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In the morning, waking up, the person is relaxed, dwells in the sweet languor. But you have to get up, a new day requires activity... Usually after sleep, the body satekle, but everyone knows that gradually diverges, drowsiness, slackness will themselves.

A in the morning, to Wake up and get your blood flowing, do physical exercises. Of course, this is a rational and healthy start to the day. But, as a rule, there is a lot of reasons to help persuade yourself that today is charging you and cancel.


In this case, active exercise can be replaced by special techniques blooming. After waking up, sit with your fingers and RUB the ear, like fray the delicate fabric. Rubbing stimulates active points, many of which were present on the ears.

After rubbing several times press and release the trestles — cartilaginous tubercles covering the ear hole.
The next step is the eye massage. Apply pads on closed eye lids and gently flatten them, massage gently on the eyeballs. This exercise stimulates the vision, and at the same time regulate the appetite, as eyelid located the point of control.


Stretch should be able to. The main task — to tighten the muscles, increase blood flow, get rid of stagnation. Take a deep breath and with breathing in, raise hands through the parties up.

Palms of hands connect and imagine what kind of hand you pull up, and his feet glued to the floor. Mental action is accompanied by actual physical tension that will help stretch the body's muscles, spine, chest, abdomen,...

The muscles of the body and legs are stretched, as you slowly exhale in the space in front of him. And with exhale lower hands to shoulder level. Hold them horizontally, parallel to the floor.

On the inhale open your chest to the sides and, at the same time overcoming the mental resistance to put your hands through the sides down.

Breath and movement of the hands down fail at the same time. The chest is filled with breath and hands touching fingertips in the pelvis.

Again raise hands through the parties up and repeat the first stage of the exercise.
The whole cycle of the try can be repeated several times. Monitor your health, at the first sign of discomfort in the head or chest will stop and slowly breathe.


This hands will set on the level of the pelvis, palms up, and take a full breath in several stages. The first short inhale and lift the hands from the pelvis to the navel. The next portion of inhalation, and hands raised to the solar plexus. Ends breath, and hands raised to the level of the clavicles. Breath delay 5-8 heart beats and slow breaths. Hands down to the pelvis.

Repeat this exercise 5-7 times. The tempo is slow.

"Atlas self-help. Practice energy recovery", N. Sherstennikov. published


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