The 10 principles of perfect start of the day

To day was a success, enough to stand with the right foot.

The first hours after waking up determine our inner spirit, physical form and level of energy with which we enter on the day.

Even waking up in a good mood, we risk to ruin it quickly if, immediately after awakening to dive into social networks, read news on the Internet, bad Breakfast. As a result of this morning to work pretty hard to tune, and we have to stimulate yourself with caffeine, deadlines, disgruntled bosses or clients, applying the principle of the whip.

But if one were to devote the morning to a powerful personal practice, which will charge us with energy and positive emotions, and will remind you of the underlying values and will help us to prioritize for the day?

Replace the morning bustle of creative thoughts and spirit for self-realization is committed to ensuring that not only morning, but the rest of the day fruitful.



Reason 1: We are either pumped with energy and positive emotions in the morning or in the early hours start to drain your battery.

Here everything is clear. Or morning fills us with energy that we have enough until the evening or early in the morning we Deplete it to misallocation of attention and bad habits.


Reason 2: the Morning setting charges all spheres of life.

If before Breakfast we drink a glass (or two) of warm water and thus purify the body, make even non-durable gymnastics, not eat Breakfast sandwich and whole wheat porridge with nuts and honey, instead of watching morning news 15 minutes of spiritual reading educational literature, is the social. networks of prescription intention and plan for the day — we cover all areas of life, including health and energy, emotions, personal effectiveness, relationships.

Imagine two moms, one who stood for an hour and a half before the kids and paradisou themselves with gymnastics, music and meditation, read a Chapter educational books, and the second, barely crawled out of bed with the third ring of the alarm clock. From the fact that the second lady is the time pressure in the morning she starts irritably to fit children for Breakfast instead of wholesome food to feed the children cereal to the accompaniment of horror stories, NTV, and in even more wild pokes is going to work. How different a boost of energy to get these two women and their children. And then there are the husbands..

Now imagine two men-professionals: one prozanimavshis sports in the morning, took a cold shower, read the literature, and thus set up for a fruitful day, and the second, which barely opened his eyes, fills itself, energy drink, coffee or some redbull, biting ham production. These men have a middle age with shortness of breath when climbing to the 3rd floor. A very large percentage of men, leading unhealthy lifestyle, there is impotence, which is a) the result of the wrong habits and b) cause a series of mental disorders.

Have you noticed that a man at the age of 40 years can feel and look 25 or maybe 60, depending on lifestyle? So, it all begins with your morning habits.


Reason 3: the Morning keep us in the vortex of success

Starting the morning right, we are launching a series of events that fill our life with meaning, energy, positive emotions. If the morning had been constructive, difficult task, emergency or even crisis situations are perceived as interesting challenges, and not as a natural disaster, from which you must escape.


Reason 4: Morning habits form a life script

The first hours of the morning — this is our day in a nutshell. And the day is life in miniature.

How we spend the first 2-4 hours after I Wake up in most cases provides the energy of the day. Of course, there are people who function better at night, and morning for them — not the most effective time of day. But maybe it has the same habit as everyone else.

Indeed, the influence of the sun and moon is the same for all the five oceans. With the full moon tides are much stronger. In any zoo, it is recommended to watch the animals early in the morning (when they are most active) and up to 12 days. Yes, in the animal nature there are representatives of the Kingdom of night — owls, bats, and maybe 1-5% of people can be attributed to the owls. But all the same, before finally sentencing themselves to the night waking, try to spend at least 10 days in the mode of a lark. Most likely, you feel strong emotional feelings and your personal effectiveness will increase significantly.

In my youth I had a friend who spent the morning very Bohemian: a hot bath, a Cup of black coffee, a cigarette (and this is grade 9!) Having met him a couple of years ago and seeing his physical condition, I felt strong sadness. Unhealthy habits ruined his talent and highly developed skills, turning a potentially outstanding life scenario in the fight (primarily with myself) for survival.

Our childhood and youth we lay down habits for life. I feel envy towards those who from childhood accustomed to the sport. For someone to get up in the morning and run, as natural as brush your teeth and take a shower for me.

The good news is that we are conscious beings and have the power to change your life script, if you devote time to the development and consolidation of new, healthy habits.

But first, let's look at the list of what brings the most harm to our well-being and minimizes their personal effectiveness.


1. To watch or read the news

Do not get tired to quote Boris Pozdnakova who told us in one of the "Conversations with the billionaire": "with your attention, we create the world in which we live."

Someone in the morning into a world of violence, political sadness, the news that in a year he will have no importance, and talk about anything, and someone — in the world of enlightened ideas, great people, the implementation of important tasks.

If you have a habit first thing in the morning to read news, here's my recommendation: put his favorite 3-5 favorite blogs whose authors inspire you to personal and professional exploits. News usually drain your battery. Articles by people who have a lot to learn — charge.


2. To view the social network immediately after waking up

In my feed every day there are interesting materials, but I usually have to prosquality a few dozen posts to see one thing valuable. Therefore, the optimal time for social. networking is when made the main task of the day and/or before the end of the day.

Scientists in the field of psychology through research proved that a movie about cute animals useful for our emotions. Contemplation of the kittens is in us a surge of hormones of joy. But again to get from this practice the most good and the least harm, they will recommend to watch videos only after completing important work. Otherwise, along with the hormone of joy you get a portion of the irritation from the backlog of cases and frustration in their ability of self-organization.


3. Drinking coffee or strong tea, or any other energy drink on an empty stomach (not to mention cigarettes and other ways to spoil their health and shorten life)

All that instantly and dramatically changes the biochemistry of body and brain can be attributed to poison. Sometimes the poison in limited doses useful. But please, before you pour yourself a stimulating beverage, drink 1-2 cups of warm water. This will soften the blow to the internal organs.


