This magical point - the secret to eternal youth, health and beauty

Always stay in a positive frame of mind, move more, eat simple food, sleep as much as the body needs ... and every day at least 10 minutes to stimulate Yin Jiao point Sanya on each foot.
Stimulating points Sanya Yin Jiao - a very important point, especially for women. After all, it will give an opportunity to confront the age, that is a long time to preserve youth. And if you combine the massage this point with the stimulation of other points, which can improve the function of the ovaries, the effect will be much more noticeable.

Where is the point of Sanya Yin Jiao?

And it is on the inner side of the shanks of both legs. Look at your ankle. On the inside there is a bone sticking out. This bone should be brought together to make 4 finger, with the little finger to make the bones center. Above the stone at 3 cun (or 4 pin) and there is a point Sanya Yin Jiao.
This point can be massaged in turn, and it is possible simultaneously on both feet. On it, you can simply press your finger, and you can tap with the help of massage hammer. What is so magical for women's health giving massage this point?

1. Adjust the monthly cycle, eliminates spots, pimples and wrinkles.

This point is the intersection of kidney channels, liver and spleen. The spleen - an organ which is responsible for the production and promotion of blood and qi energy. The liver is responsible for the storage of blood and the kidneys are able to give blood primordial energy. The secret lies in the fact that if the body of a woman is circulating enough blood, and qi energy, no congestion, it is directly reflected in the monthly flow. In other words, they come without delay, ie regularly. From the regularity of the menstrual cycle is dependent on the appearance of the body of acne, blemishes and wrinkles.

If every evening to massage points Sanya Yin Jiao, then you recover cycle, and with it the retreat of caring for skin problems, and duration of menopause significantly moves. However, we must remember that from just one session of such transformations can be expected. If you do massage every day, then after a certain period of time, not less than one month, you will see the first results on my face. In addition, we know that the menstrual cycle begins to get off on the background of ovarian function. This means that in addition to massaging the point of Sanya Yin Jiao need to take care of the health of the ovaries.

2. It eliminates sagging skin and strengthens the muscles of the face.

Chinese doctors believe that the responsibility for the elasticity of muscle lies on the spleen, the better its condition, those muscles more elastic. If this body will be subjected to regular attacks, it will necessarily lead to laxity not only skin, but also the entire body.
If the ladies after reaching forty years of age have a sincere desire to prevent sagging chest muscles, abdomen and face, you need to massage the point every evening Sanya Yin Jiao, not forgetting about balanced nutrition.

3. Improves the activity of the uterus and ovaries.

The main body, which is responsible for the young woman - is the ovaries. Therefore, to maintain their health need to massage and other important active points, which we list. The most important point for this are located in the lower abdomen point Guan Yuan (Ren4), Qi Hai (Ren6), Shen Que (Ren8). If you push these points on a daily basis, it will stimulate ovarian activity, help to preserve youthfulness. Chinese doctors isolated in a woman's body or perednesredinny channel Ren Mai and Du zadnesredinny channel or May.

This is the central channel, the first of them is responsible for the circulation of blood, and the second - for the treatment of qi energy. Both of them start in the lower abdomen there is a uterus and ovaries. Regular massage these points, which are located in the lower abdomen activates the ovaries and uterus activity and stimulates the movement of qi energy through energy channels. When this energy is enough bodies work without interruption, and the skin health of women and smooth, without wrinkles and other problems, muscles taut and elastic and sleep deep and strong. Therefore, Chinese medicine is strongly advised to start taking care of health to strengthen the uterus and ovaries. But back to the point of Sanya Yin Jiao.

How often can and should act on it?

It can be massaged or when you feel the need, or do it regularly. Massage the most effective with the thumb, because it is the strongest among the other fingers of the hand. Overly zealous not need to avoid bruising. Pressing the point is accompanied by painful feelings, so it is advisable to use reasonable force impact.

You can still apply such an unusual way as burning it sagebrush cigars.
What about this says a guide to active points?
The impact on this point activates the stomach and spleen, improves and regulates the liver, removes liquid tonic effect on kidney function. Restoring works on a monthly cycle in women. Enhances the bowels, stimulates urination.
Organize the work of the reproductive system.
It calming effect on the nerves.
It acts as an analgesic, ie reduces the pain.

Massage points Sanya Yin Jiao should be applied in the following situations:

with pain in the lower abdomen and external genital organs;
if worried rumbling in the stomach and bloating occurs;
frustration at the chair; with pain before and during menstruation;
in the event of uterine bleeding, or cables;
uterine prolapse; in case of problems with potency;
in case of enuresis; while disturbing edema;
the detection of hernia; atrophy of muscles;
if there is a violation of the motor function;
in paralysis of the legs; as well as pain in the head, dizziness and insomnia.

Sanya Yin Jiao point is given very important in the science of acupuncture. Special importance is given to her as a harmonizing point. In other words, in the case of an imbalance in the human bodies via the impact point on the general condition can be harmonized.

It does not matter what caused the imbalance - a deficiency or excess energy. This important property of a point. Coupled with the strong influence also on three Yin body can be successful in treating a variety of ailments.

The main role of the point of Sanya Yin Jiao - restoring harmony spleen function, since it is its responsibility in promoting blood and qi energy in the body.
In addition, this point is responsible for ensuring that all human organs were in their places, as created by nature, with the blood circulate freely through the veins and arteries.
As mentioned above, massage this point it is important to restore normal operation and the digestive tract.

Such disorders include inadequate digestion, diarrhea, feeling of fullness in the abdomen, unpleasant rumbling and a few others. If the spleen is not enough works well, it can not provide the right amount of blood qi energy. Because of a weak function of the spleen may appear dizziness, palpitations, blurred vision and painful periods.


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