Knots of fear: what you NEED to KNOW about energy blocks

We are often at the level of internal sensations understand that there is something inside that is stopping us time to make the right decision, some kind of holdup. There is some unconscious mechanism that includes a doubt in their own abilities, something inside as if whispering, "Not now, I'll do it another time, not me, not mine ", etc.

How many times have you understood that the "train has left"? That delay threw you to the curb of success just at the right time headache, stomach, etc.?

So who or what makes you hesitate?

It is no secret that people – it's not only the physical body is a complex system of interaction between different types of matter that in some way combine to produce invisible, but quite tangible flows of energy. In Eastern medicine these are called meridians. They have a point of entry, interaction and exit in the human physical body called energy centers or chakras.

The strength and completeness of these flows directly impact on our health, both physical and mental. But sometimes there are glitches in the movement or formation of such flows.

From the point of view of esoterics as a result of such violations for a number of reasons a person has blocks, or energy nodes, then that changes the true vibration of a particular organ and the whole human being, that which is called aura. The flow of energy passing through such nodes, distorted, weakened or even unfolds. This is one of the reasons for the arising of pain and even illness.

And on the mental level there is the biological change of momentum that generates negative emotions. Imagine what a power node is a kind of prism that focuses the defined radiation spectrum.

It is as if we imagine the flow of energy in the form of a white stream of light, having in its composition a 7 color spectrum, refracted, split into a rainbow. In other words, depending on the angle of refraction, we see a single color (based on this spectral analysis objects).

Today we will discuss one of the reasons for such a "refraction", which manifests itself in the vibration of fear and generates a person of"knot of fear".

How and when sound begins in the human the vibration of fear?

In some people this happens is still in the womb, if she is afraid to give birth, does not want to give birth, thinks about abortion, etc.

Then starts the mechanism of formation of the knot of fear. In this case, the main link between mother and child is the umbilical cord is the main power center. It is localized and block. Agree, all know the feeling of abdominal discomfort at the time when we was scared of something? This is his manifestation.

The next stage is the moment of birth, when the baby passes the birth canal of the mother. When the fear factor starts through the pain phase of self-preservation and includes the release of adrenaline in the blood, thereby including all the glands of the body. Pain-feeling and the fear-emotion release a powerful flow of vital energy, at the same time is "chipping" of the main power center of a person directly associated with the movement of life energy of the person.

It should be noted here that the pain and joy we respond the same center in the brain. It is no coincidence and the pain and joy we cry out, "Oh!". This also explains the fact that the facial expressions of crying and laughing the same, from fear and from joy we cry.

But, ideally, the child waited and wanted and a mother who was expecting and wasn't afraid of pregnancy, is born without the knot of fear that gives him further good fortune. As the self-preservation mechanism is triggered under the influence of endorphins, as a result, the child is not experiencing any pain (something akin to anesthesia), and is born in a state of euphoria. For such children the moment of birth, comparable to the highest pleasure.

By the way, babies born by cesarean, partly bypassed the vibration node of the fear, if it was, have a fairly high pain threshold and quite fearless.

Life energy is the gold of life, which is going during the life of the souls, multiple incarnations. It is her experience that bit by bit, like a pearl, growing in its energy space. The density of this substance determines the strength of the individual and the manifestation of her abilities. Like if you got put behind the wheel "Mercedes" or "Oka" — feel the difference.


Many have heard or read about Kundalini energy. This concept is taken from yoga.

Yes, the Kundalini energy is our reserve of vital energy, referred to. She "stored" region between the bladder and the coccyx in 1 chakra (the center), or otherwise called Muladhara (the Slavs — Source). There is one of the most important centers – knot of nerve endings, two of the largest lymph node. Sort of womb life, "the nuclear reactor". In women it warm up the ovaries, in men the prostate gland. That's why the work of this center connected with sexual sphere.

Where to go? Oddly enough, the direction of this energy goes down, if the person is providing the output (the emission of the recycled energy). When a person is lying, the inference process is slowed down or redistributed. That's why ill lay in bed. So to speak, in order to reduce consumption of this vital energy.

In General, the movement and distribution of this energy can be compared to the water tower. The energy is first drawn into the energy channel in the spine, we feel a surge of joy, euphoria and warmth in the spine.

Further, it "includes" (warms up) the glands that starts the process of movement and interaction of other forms of energy involved in their own centre, on the key energy meridians to ensure the functioning of the body. After that you can see through 1 chakra on the physical plane is a place near the anus.

