Advertising placed wisely

The American online magazine Boredpanda presented a selection of examples of the most intelligent partisan reklamy.Neudachnoe accommodation, unintelligible message or an inadequate idea can negate all the efforts of creatives and material investments advertiser.

Conversely, a low-budget, but non-standard and bright guerrilla advertising placed on the sudden media campaign can provide viral success and make the most of her best results.

Advertising super-glue on the bridge Alteco

Agency: DDB Shanghai, China

Advertising in the middle of the book - Smoking causes unexpected konets

Caption: If you smoke, statistically your story is over 15% ahead of schedule.

Agency: Iris London, UK

Advertising yoga center on the Y + trubochke

Agency: Leo Burnett, China

Advertising Spanish airline Iberia in aeroportu

Agency: Verve Comunicação, Brazil

Advertising toothpaste Colgate Max Night at the box pitstsy

Agency: Y & R, France

Advertising on the baggage Venice Casino lente

Agency: AdmCom, Italy

Advertising cartoon "The Simpsons" on eskalatore

Advertising sales shortlist Superette on benches

Agency: DDB, New Zealand

Advertising condoms Durex Performa stadium: additional vremya

Agency: McCann Erickson, Thailand

Advertising on machines Hotwheels avtomagistrali

Agency :: Ogilvy & Mather, Colombia

Advertising beer Indus Pride on the handrail on the bus

Agency :: Ogilvy & Mather, India

Advertising Mondo Pasta pasta in the port

Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany

Advertising Axe shower gel on a towel

Agency: Lowe MENA, UAE

Advertising outdoor advertising operator Interbest

The sooner your advertising will be here - the better.

Agency: Y & R Not Just Film, the Netherlands

Advertising series "Escape" on TV3 in torte

Agency: Colenso BBDO, New Zealand

Advertising beer mug in a bar against domestic violence

Advertising against Torture avtobuse

Agency: Advico Y & R, Switzerland

Advertising School's bow pamyatnikah

Agency: Jandl, Slovakia

Advertising headhunter at the annual job fair in Hamburg

Is there a better way to make a career.

Agency: Scholz & Friends, Germany

Advertising dental clinic "OlDent" on a giant zubochistke

Agency: Van der Buzz, Ukraine

Advertising service FedEx shipping on futbolke

Agency: BBDO NY, USA

Advertising on recruitment company avtomatah

Life is too short for the wrong job.

We will be happy to supplement your collection of examples. Share in the comments specimens advertising placed wisely.

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