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Advertising strengthening toothpaste

"Yesterday you said tomorrow". Nike

For armored glass - real money.

Advertising, extracting water from the air. Where you can go and have a drink. In a region of Peru where almost no rain.

Advertisement bank with solar panels providing electricity nearby school.

Promo third season of "Game of Thrones»

Signboard Irish pub "The Naked Truth about our waitresses that they flirt with you just because of the larger tip»

Promotion of the film "The Dark Knight»

"The sooner you place your ad here, the better" - "Phew. Thank you, Radio 2 "Advertising outdoor advertising operator

Advertisement Yahoo-mail: "We deliver" heavy "applications».

Promotion of the film "American Psycho" with reworked the famous quote. "Perfect billboard. The color of the eggshell, font Romalian. Cute. Relief letters slim frame seven inches from the edge. And just look at the thickness of the delightful title. Mark margins flat. 3.2 meters. Matt support. My God, even the watermark there ».

Powerful Ford Mustang

And rapid Ford Mustang

Advertise insurance company: "You are in good hands?»

"Use only what you need." Denver Vodokanal

"Guys, pray for rain." Advertising Playboy, reacts on the water.

"Life is too short for the wrong job." Rektrutingovy site

Advertising clippers nose hair involved wire

Advertising flea shampoo in a shopping mall

McDonald's opened and night.

DHL delivers all everything, even billboards.

Store paints

Use electricity wisely.

Vacuums Miele

Advertising tanning of 12,148 stakes that give shade on a sunny day. "It makes sense only when it is sunny».

The rating Quora got even one Russian operation - a sign of the Voronezh Anchor store, sells tools and construction equipment.



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