5 reasons to practice yoga yin. This will transform your life!

Yoga - it's not just a way to develop physically your body and increase its flexibility, as it is an opportunity to go deep into their consciousness. Yin Yoga - a meditative practice. It allows you to listen to your inner "I" let go worries, relieve stress and relax and unwind.

Dynamic Yoga only works with the muscles and to get to the level of ligaments, tendons and joints, must be deep relaxation and prolonged retention of poses. This is the purpose of yin yoga. Try to practice exercises such kind of yoga, and you will notice how your life is changing for the better.

Five benefits yin yoga:

1. Increases flexibility
Yin Yoga is very well developed flexibility. In order to obtain a truly flexible body, it is important to be stretched and elastic connective tissue. When doing this practice worked thighs, hips, inner thighs and lower back. In these areas a lot of connective tissue. Each posture is held an average of three minutes. At the same time the muscles completely relaxed.

2. It activates blood circulation and not only
Relaxation exercises help to improve blood circulation, especially in the hands and feet. Yin Yoga also helps to deliver more oxygen to the cells, which as a result begin to work better.
3. It relieves tension and stress
When doing certain types of yoga we stretch the muscles. In the practice of yin yoga we deepen our breath and relax. This, in turn, can help reduce the level of cortisol in the blood, which provokes the appearance of stress.
4. It helps the flow of internal energy
The practice of yin yoga allows you to get to places where energy is "stagnant" to activate circulation. Energy flows freely, allowing the pain go away and the person begins to feel better.

5. It eliminates the energy "of toxins»
Energy "toxins" are manifested as emotions. These include anger, stress, anxiety, sadness, grief, and much more. According to traditional Chinese medicine, every emotion is responsible for a particular organ. For example, with light fugacity sadness, fear is in the kidney, and stress in the liver. These emotions are equally harmful for our body. When you start practicing yin yoga, you will notice how the negative emotions go away by themselves.

Yin Yoga forces see what is really going on inside of us, and realize their psychological state. Try to engage in the practice of yin yoga, maybe it will become your new hobby and change your life.

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