Five main levels of the energy status of the organism

The first secret is life energy

The energy supply system of the person begins in the digestive system that converts food into fit for further processing. Then, when the person is in deep sleep state, the hematopoietic system produces this raw material is blood and the blood vessels deliver energy to all organs and tissues of the body.

Thus, the energy supply system includes the digestive system, hematopoietic system and the circulatory system. We know that if the car is low on gas or clogged fuel supply system, we not get very far. Lack of energy in the body also causes serious harm to the whole system of life support.

In fact — this is the main cause of most chronic diseases and premature aging. Therefore, to effectively resist disease, we need to know two things:

1. How to measure the energy level of your body;

2. How to quickly increase the energy level in your body.


Chinese medicine identifies five main levels of the energy status of the organism and related diseases and symptoms (Fig 1. ). Knowing them, you will be able to assess the energy status of your body and understand at what level the energy level he is at this time.

Chinese medicine identifies five main levels of the energy status of the organism and related diseases and symptoms

I. standard of health

At this level all organs and systems are in harmony. The characteristics of this level :

  • body well developed and in proportion with
  • the facial skin is pink and smooth
  • personality traits are calm,
  • lifestyle correct (mode of work and rest balanced).
As at this level, defenses are very high, the disease is not easy to get into the body. People with this level of health will meet infrequently, perhaps only people who have long and seriously practicing qigong or yoga can support the body condition to a ripe old age.

Only people who have long and seriously practicing qigong or yoga, can maintain the state of the organism on "health" to a ripe old age

II. The level of "Yang deficiency"

In Chinese medicine the term "Yang" refers to daily repeatable energy. The diagnosis of "Yang deficiency" means that an organism reproduces enough energy during the day to maintain optimum functioning of the body.

This energy level is somewhat lower than optimal. The reasons can be many, the habit of stay up late, poor diet defenses at this level are reduced and disease is already on the threshold.

But in the body even enough energy to cope with uninvited guests, and in different parts and organs of the body are real battles with the aggressors, which is manifested by various symptoms.

At this level of energy are those who are prone to colds (often with high fever) and allergic reactions.

III. The level of "Yin deficiency"

In Chinese medicine the term "Yin" refers to the accumulated (or so-called strategic) reserves of energy. The diagnosis of "Yin deficiency" means that the body begins to use strategic reserves of energy, because of the reproducible energy does so little that it is not enough to maintain basic life processes.

If the tendency to fall energy is not corrected in time, the body goes into the next phase. Lack of energy leads to the failure of the system self-test and recovery.

At this stage, if invading the body is the disease or damage of the internal organ does not pose an immediate threat to life, the body may postpone the restoration work to the best of times.

The energy in it is only enough to sustain daily needs. The body has no resistance to illnesses, so there were no unpleasant symptoms.

People whose organism is in a stage are the majority in our modern world. Many of them consider themselves perfectly healthy, work hard, go to sleep after midnight.

But the absence of disease only indicates that exhaling the last bit of energy the body simply can not afford to get sick. About such people we can say that they did not have enough power to hurt, and just quietly develop the disease in the body.

IV. The level of "Yang deficiency and Yin"

If energy continues to mindlessly consume, and its reserves are not replenished, the body begins to ACTIVELY devour the strategic energy reserves. In this period the person often experiences fatigue, bad mood.

At this level, to obtain the necessary energy the body can begin to"get" it from muscle or other tissue. Often, at the stage when energy stocks come to an end, growing with each passing day the feeling of tiredness and unwillingness to be active can make a person relax and gain strength, so will trigger the body's defenses, which until the end continued to fight for our survival.

V. the Level of "energy depletion"

When restocking for some reason does not occur, the energy level continues to drop and reaches level, which in Chinese medicine is called "Exhaustion of Yin and Yang", that is, the energy used and not replenished. Developing at this stage of disease is a very serious disease, because the body has lost even the ability to control the internal organs.

These five basic levels of energy status, which is our body. And one more thing, the understanding of which is very important...

The fact that the decline in energy generally occurs slowly enough, each stage can last for decades. But the increase in the energy level can happen fairly quickly — in just a few months (Fig. 2).

Improving energy level can happen fairly quickly — in just a few months

Almost enough for one month a healthy lifestyle that people felt the beneficial results of strength increase, mood improves. And after 4-5 months you won't even recognize yourself, you will surprise your loved ones healthy.

During the year a healthy lifestyle most people can raise the energy of your body to the level of "Yang deficiency" using simple techniques of Chinese medicine.


How do you determine at what level of energy is your own body?

There are some fairly simple ways to measure it.The easiest to consider carefully the lips and gums. Their color may give an idea of the color of blood inside your body. If long-term use of energy and to replenish its supplies, the color of the lips and gums dark.

But it is necessary to change habits of sleep and rest, as the color of the lips will begin to change. First pinks up the middle part of the lower lip, the process will continue from the inside out, for a full color change of the lower lip to normal it will take about six months. To become pink and upper lip, we need to continue to follow the right way of life even longer — a year or more.

Even easier to judge the changes in the body as the lower gums. After 2-3 weeks of life in the correct mode on the gums near the tooth roots will begin to form pink stripe, sharply differing in color from the rest of the gums.

If you continue to adhere to proper, the strip will start to increase. As the lower gums can be judged on how used to live. If the color of the gums is very bright, then a person sleeps a lot, but at the wrong time. The processes of absorption and reproduction of the blood flow properly.

The normal color of the gums a healthy person is definitely pink, blood pink. In the process of energy accumulation and the gums become increasingly dense, the gum tissue fills the spaces between the teeth, the teeth appear short. And when the energy decreases, like exposed teeth seem longer.

The color of the palms and skin condition is also an important health indicators. In a healthy person the palm of a bright, reddish only the tips of the fingers. It tells about the normal state of the liver.

There are other external signs that you can explore, but for the overall idea of the level of energy and health your body of these signs is enough to make a decision about the need to make some changes in your lifestyle.

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