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PUMA - one of the oldest sports brand, and its history - a perfect example of how brand-loser under the right marketing steps can become a trendy brand.

PUMA history began in 1948 when Rudolf Dassler split from the family business and started his own company. Its main competitor was the brother of Adolf, later founded ADIDAS. For many years the company has worked exclusively for athletes. This brand preferred and actively touted its footballers Pele, Eusebio, Maradona, Becker and Navratilova tennis and many other great athletes.

However, by the early '90s PUMA found herself on the verge of bankruptcy. Marketing and brand management in the company were far on the sidelines. Consumers said Mark imitative and featureless.

PUMA was the architect of the revival of the 40-year-old CEO Jochen Seitz. He speaks six languages, lead plane loves hunting and surrounded himself with managers of 20 - 30 years. Updated PUMA collaborates with fashion designers and produces limited editions. The focus has shifted from the sport in general, to the clothes to his particular species and an active lifestyle.

The new management has set a new goal - to make the most creative brand PUMA and desirable. The main element in the revival was the decision to develop footwear and clothing aimed at narrow segments, such as, for example, snowboarders, racing fans and followers of yoga. PUMA was the first among sports companies began to develop cooperation with renowned designers of clothing, shoes and accessories.

In just a few years it has become a trendy PUMA brand, which has the same success as a professional outfit and youth LifeStyle.

PUMA now doing everything to be different from other brands associated with sport, and above all - the approach to the formation of collections.

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In the German town of Herzogenaurach (Bayern) opens the company «Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik».
At the Olympic Games in Berlin, the American athlete Jesse Owens wins four gold medals in Dassler Brothers Shoe from. During the Games, almost every representative of the German national football team wears shoes Dassler. Total assets in the German team seven gold and five bronze medals. In addition, athletes, preferring shoe Dassler, set two world and three Olympic records.

Based company «PUMA Schuhfabric Rudolf Dassler».
PUMA is Atom - his first football boots.
The first football match held after the Second World War, several West German national team players, including the author of the first post-war goal, Herbert Burdenski, act boots PUMA.

Josef Barthel of Luxembourg takes its first Olympic gold (running at 1,500 m) at the Olympic Games in Helsinki in shoes PUMA.


Championship in Yokohama German Heinz Fyutterer sets a world record in the hundred-meter race. His shoes - PUMA.

At the FIFA World Cup players against Sweden and Brazil for the first time out of the shoes with brand PUMA stripes formstripe.

At the Olympic Games in Rome Armin Hari won the gold medal in the 100m in spikes PUMA.
PUMA - the first company which has applied in the manufacture of footwear for football newest technology: the sole and the upper are joined by vulcanization.


At the championship in Chile Brazilian Pele became a double winner of the World Cup in the shoes PUMA.

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Belgian Geston Roulents (3000m steeplechase), the British athlete Mary Rand (marathon) and Abbebe Bikila from Ethiopia rose to the highest step of the podium in the shoes PUMA.
At the World Cup in England's top scorer and best player of the Championship, the Portuguese Eusebio prefers boots PUMA.

Four athletes have chosen shoes PUMA - Tommy Smith (running at 200 m), Lee Evans (relay 4 × 400), Willie Davenport (110m hurdles) and Billy Sergio (pole vault) - bring the gold to the Olympic Games in Mexico.
Jim Hines - the first person who manages to run a hundred meters in less than 10 seconds. He spikes PUMA.
PUMA becomes the world's first company to offer sports shoes with Velcro closure (velcro).


Defender New York Jets Joe Namath leads his team to the Super Bowl in the shoes PUMA.

Mexico. FIFA World Cup. Best player of the tournament, the great Pele, acts PUMA boots and takes his team into the lead of the Championship, winning the Italian national team.

Olympic Games in Munich. Gold, as always, the athletes in the outfit PUMA. Among them, Mary Peters (pentathlon), John Akii-Bua (run 400 meters hurdles), Randy Williams (long jump) and Klaus Volfermann (javelin).


American Dwight Stones sets three world records in the high jump. His choice - shoes PUMA.

At the World Cup in Germany, the best player of the tournament, the Dutch football legend Johan Crieff acts boots PUMA. For the second time in a row, he is rewarded with the title of the best player of the year in Europe.

PUMA provides professional and amateur sport is not only a high-quality sport shoes, but also the magnificent textiles.


Argentine tennis player Guillermo Vilas is the winner of the US Open in shoes PUMA.
Forward Borussia Monchengladbach and amateur equipment PUMA Alan Simonsen - Best Footballer of the Year in Europe.

Guillermo Vilas once again becomes the champion of US Open.
FIFA World Cup in Argentina. The largest number of heads of the tournament were scored by Mario Kempesom. Kempes, of course, playing boots PUMA.

American athlete Renaldo NHYM sets three world records in the women's 11 meters hurdles. Naturally, he spikes PUMA.