4. Defective to Breakfast or not to Breakfast

Inferior Breakfast I take simple carbs (plain bread, porridge and quick cooking), low-quality protein (sausage and "sausage"), fat (cheese production, refined oil).

For example, for a man-meat eater, a full Breakfast can be vegetables in the form in which they most preferred (the basis of any healthy diet) with a fresh slice of Turkey (one of the best animal protein) or scrambled eggs with whole grain bread.

Inadequate Breakfast — a sandwich of white bread (nothing useful) and sausages (unless you buy sausage in the South of France, Italy or the friends of the villagers of Russia or Ukraine, making sausage for yourself and your family, you risk to eat that would never eat, knowing the contents of these "products" and the degree of their negative influence on arteries and internal organs.)

At this point, however, there may be some deviation. There are people who haven't go into the throat, so the most natural first meal at lunch. But! If you have extra weight and you skip Breakfast, here is one way to help yourself is to stop for supper (or dinner, cut in half) and start eating a full Breakfast. The energy from this diet will rise, while the feeling of hunger is much more controlled during the day.


5. No way to stretch your body after a night

Every morning, the body is out of statics. In order for the energy in this well-circulated (or even gush), the body needs to move. In fact, our body is sooooo loves to move when we are not tormented by it, and give exactly as many loads as he wants to temporarily exit the comfort zone and raising the pulse. You also probably felt a surge of positive emotions after a good, but not tortured and exercise.

As Tony Robbins says, "emotion is created by motion": "emotion is created by motion". The worse the mood the more encouraged to move.

Now, I invite you to consider the principles by which you will be able to make a powerful upgrade to your morning.


Each of us charge different things. Try to include at least 5 items from the suggested me to make my morning (and hence the day, and thus life), is much more joyful and productive:


1. Creating intention for the day.

How you want to live through the day? In any flows, States, emotions? What you want to implement?

Remind yourself about your values, mission, and meaning. See your beacon, reminding yourself where you're going, and most importantly, why.


2. Body scrub: the toilet, brushing your teeth and tongue, contrast shower

Someone here may add additional procedures. Ladies, for example, for the morning practices of purification to add a facial massage.


3. Charging for the body

Dancing, walking, gymnastics, yoga, any physical exercise that severity which you can do in the morning.


5. Charging for emotions

For some it's time with your loved one and children, for someone- a meditation practice for some dancing.

Include what gives us an emotional lift.


6. Exercise for the mind

I have in this category of writing. In the days when nothing is written, I can read professional literature.


7. Charging for the soul

Prayer 2 minutes or 30 minutes — depends on the need and time.

I also really like the recommendation og Torsunov to speak simple words in the morning and throughout the day: "I wish everyone happiness." This gradually rebuilds our psyche with the struggle for love.


8. Full Breakfast

Of the principles of nutrition are endless, but the important thing is to choose an optimal diet.

I, for example, when they are in Russia, 2-3 times per week whole grain Breakfast cereals 2 times scrambled eggs with veggies and 2% cheese or cheese cakes/casserole with oatmeal. In the States, 1-2 times a week I do a cocktail of greens and fruit based on almond milk, and 1-2 times a week eat for Breakfast, vegetable soup or steamed vegetables with healthy fats. Other days cereal or omelets.


9. A written plan for the day

In the days when we equipped with the prescribed objectives and tasks, the percentage of their implementation is greatly enhanced even if we do not carry all the items. Swipe this experiment and make sure the power of the written planning.


10. Fun

This is perhaps the most important principle. All morning activities have either already, or eventually to give us pleasure not only from the result of the morning practice, but also from the process.

So, if you don't like running, it is not necessary to include in your morning program. Select aerobics or Pilates. If you do not like to move in the morning, just stretch for about 15 minutes. Quite often, when we just reach or do basic gymnastics, the energy is properly distributed through the body, leaving the blocks and we begin to want some additional motion and more serious load.

If you don't like porridge, you don't need to choke her, just because she's useful.

No need to read books that are not interesting. Choose something that stimulates and like us at the same time.

Enjoy the process — the only thing that can guarantee us that morning practice will become natural for us. The most reliable way to reinforce healthy habits is to pay attention to the pleasure and in the process, and as a result of an action.


My first 4 hours after waking up ideally look like this:

1. Wake up before the alarm (often within 10 minutes). Depending on the season and time zone, I Wake up in a span of 5 — 7 am.

2. 10 minute mental and energy configuration, my personal experience of getting into "flow".

3. Shower, brushing your teeth and tongue under dynamic dance, or Vice versa, spiritual, music.

4. 2 cups warm water, parallel filling "Super-Card of the day".

5. A Cup of green tea, during the tea party — 30 minutes of creative work. The tea is brewed, while I drink water.

6. Movement: yoga or walk with a little interval Jogging.

Often I do yoga and at the same time include videos of spiritual masters. And during the walk I prefer to listen to podcasts on interesting topics I professional and personal development. Sometimes I use that time to think. 70% of new ideas come to me during the daily walk.

7. A full Breakfast (sometimes I eat Breakfast first, then go for a walk).

8. Prayer.

9. Chief creative day job (writing texts, development of new programs).


All of these items take 3-4 hours.

Of course, the perfect morning doesn't happen every day. Even if I do 60-80% of that list I already feel charged to a fruitful, emotionally positive day.


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I hope I can convince you that the morning is critically important to us. Also hope that the example of my perfect morning will give you some ideas for composing your optimal morning practice.

If you work outside the home, then you can split your morning practice into 2 parts. The first is that you do at home after waking up. The second part is the first 2 hours of the working day that you want to devote top priorities, minimizing distractions by secondary tasks.published


Author: Elizaveta Babanova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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