25 Delicious breakfast from around the world. Real jam!

In the morning so I want something tasty! But where is the gain so many ideas, so every morning was special. Question on this difficult answer can be found in Victoria Philpot, in fact it has created an unusual project for breakfasts from around the world. In the creation of the author of the book helped her friends from all over the world, who sent her photos and recipes of favorite dishes for breakfast. So get ready for a tasty trip around the world!

A Pakistani Breakfast

Breakfast Jordan

Breakfast Breakfast

A Japanese breakfast

Dominican Breakfast

Breakfast in Iran

Egyptian Breakfast

Indian Breakfast

Bahamian Breakfast

Breakfast in Denmark

Breakfast in Belize

Hungarian B

Breakfast in Ghana

The Cuban Breakfast

Estonian Breakfast

Breakfast in Vietnam

Chinese Breakfast

Portuguese Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

Breakfast in Brazil

Breakfast in Venezuela

Breakfast in Peru

Moroccan breakfast

Spanish breakfast

Welsh Breakfast

Real jam! Do you want to try every day for breakfast for something new? Then consider these ideas. And do not forget to share this post with your friends!



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