American football star Marcus Allen of the Oakland Raiders team - one of the many members of the National Football League, playing boots PUMA.

At the World Cup in Spain winger Bruno Conti wears PUMA shoes as a symbol of his team's victory.
Diego Maradona played his first World Championship in boots PUMA.
Armin A. Dassler develops sole PUMA Duoflex.

American track and field star Sini Maree sets a new world record (running at 1,500 m) in spikes PUMA.


At the Games in Los Angeles Evelyn Ashford wins two gold medals (4 × 100 relay, 100m). Selecting Evelyn - spike PUMA.

Martina Navratilova (Czech Republic and then the US) wins Wimbledon outfit in PUMA.

The youngest participant at Wimbledon, Boris Becker, preferring tennis shoes and racquet on PUMA, wins Wimbledon.


Playing for Argentina, Diego Maradona leads the team to the world title. The PUMA boots, Maradona scored his 'infamous' goal, later named goal, scored by "the hand of God" and recognized by FIFA Goal of the Century. Maradona - the best player of the Championship.

The club Werder Bremen - winner Bundesliga. His players are equipped to boot PUMA.

PUMA represents amortization technology Trinomic, later became the basis for the development of Cell.


PUMA launches children's shoes, created by the new technology Inspector, which controls the size of matching shoes and legs baby.
German midfielder and Germany captain Lothar Matheus leads the team to the championship of the World Championship. Prior to this event the German team did not go to the finals of the Championship since 1974. Matheus recognized as the best player of the year in Europe, and the World Athlete of the Year. He wears PUMA.

PUMA is the latest technology - PUMA Disc System.
PUMA starts cooperation with a company based in England Pittards, leader in the production of exclusive leather.

Werder Bremen football club - PUMA partner for over 20 years - won the European Cup Winners' Cup.
At the Olympic Games in Barcelona winners are the representatives of the German Heike Drechsler (long jump), Dieter Baumann (5000m) as well as the famous Englishman Linford Christie (100 m). All the champions act spikes PUMA.


Jochen Zeitz becomes executive director and CEO of PUMA.
"Fantastic Four PUMA» - Heike Drechsler, Merlin Ottey, Linford Christie and Colin Jackson - take all the gold in the World Championships in Stuttgart. In addition, Colin Jackson set a new world record (110 meters hurdles), which is not broken until now.
Werder again the winner of the German Football Championship.

Marilyn Ottey and Colin Jackson set world records at Athletics Indoor Championships (sprint 50 meters and 60 meters hurdles, respectively).
Comes a new successful project PUMA - street football program PUMA Street Soccer.
Argentina squad partner PUMA Velez Sarsfield in the composition (chapter South American Copa Libertadores Champions) wins FIFA Club World Cup in Tokyo, beating AC Milan in the final with a score of 2: 0.

Just one hour Linford Christie in PUMA spikes set two records for the indoor championship in the women's 60 m (6, 47 sec.) And 200 m (20, 25 sec.).
At the World Championship in Gothenburg Jonathan Edwards jumps to 18 to 29 m in the triple jump, which remains a record to this day. And Marilyn Otti Championship brought gold for the 200m race.
The team of Real Zaragoza using shoes PUMA, winning the European Cup Winners' Cup.


PUMA introduces Cell - the world's first technology of manufacturing the soles of sports shoes.
Together with Pittards developed a new variety of skin Pittards Soccer 2000. The new skin has a unique water resistance and is used exclusively for shoes Series PUMA King. Debuting in PUMA King, Czech team reached the finals of the World Cup.
Atletico Madrid wins Spanish Cup and Champions Cup.
PUMA celebrates the second final of Street Soccer Club in London with a record number of participating countries - 28.

The introduction of technology into production Cell soccer shoes. Most modern shoes - PUMA Cell Football.

As the first sports brand to combine sport and fashion, PUMA starts cooperation with designer Jil Sander. Teamwork and Jill PUMA - a collection of designer shoes.
PUMA becomes Sponsor of Serena Williams WTA Tour.
At the World Cup shoes from PUMA appear on 23% of all competitors.
PUMA starts cooperation with basketball superstar from North Carolina Vince Carter who will soon join the club of the NBA Toronto Raptors.


PUMA signs agreements with boxing star Oscar De La Hoya and Nicolas Anelka, who later became the second-highest paid player in the world.
Colin Jackson wins the race by 60 meters hurdles and Jamie Bolchu became champion in his sport (400 m) in the IAAF World Championships in Japan.
Four athletes PUMA - Colin Jackson (110m hurdles), Wilson Kipketer (800 m), Christopher Kosgei (3000 m), Tsiamita Paraskevi (triple jump) are the best in their events at the World Championships in Seville, Spain. Here Noah NGEN Kenya beats the record in the race for 1000 meters.
American boxer Oscar De La Hoya wins Both Kara and Ike apartment, you can add two more victories to his professional career asset.
Sponsored by Logo Athletic PUMA returns to work with the American Football League and became the official supplier of NFL USA. In addition, PUMA is working with nine teams of the National Basketball League.
PUMA opens its first concept store in the world - in Santa Monica, California.
Serena Williams wins her first tournament Grand Slam, US Open, defeating Martina Hingis.
Partner PUMA, an Italian football team Lazio becomes the owner of the Cup Winners Cup in Birmingham and then went out in the final of the European Super Cup in Monaco wins over Manchester United.
Basketball star Vince Carter named the National Basketball League's best Rookie of the Year.


