why is this point so important to women's health?

1. Regulates my period, the skin without spots, wrinkles, acne

At the point San Yin Jiao intersect the channels of the liver, kidneys and spleen. The spleen is responsible for the production and promotion of blood and qi, the liver is responsible for storing blood the kidneys allow blood to the original energy. If blood and qi in the body of a woman is enough and there is stagnation of blood, the menses come regularly, without delay.

Spots, pimples, wrinkles actually connected with the regularity of menstruation. If every evening to stimulate the point San Yin Jiao, it will help to regulate the menstrual cycle, to postpone menopause, forget about skin problems. But to obtain this effect is not possible in a single session.

You need to constantly point massage, and after a certain period of time (not earlier than a month), you will see the result on your face. 1-2 days results will not achieve. In addition, one of the causes of disorders of the menstrual cycle is ovarian failure. Therefore, in addition to massage the point San Yin Jiao should attend to the recovery of the ovaries.

2. Strengthens the muscles of the face, prevents sagging skin

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is responsible for muscle elasticity of the muscle is determined by the condition of the spleen.

If you damage the activities of this body, it will inevitably manifest laxity of the muscular tissues of the face and body.

If after forty years the woman still has the desire to resist the force of gravity, to prevent sagging muscles of the face, breast, belly, balanced in addition to timely supply necessary every night to massage the point San Yin Jiao.

3. Cure sex coldness

Because of the constant stress or unhealthy habits can occur frigidity. Not experiencing sexual desire a woman not only deprives himself of many joys of life, it affects family relationships, often leads spouses on the brink of divorce.

Point San Yin Jiao point to replenish qi and blood, which in turn helps to get rid of sex coldness, to revive the romantic relationship. Massage the point San Yin Jiao helps to get rid of sex coldness, increase sexual desire, improve the quality of the marital relationship.

4. Stimulates the uterus and ovaries.

To maintain the health of the main organ responsible for the youth women – ovaries, except for the point San Yin Jiao is possible to resort to other massage of active points. Most important to this point – Xue Hai (SP10), Fu Liu (K17), Zhao Hai (K16), which are on the inner side of the legs and located in the lower abdomen of the points Guan yuan (RN4), Qi Hai (RN6), Shen Que (RN8). If you push these points daily, it will stimulate the activity of the ovaries, helps to maintain youthfulness.

The Central channels – the Ren Mai (Perednezadny channel), Du Mai (zadnescheinah channel) starts in the lower abdomen, in the region of the uterus and ovaries. Prednaznachennyi channel is responsible for the blood circulation. Zadnescheinah channel is responsible for the circulation of qi.

Massage points in the lower abdomen will stimulate the activity of the uterus and ovaries, strengthen the movement of energy through the miraculous energy channels. If energy in the channels is sufficient, the skin is smooth, healthy, deep sleep, the skin and muscles taut with no signs of sagging. Therefore, specialists in women's health I propose to begin to care about their appearance by strengthening the uterus and ovaries.

How often you can influence the point San Yin Jiao?

Massage the point regularly or when you feel the need. The effect is best done with the thumb, he is the strongest. Should not be too zealous or you'll get a bruise. Point painful enough, find a suitable force of impact. The point can be cauterised by sagebrush cigars.

Eighty nine million two hundred forty four thousand five hundred nineteen

Point San Yin Jiao

Of the directory of active points:

Action: Stimulates the spleen and stomach, eliminates dampness, harmonizes the liver, tonifies the kidneys. Regulates menstrual cycle in women. Improves activities of the lower heater (intestines). Promotes urination. Stimulates the reproductive system. Calm nerves. Softens the pain.

Applies: when pain in the lower abdomen, bloating and rumbling in the abdomen, irregularity, painful menstruation, irregular menstrual cycle, uterine bleeding, leucorrhoea, uterine prolapse, impotence, enuresis, pain in the external genitals, swelling, hernia, muscular atrophy, disturbance of motor function, paralysis of the lower extremities, headache, dizziness, insomnia.

San Yin Jiao is a very important acupuncture point. Especially effective as a harmonizing point. That is, if somewhere there has been an imbalance acting on the point is possible to achieve harmonization of state, regardless of, excess and lack was the cause of the imbalance.

This property, as well as a strong effect on the three Yin of the body was the cause of the popularity points in the treatment of many ailments.

The main point role – harmonization of all the functions of the spleen. The spleen is responsible for the movement of qi and blood in the body, and also like to "keep things in their places" — that is, that the bodies nodelist at the prescribed places, the blood circulates through the arteries and veins, etc.

Also point used to treat such problems of the digestive system, as incomplete digestion, diarrhea, feeling of fullness in the abdomen, rumbling, etc.

Point used to normalize the condition of deficiency of blood, due to the inability of the spleen to provide the blood with sufficient amount of qi, which is manifested by increased heartbeat, blurred vision, dizziness, painful menstruation…

Apply with the inability of the spleen to "keep things in their places" that is manifested by uterine bleeding, uterine prolapse, and hernias.

Weak spleen makes the body susceptible to damp, sometimes with increasing temperature or cold, which is manifested by feeling of heaviness in the whole body, the limbs, and especially in the lower abdomen that is often accompanied by diarrhea or discharges in women.

All three foot Yin channels are in the genital area. Therefore, the point is often used to treat disharmony in this area, including gynecological problems, pain in the vulva. This point is used to stimulate childbirth, so it is in any case should not be used during pregnancy, not to cause a miscarriage.

San Yin Jiao is an important point for the treatment of sexual disorders for both women and men. It is used to treat pain, spasms, impotence, premature ejaculation, compulsive sexual desires.

Two million eleven thousand three hundred twenty one

Most urological disorders such as difficult urination, bedwetting is also treated by using this point.

But this is not limited to the scope of the point. Often this point is used for the treatment of insomnia. This is because the spleen is responsible for transformation and movement of Qi.

All state of imbalance of energy caused by deficiency of qi or deficiency of blood and qi in certain parts of the body are somehow connected with the spleen. And to stimulate the activities of the spleen affect the most important point of the spleen channel, one of which is the point San Yin Jiao.

One of the basic tenets of Chinese medicine is that all organs and body systems are interconnected. And the center of this system is the spleen, the organ responsible for the production of the "driving force" of the body – qi.

Point San Yin Jiao is the most important point to regulate the activities of the spleen, and not only to the spleen to successfully perform their functions, but also to harmonize its interaction with other bodies.

According to the materials of the Chinese sites translation of Elena Buyanova

Source: tkm1.ru


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