Life energy, as I said earlier, a man in the limited (accumulated) number, has the appearance of a coiled snail or springs, its a vibration spectrum red. It is evenly allocated as needed and is consumed, not wspolnych.

Every time, like a pulsar, this energy nourishes our body, passing through the knot of fear, she draws this vibration that distorts its basic "sound".

For example, the desire to have material or other benefits will inspire envy, love will turn to jealousy, a bright desire to be sincere will turn a man into a liar, etc.

If you engage in practices to raise this energy, hoping to pump the center of Muladhara, you are very mistaken. Having the knot of fear in this moment you are simply wasting your life giving spring. Improper or irregular practice will disrupt the flow, resulting in negative health consequences, will destroy your energy.

Gold life feed on astral energy and essence of the subtle world. So choose consciously practice, so as not to trigger "opening" of the astral plane, this also causes the start of the process of aging, as it is baseless overheating glands. Because as the Kundalini moves up, she's a fan "includes" glands of internal secretion.

What blocks the vital energy? The energy nodes in its path. And the most important block is the block at the output node of the fear. Because of him the energy destroys the body like radiation. One of the manifestations of the knot of fear constipation.

Then like a flash of fear, on the contrary, raises the Kundalini of the astral fire (like grenade) that is expressed by diarrhea or sudden urination. It seeks out and breaks the other energy centers, in particular 2 chakra, which is located in the abdomen (around the navel).

2 chakra works on retraction through the navel energy from our energy cocoon. But in violation of the movement of the Kundalini energy in the face of energy 2 chakra, creates turbulence and reversal of movement of the energy flow Swadhisthana — energy center 2 chakra.

What happens in this case? If there is a reversal in the 2nd chakra, the energy is not drawn into the centre, but rather flows from it. This causes malfunction of the intestine, liver, pancreas, the problem of sexual plan. When turbulence energy develops an umbilical hernia, hemorrhoids, starts to grow a belly.

What does this mean? In the energy plan, a person loses money, prosperity, business, luck. And most importantly, the person begins to chase the fear (e.g. of losing anything or anyone of the material plane: money, possessions, and loved one) and the fear increases. Develop phobias.

This funnel becomes a channel to connect power entities and other energoparitet who get "access" to the most important organs of the human life support. Energoparitet provoke the emotional stability of a person. The man suddenly begins to suffer. Starts a series of mishaps and problems in business and in health.

For example, for no apparent reason is an uncontrolled outburst of jealousy or aggression, anger, etc. Or a person unjustly becomes jealous, loses determination, becoming lazy, etc. People can not calm down, become nervous, irritable, unable to cope with negative emotions. The farther into the forest, the more wood, as the Russian saying goes. Often, having calmed down, people do not understand what made him so Express yourself and regret. The kind of person people say, "he changes." or "he's not himself".

You can take pills, go to a therapist or psychiatrist to remove the damage, etc. Rather, a negative situation of life and health problems after some time appear again and again, and even on the rise. It is also a condition called panic attacks or depression. The knot of fear does not dissolve by itself.

It can be broken by changing the attitude to life, are radically revising their habits, etc. that agree to make it is sometimes very difficult. Or, if viewed from esoteric positions, it is possible to remove the node defined by the technicians, subject to the identification of the reasons for its creation.

There's a technique of tearing nodes — rebirthing

You can try to do it yourself. This is a special form of breathing.

Attention! There are contraindications. If you have diseases: hypertension, heart disease, heart failure, diseases of cerebral vessels, dystonia, glaucoma, asthma, in this case, this technique does not suit you (only under the supervision of a specialist).

The technique is: you must set a watch. During practice, you can neither drink nor eat. Running in the morning or afternoon. The evening or at night — not recommended.

Stage 1. Standing, arms along the body, feet shoulder width apart, shoes off, eyes open. Begin to take short and sharp breaths through the nose, the lips to close.(This is similar to very fast breathing). Do this nonstop for 7 minutes looking at the clock. Then a short pause (less than 1 min.)

Stage 2. Sitting on the couch or chair, back straight, eyes open, hands on his knees, shoes removed. Make one block short breaths through the nose — another 7 min. you Can help yourself a little "jumping" of the body up and down. Then a short pause of no more than 1 min.

Stage 3. Lying on your side on the couch. The legs can be slightly bent, put your hands like. Do another intensive block short breaths through the nose for another 7 min.

At the end of practice to sit down and catch my breath as much time as necessary.


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During practice and at the end of possible tears, the reaction of the nasal mucosa, cough, dizziness, a state of fullness, and pain in different parts of the body. Symptoms of exploding nodes, and release stagnant energy. published


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