PUMA together with supermodel Christy Turlington produced a collection of luxury PUMA nuala, oriented to the practice of yoga.
PUMA becomes platinum! PUMA PLATINUM - designer collection of sportswear and footwear class HI-END.
Sparco Porsche and become partners in the development of PUMA shoes for racing and motorsport fans.
PUMA is the site, created for the development of e-commerce, one of the few sites that are profitable from the first year of its existence .
PUMA once again becomes a triumph - the Italian team Lazio became the champion of the country (Serie A, Italian Cup and Supercup).
PUMA - sponsor of the Cameroon team that wins the African Cup of Nations in Lagos, winning the final of the national team of Nigeria in a penalty shootout. Six months later, they brought the first in the history of Cameroon's Olympic gold in Sydney.
Two athletes-equipped to PUMA, winning Olympic gold medals at the Games in Sydney - a Greek sprinter Konstantinos Kenteris (200m) and Kenyan athlete Noah NGEN (1500 m).


PUMA continues to increase the number of its partners in the world of motor racing, by signing an agreement with Jordan Grand Prix.
PUMA announces the acquisition of the Swedish company Tretorn.
PUMA produces a product of international cooperation with Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro - collection, mixing sport and fashion.
After a warm reception in Santa Monica, PUMA announces the opening of a second store - in San Francisco. At the end of the year opens third store in the United States - this time the company has chosen New York.
PUMA deploys an advertising campaign in support of the Cameroon national team on the eve of the World Cup - 2002.
Serena Williams wins the semi-finals of US Open; in the final she had to fight with his own sister Venus.
Greek sprinter Konstantinos Kenteris continues to lead in its form (200 meters) and won another gold medal at the World Championships in Edmonton.
Senegalese El Hadji Diouf, who plays in boots PUMA, is recognized as the best African player of the year.
PUMA signs a contract with Travis Pastrana - motocross world champion in three different disciplines - freestyle, supercross and outdoor.
At the end of 2001 in Moscow opened an official representation of PUMA.


Concept store opened in London, Rome, Tokyo, Milan, Boston, Frankfurt, Seattle and Melbourne.
There are sites in German, French, Korean, Japanese and Czech.
The advent of new football boots Cellerator.
The national team of Cameroon becomes the owner of the Cup of Nations in revolutionary sleeveless shirts by PUMA.
PUMA and Serena Williams are a collection of tennis Serena Williams 2002 - an excellent outfit, consisting of suit and tennis shoes in the posh actual colors.
At the open French Cup Serena Williams serves sleeveless dress in support of the national team of Cameroon at the World Championships.
Serena Williams wins Wimbledon for the first time in my life becoming number one in the world tennis rankings.
Serena Williams wins US Open in gear PUMA.
PUMA introduces a new collection 96HOURS - perfectly matched for all necessary 5-day working visit set for clothes and shoes for mobile business people.
Travis Pastrana is the champion in the Gravity Games, running the seven backflip on a motorcycle.
As part nuala PUMA represents a bag Christy - limited edition bags by Christy Turlington and fashion designer Marc Jacobs, transforming into yoga mat.
PUMA project is Top Winner Thrift - 510 pairs of sneakers unique sewn from pieces of old clothes and shoes, specially bought for this project in the second-hand Boston.
PUMA signs a cooperation agreement with the Olympic Federation and the Jamaican Athletics Association.
French footballer Robert Pires voted Footballer of the Year in England after an incredibly successful season with Arsenal. Midfielder Pires scored 9 goals, and with the help of a team headed by the Premier League.
PUMA cooperates with the best and most highly paid in the world of Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who moved from Parma to Juventus.
At the FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan PUMA player El Hadji Diouf is selected to participate in the FIFA All-Star Game, and the Korean soccer player Jong Hwan Ahn, conquer the world, scoring the "Golden Goal" and the Italian team the advantage of keeping the Korean team, which allowed the team to reach the semifinals.
Hispanic Hema Martinez (running at 10 km), Dutchman Wilson Kipketer (running at 800 m) and the representative of Greece Konstantinos Kenteris (200m) wins gold at the European Championships in Munich.
PUMA announces a four-year contract with the Italian team in football.


Cooperation with the Jamaican team translates into a television campaign, which coincided with advertising spring collection, which became the hallmark of sneakers H Street - walking shoes, made of professional sprint spikes.
PUMA - the official supplier of textiles and footwear World Rally Championship, WRC.




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