9 points on the face, indicating a predisposition to wealth and fortune

In China, they believe in happy and unhappy faces. Few Europeans know that the human form may have "mountains" and "rivers", indicating a natural predisposition to wealth and success. As in Feng Shui home, in determining how favorable "house" of his soul, the face and the human body superimposed diagram of the nine areas, called "Bagua".


first point The most important "mountain" of a person, according to Chinese physiognomy is the forehead. He is considered the symbolic dwelling place of the heavenly dragon, the embodiment of masculine, active principle "yang". High, prominent forehead and rounded indicating that the holder has a high potential for success, power and wealth and enjoys the patronage of supernatural forces.

If nature has awarded you this forehead, take it as most important to its mascot. Keep it clear of blemishes, blackheads and pimples, do not let it burn from the sun. Any defect in the forehead that will mean a deduction from your predetermined destiny welfare quantity. Sharp, deep wrinkles and reduce the chances of prosperous in all respects, maturity and old age, therefore, minimize frown.

But birthmark on his forehead are acceptable, provided they are not located exactly in the middle - then they really need to be removed. The most unfavorable considered black moles.

second point The point, referred to as "Zhen" (people), is located on the bridge of the nose, between the corners of your eyes. It is also called "palace of life." This area must be clean - no hair, spots, pimples or moles, because they point to the obstacles of life. If the point of "Zhen" is smooth and noticeably lower forehead, it symbolizes life in abundance and calling to power.

The third point

The nose is the third point of wealth. He embodies feminine, relaxing start "yin" and, according to Chinese physiognomy, is one of the "rivers" of a person, bringing wealth. The spots, pimples, black on the nose point considered an expression of the life of obstacles, and the worst sign - a mole on the tip. Having her man is doomed to endless setbacks.

In general, it is desirable that the nose was proportional, but the main thing that he was not too small and snub. Much to his nose in China have always been treated with a fair clemency, because it is considered a sign of wealth and well-being refers to the acquisition of different sources.

The fourth point

Another sign of the wealth is in the form of track groove between the nose and lips. This track is called "the pearl of the Phoenix." Like the cleft chin or the dimple on it, it is considered a sign of beauty in China: the track is visible, the better. "Occupation" of this point - the eloquence of both orally and in writing

. In other words: a person marked by this feature, its ability to achieve prosperity and convincingly speak well or write

. Fifth

point The fifth point, indicating the likelihood of financial prosperity - the mouth, which is considered the second "river" face. The shape of the mouth is considered to be favorable, if the lips soft and full. Regardless of the size of the mouth should never appear dry, since this indicates a loss of luck. Constantly moist lips - a sign of good luck money

. In Chinese physiognomy fix flaws appearance using cosmetics is considered quite effective way to influence the fate (in the same way as in Feng Shui interior, you can use a variety of items to enhance a particular housing sector and neutralize flying through the window "malicious boom"). Therefore, women are at a disadvantage - lipstick and balm is easy to give their lips moist shine and make it more plump, it is a "cash»

. Sixth

point The next point is the second "Mountain" face - the chin. Favorable is released form the chin. Very well, if it is bifurcated, or if it has a dimple. A strong, big chin and speaks of a long life, and the cut, or is weak-willed, according to the Chinese, a sign of misery in old age. It can also be a sign of premature death.


point Eyes - this is the seventh point of wealth. On the great material success indicates if they are shiny and slightly moist, but what their shape or size, special importance has not. It is also important to have thick eyebrows and certainly desirable - curved. Whatever fashion eyebrows in any case can not pull out. When the face is not the eyebrows, a person can not climb the ladder of success.

If one eye is smaller than the other, use good cosmetic products, such as liner to correct this deficiency.

Eighth point

The eighth wealth spot on the face - it's cheekbones. When they are issued, and appear smooth and rosy - it is one the surest signs that should appear soon a great success in financial affairs. On the cheeks should always be flesh, they should not be skinny, as it will indicate an excessive aggressiveness and inability to get along with people. It is believed that the cheekbones are in good shape, if for them it is possible to pinch.

Ninth point The last point - it is the ears. They should not be protruding. A favorable feature - a plump, well-formed lobe, which comes to the cut of the cartilage. Such ears, except for material prosperity, promise more and gaining wisdom.


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